Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Need some advice

I think I have to push the little man's bedtime back.
I have been putting him down at like 7:45/8 o'clock.
He just lies in there, talks to himself, claps, sings but he's not falling asleep til almost 9 or after.

I think I need to keep him up til about 8:30.

He's been sleeping til sometime after 7, so that is good.

What do you all think?

He takes, on average, about a 2 hour nap a day.

So think I should push his bedtime back?
I feel really bad for letting him lie there.
Like I said, he puts himself to sleep but I just feel super badly.



Eric does the same thing...talks, and talks, and talks and oh yeah talks some more!!! Turns his music on, beats on the wall...He has the grandest time after we put him to bed at 8. (He does the same thing at nap time too.) We just let him go, he seems to enjoy himself and it hasn't messed up his sleeping schedule.

Have fun!


I think if he's happy in there, let him stay in there. Gives you much needed mommy time!


Jennifer Lavender

Well, I'm no expert on sleep schedules, but if he's staying in bed without fussing I wouldn't change it.
My 5 year old still talks to herself for almost an hour before she falls asleep at night no matter what time we put her down. The only time she goes right to sleep is when she's absolutely exhausted. Instead of letting her go to bed later I'm going to start waking her up in the morning instead of sleeping in as long as she wants. Then, hopefully, she'll be more tired at bedtime and go to sleep quicker.


my son will be 17 months old in 2 weeks and he goes down at 8:30 which I am going to push back to 9 for the same reason.


I think babies are indeed little people. When we go to bed we don't instantly fall asleep. If he's happy and not distressed I might not change it, but maybe I'd move it up a 1/2 hour just because babies are social and gain so much from interacting with adults - helps with language development, and cognitive skills, etc. So if he's consistantly not falling asleep for an hour and a half I might keep him up until 8. Try it and see and if he's a grumpy stressed out dude then go back to 7:30 -
my 2 cents... :)