Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bedrooms, Broomsticks & Doorknobs...

Is that the name of the Disney classic?
Probably not but I don't think I ever saw that one.

Anywho, my sister, you know this chick...My an apt with the boyfriend. Now she needs bedroom furniture & they are into sleek, stylish, modern look. So it's Super Shopper to the rescue. That would be me. I told her have no fear I will look for you. Of course she trusts my judgement & taste because I am her wise, older sister.

I found this site...Eroomservice I did a search under Bedroom Furniture and came up with tons of stuff. Remembering that they are into Modern Bedroom Furniture I did a search for that. Came up with tons of nice stuff. I am trying to convince them to get a platform bed. The cheapest one is just under $900. Not too shabby, if you can afford it. Plus the one I liked is from Italy & comes with a 30 day cheapest price guarantee. Hello! Guarantee! Pick that one! Pick that one!

Of course, they also like Contempary Bedroom Furniture. I think this will give the boyfriend more of a manly feel to their bedroom which I am sure my sister will fufu up! LOL They also sell Kids Bedroom Furniture. I've taken a gander but as every day passes I think I am just going to pad Cheeks bedroom and floor, remove all furniture and hope for the best. The poor accident prone.

Hopefully my sister & the boyfriend will like my picks. If not, then I will just buy it. Ha!

On another note, tonight is the Next Food Network Star. Remember we are voting & rooting for Aaron.
Gooooooooooooooooooo Aaron!

Woops out!



Girl...your taste in furniture rocks... I am sure the sis will love it.. I think the movie btw was bedknobs and broomsticks...

But dont quote me on that


Enjoy decorating your sis's pad, but when you take a break check uot my blog cuz I tagged you. Love you lots!

Felicia McB

yep nikjustnik is right, it's bedknobs and broomsticks


Really your choice in furniture is excellent...