Friday, June 06, 2008

Walmart vs. Target

First an adorable photo of my son b/c what is a post without a photo, it's just a post without a photo...blah, plain. Now throw in a cute kid & you got yourself a virtual Disneyland for bloggers. Notice the base of the steps, the cooler, the grocery bag & see in the corner....just to the right...the stroller. Ah. Early White Trash decor...NICE! The race was on so Cheeks was intrigued. This kid is all about cars. Trucks & cars.....not just any car tho., must be a RACE CAR. Va_ROOM!

So my real post tonight is about Walmart vs. Target.
Don't get me wrong.....Walmart is ok. Target is great.
This is just my blog I can write what I want & post photos of the Nana that I want.

Anywho, tonight I ventured to the nearest Walmart with the Nana & the Cheekers. We arrive, find a parking spot, put the kid in the cart & enter Wally World. The first few minutes were fine....even the kid section was good...the shoe section went pretty good....then we entered the food section. This is where it went downhill.

The question here people is about shoppers you have it?
Meaning, if you have a cart & there are other people in the aisle with you, do you just park your cart smack dab in the middle of the aisle & go about your business as if you are the only one there? Then when someone comes up to your cart, you ignore them til they are forced to move it b/c you are too busy running after a child or standing on a lower shelf to get something (hello...ask me to help, I'm 6ft tall!) OR you give them a dirty look when they say "Excuse me" or when they forceably move the cart?

Does your whole family congregate midaisle & camp out? Like break out the snacks, change a diaper & cook a s'more over a griddle that you opened "to try out"? How about have a loud, obnoxious cell phone call while, again, standing in the middle of the aisle?

This is what I encounter whenever I go to the 2 main Walmarts in my area.
These are the customers...the employees are even worse. Rude in an understandment & they make you feel like you are bothering them if you ask a question. Not to mention they never tell you the total....what if I couldn't read? Some people can't in this world so they need you, as a cashier, to actually speak to them & tell them what they owe. GRRRR!

Now Target, the one by house, I rarely have a problem like I said above. The cashiers always tend to be nice & courteous, as so the employees on the floor. The customers are more concencious of their surroundings (not saying I don't encounter the stray person with cart in middle of the aisle but not as often) & no one is congregating in the middle of the aisle.

I adore Target. They have the best stuff, good prices & it's usually a pleasure to shop at. As for Walmart.....I must need something desperately for me to go back there. From now on, I will drive to the one far away b/c the experience has to be better.

Well that is my rant.
Tell me....are you a Walmart or Target shopper?
Why? Which one do you prefer?

On that note...Woops out!



Okay first the etiquette...I never leave my trolley in the middle of the aisle.. Always on the side to the left (just like the road rules). IF I am having a phone call while in the store I sure as hell dont want the rest of the world knowing what I am talking about. Seriously it is none of anyones damn business..If the workers are rude...I report them LOL!!! They are there to help me not give me attitude.

As for Walmart -v- Target.. I can answer..we dont have one here LOL!!! Target I found to be expensive but I love there stuff...


Im a target person. Walmarts customer service stinks

Ugh, I could go on


Hmmm... Yes I think you're right that Target draws a better brand of customers, but I don't like it. I feel like it's just an overpriced K-Mart or Wal-Mart... Too pretentious IMHO...


I totally agree with you. We avoid WalMart at all costs because the over-crowded aisles of rude people is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WalMart problems. We much prefer Target and have been shopping there more and more often lately.


Target around here is so much better. And they are putting one up less than 5 minutes from my house, not that the one that is 10 minutes is far. The Wal-Mart's I will agree are insane, especially at night/weekends. If I have to go I go in the middle of the week, middle of the day and even then it's not always a pretty site, and now they are building 2 in Deptford.