Saturday, June 07, 2008

For the Love of God, it's Hot!

It is un~Godly hot here!
I mean, really, it's like 98 in the shade. Well the actually temp is in the 90's but I think the heat index says it's like 100 or something. I can't be sure.
Anyway, all I know is this is our 1st heatwave of the's the start of June!

I also know it's hot b/c as I sit & write this I am looking out my front window at the street...where I normally, yea, can't park there b/c everyone in the freakin town is at the community pool which I live right smack dab across the street from. So I have to park out back. Not that it is a hardship but I like parking out front & for 9 mos. out of the year I can!!

I digress.

I did a little shopping today...I so spaved.
1st I hit up Stride Rite b/c I got an email saying select shoes were on sale. Cheeks needs sandels but over @ Olly Shoes (which I love!!) all the sandels for his were $50 or more. Hello! I don't pay that much for my shoes & my feet stopped growing years ago.

Anywho, I got him there & measured his foot to find out he is a size 7 which means you buy a 1/2 size he is in a 7.5. WoW! He has Flintstone Feet like his father...WIDE! So I got him a cute pair of sandels for $25...not too shabby & being that his feet are developing I really want him to have good shoes on his feet. I wore Stride Rite brand & I feel they are reputable so I got them for him. He loves them. He just keeps taking the velcro off. Hee hee.

Then we ventured upstairs to Old Navy. I needed to get him the shirt that matched the shorts I bought him last week at a diff. location. They had it & it was on sale for $8 (SCORE!). He also needed one more pair of pj's & they had theirs on sale for $10, so he got a pair of race car pj's.

So then we sauntered to Gymboree. Only to find the store front boarded up with a ad saying coming in fall. WHAT!??? This can not be! So I asked the Gotti Boy look alike at the TMobile counter where the store went....they moved...down by Macy's. So we sauntered down to the Macy's wing & found Gymboree. They were having a promo game where everyone wins a discount. I won 20% off. The sales associate told me if I didn't find a size I was looking for let her know b/c she had tons in the back. So I found a shirt...on clearance for $5.99, then I found shorts & a matching shirt for like $7.99 & 8.99 (something like that). So I get up to the counter, she rings me up deducts the discount, I hand her my 2 $10 g/c's that I had & viola...I owed $1.58! Yes, yes, I paid $1.58 for 3 pieces of clothing from Gymboree. I did the happy dance all the way out of the store & thru the mall. SCORE! SPAVE! Wooohooo! So be on the lookout for pics of Cheeks in some stylish clothing coming soon!

Then lunch with the Grandpop @ Applebees. This Applebees sucks ass. Yep.
I said it.
Big time.
They always screw something up.
Today was my dad's meal.
I think the waitress was new but really, why would a grown man of 60 want a double serving of macaroni & cheese off the kids menu? He wanted the Cheddar Jack & Chicken Mac & Cheese but she screwed it up.
My poor dad.
The Cheddar Jack isn't avail on the weekends.
So he got something else.

Then off to Target. I bought some 4/$.99 cent red plates to use (I got 8) b/c they will be easy to clean & much better for the environment then paper plates. Yes I am guilty...I use paper plates & cups. I have 3 boys & Bobster...I do dishes all day long...I need some sort of break! I also got some other stuff & perused the Clearance sections....found tons of stuff but left it there....I really couldn't justify needing a wrought iron Eiffel Tower...I wanted it but need it? Nah.

So now I sit while my sleeping Prince is on his 3 hrs nap. I am going to keep him in today but after dinner when the sun is descending I will take him for a walk.

I am also planning on scrapping this evening, so stayed tuned for some pages!

Woops out!



sucks ass?? nice mouth pottie princess...yuck. ewwww.. the nana


It IS hot and I'm sick of it already! How come I just knew, way back in December when we had warm weather (warmed than so cal usual) that we were in for a terrifically hot summer????


Miss Mommy

Is that the Abblebees near the Cherry Hill Mall Meg?? We went there about a month ago (have not been there before that in about 2 years) and it was hirrible. We had ordered Boneless Buffalo Wings and they forget the Hot Sauce on them??? Not to mention teh tomatoes on hubby's pasta tasted bad...they were sour!! Eww!! What the heck???

We will never go back there....ever!!


Applebees by Cherry Hill Mall.
Every single time we go there we have a bad experiecne.
We go to the one in Audubon & it's always pleasant.
Have to remember to boycott the one by the Mall!


I am exhausted just reading this! I feel successful if I can get through more than 3 grocery store aisles with the kids!

Good for you!

And yes, it is HOT!!!


You've been tagged, my friend!

Just follow the directions and share. It's really fun!