Monday, June 02, 2008

Memorial Day Photos!!!! For the Nana

Finally Memorial Day Photos.
Now the Nana will not teach Cheekers how to hide Mommy's keys.
She's sick that Nana! Sick!

Anyway we took the Nana & the elusive PopPop Bob to the Carranza Memorial. Click the link b/c I am just too beat to write about what it is...sad but true. Anyway here is a pic of it. This is it. In the middle of nowhere...well not nowhere, somewhere but nowhere like nature nowhere.

Who is this????!!!!!
It's the elusive PopPop.
He does go out in the sun! It's true & he isn't on fire!
Cheeks loves his PopPop Bob & is giving him his 1st official Pine Cone. What!? Call Dan Rather....could it be both the Nana & the PopPop in a picture together???AND the pic is taken nature (that is no Walmart Photo background people!!!)
I love these walking away shots. This was taken at Batsto (again, just click the link). I liked it here...very neat thing to do & it is free (sans $5 to park)!
The Nana is going to kill me for this shot but blog!
Here's the Daddy & the Cheekers!!! Look how blonde Cheeks is getting....Wow! The view at Batsto ...pretty!

Finally Cheeks in his natural habitat. Running. Like a madman!
Run Cheekers.

No pics of the mommy.


Just catch the Thanksgiving Parade on TV...I will be pulled by handlers, you won't be able to miss me!!!

Anyway...don't forget about The Giveaway (<~~~~~Click the link).

Woops out!



Great pictures Meghan!


show that picture of me will ya mongo?? i liked them all but the one of me. you know better.. consider those keys OUTTA HEEEEERE


Great photos, love the fun you must have had! Nice to see you posting away too :) It would be nice to really see a photo of you too, we really just wanna see you!


Great pics!! The boys get really blonde in the summer too. I do too, mine just comes out of a bottle - he he. I haven't been to Batsto since I was a kid, I think I'll take the boys there this summer.


WOW!! The Cheekers is getting sooooooo big!! And he is absolutely adorable! Great photos!!