Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here I sit.
La de da.
Dum de da.
Thinking of things.
How I can get my 22 mos old to stop shrieking & freakin out.
It starts from when he gets out of the crib (while he's in it in the morning he's laughing & carrying on) til he goes to daycare. Then it starts the minute he gets in the car seat to come home from daycare til dinner.
Stops to eat.
Starts back up til either we go outside or he gets his bath.
It's good times let me tell you.
I think we are all bleeding from the eardrums.
I have tried:
Telling him no.
Screaming back.
Slamming my hand on the table & saying No screaming.
I have even tapped his mouth
Bent him over & tapped his tushie (with diaper!).
Ignoring it.
Nothing is working.
At 1st we all thought it was a's been like a year now.
Any suggestions?
The Nana says I should write to Super Nanny.
Perhaps I will.

So I sit here.
House completely quiet.
No tv.
No tv b/c the volume went.
Thankfully my dad bought me a flat screen, hd, 42inch tv for my birthday next month (send presents! LOL).
It arrived today, so I will send Bobster to get it tomorrow.
Anyway I am surfing the net for some furniture for my sister. You know she & the boy, they got an apartment, as I have mentioned before.

Well she needs Modern Furniture, so I put on my Super Shopper cape & have found a site for Modern Furniture. She & the boy like that look.

I actually picked out this piece of dining room furniture for them. One b/c it's modern furniture & two b/c she told me she got black dishes. So imagine the black dishes on that table with a red runner down the middle & red placemats. Oh tres chic!

This site has everything one could think of in the modern furniture realm. I highly recommend it.
Check it out!
What is stopping you??????
Are you perusing my blog?
Well that's a good thing too!

On that note, I must go.
It's late, I'm beat.

Woops out!