Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Cheekers is making dinner!
Finally someone else to do the cooking.
I mean the freakin maid hasn't shown up in months.

Anywho, today was a whirlwind.
Got up.
Went to see my Grandpop & took Cheeks.
Well, he was having no parts of his Great Grandpop.
He just wanted to be held. I guess it's b/c my Grandpop lives in a nursing home & was laying in his bed when we got there.
Cheeks eventually came around but only to give "Pop pop" pretzel stix.
There was no picture taking b/c he wouldn't get close enough to allow that.

Got home.
Grabbed the coupons & the list.
Headed to Shop Rite. This will probably be the last time I go to this Shop Rite.
I have had problems there before but it's close to my house & I was being lazy.
They didn't have 3 of the items I was looking for
I bought 4 Huggies Clean Team Soap Mitts.
They were on clearance for $1.65 each.
I had coupons for $3.00 off 2 Clean Team products.
The cashier gets to those coupons, tries to scan them, they don't go thru b/c she manually rang the clearance items in.
She proceeds to tell me that I can only use a maximum of 4 manufacturers coupons in one order.
I was like "WHAT!?"
No, no, no honey. So the senior in high school who was in charge came over & tried to tell me that what the cashier said was right & that once the item goes on clearance it is no longer the Clean Team brand.
Um, what?
Seriously, I am standing there trying not to lose my temper.
I mean, I had explained that I was a front end manager for 6 years at a local supermarket & then worked for over 2 years at Super G/Stop & Shop as a cashier. I know what I am talking about.
Anywho, the senior was like Oh we will give them to you but just keep this in mind.
All in all I did get a good deal.
$1.65 x 4 = $6.60
2 x $3 coupons - $6.00
Total final cost for 4 boxes of these = $.60 cents.
Go me!
Of course I had to go to the customer service desk b/c the cashier forgot to give me my canvas bag credit & I had 5.
I think I am going to try Wegmans next time.

Back home.
Put the groceries away.
Started dinner.
I made chicken cutlets, homemade red mashed potatos, & steamed green beans.
It all came out really good!!!
My sister showed up with the boyfriend & brought cake for dessert.

Then I gave Cheeks a bath & he walked into his room with his towel on his head.
Well he gets in front of his toys & squats.
Then I hear a noise that sounds like gagging or bubbles popping, so I'm like "You ok?"
Oh, he was fine.
He got up, walked away & there layed the evidence.
He pooped on his bedroom floor.
I was very grossed out.
Of course, Bobster & the boys thought that was the "shit!"
Baa, I made a funny!
I cleaned it up. Bobster cleaned him up.
All is well in the world.

So now I am relaxing & cruising the net.
I am looking to get a tv stand b/c I am getting a new tv curtosey of my dad. Thank you Dad!
So I punch in a seach & I find this site:
It's high end European furniture.
Very classy, sleek furniture.
I am thinking some of this will add some modernism to my soon to be shabby chic home. It will give a sense of masculism for Bobster.

I found this tv stand...
STAND I really like the enclosed shelving on the side & it has drawers. So I can hide all the audio/video stuff that comes along with tv.

They also have
Kids Furniture. Nice bright colors & very sturdy product. I am loving the oranges they have & the fact that I will be doing a construction theme in the little man's room I am thinking orange will compliment well. Plus I can also use this furniture in the older boys room b/c it will withstand a 14 yr old & 9 yr old boy. Plus it's Steelers central in there so this will help it with that sport theme they are going for.

Woo, I babbled didn't I?
Lots of caffeine today!!!

Alright, I am an outty.
Woops out!


Tara O'Rourke

cute...send your little cook over this way....i could use some help too.


You did babble but it is all good..It was nice babble... I love the TV cabinet...very stylish!!! When you are done with Cheeks making your dinner send him over...a need a chef too!!