Monday, June 30, 2008

Ever have one of "those" days.

I do.
Lately, a lot.

I just don't feel worth it.
Not creative enough.
Not financially wizardy enough.
Not kitchen savvy enough.
Not timely enough.

Just not enough.

That's all I'm going to say.

Woops out.



I feel like that all the time. If it helps, I look forward to reading what you have to say everyday. I see your happy little boy in your pictures. You are so much more than what you feel like on one of "those" days.


Awesome Abby

What SHE said. LOL. Really...I feel like that, too, many days. Most, probably. But, I know that others think I'm worth it, even on days when I truly wonder. (Remember, you are one of leave me all those lovey comments on my blog....) will be needing to start a paper clip chain of something to look forward to since I am coming up that way. My jar is getting fuller every day! As soon as I know an actual date, I will be sure you are the first one to know! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE PICTURES OF US STANDING IN THE SAME SPOT TO SCRAP, MY FRIEND!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!


((hugs)) I think we all have days like that...I know I do, sometimes they last a while, other times it goes away in a day or two. Hope tomorrow is a better one for ya Meghan!!


Oh Meghan, you know I'm having that life right now and I don't like it one bit! It sux!

Just get up every day and say, 'Today is going to be better'. It gets you through the day and when it's not better you get up tomorrow and say, 'Today is going to be better'.