Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why am I home @ 11:45am on a Wednesday you ask? & time to SHOP!

Because this little man woke up with a rash.

Over the weekend he had a slight temperature, so Monday Bob took him to the dr. The dr. said his temp was elevating b/c of the excessive heat outside. Um, ok.

Well this morning he woke up, I started to change him, noticed a rash, called the dr., they said bring him I did.
Roseola. Nothing to be concerned with, well overly at least, but still I have to keep him home today & tomorrow. It actually looks like it's going away at this point. So now I probably look like a nut to Bobster. O well...better safe than sorry.

Anywho....since I am home I got the house straightened up, put the Cheekers to bed & now I am perusing my new favorite site...
This site gives you every site available for what you are searching for in decorating your home & garden. As all of you know I am in the process of redecorating the abode. I have needed something for over the window in my bathroom since we moved in....(2 yrs ago this August)....anywho I decided to check it out & see what they would find for I punched in daisy valance which brought me to that page & I think clicked the link I liked which got me to this valance panel. Hello, it's $1.95 & the perfect size, bathroom window is just a bit over that so I am going to get 2.

Next I looked for a Red Kitchen cart, which gave me this page , so I scrolled down & found an item that I wanted, so I clicked & ended up here, with a variety to pick from. So I am now spending money like I got it...then again, isn't that 1/2 the fun!!!

What I like best about Shop Wiki is that when you run your mouse over the item you are interested in, once you do your search, it gives you the 3 cheapest sites on the web for the item & then you just choose. How easy is that???? Super easy & you know I'm easy, WAIT! Scratch that....I like easy things. Woo. Much better. So definitely check that site out!!!!

Well stay tuned for the Giveaway winners to be posted by the weekend & for a tag that Jenn tagged me with the other day!

Ok, off to figure out what to make Cheekers for lunch when he wakes up from his nappers.

Woops out!



hi Meghan,
I saw your blog on goinggreenmoms and check it out. My son just had roseola too. His fever was so high and scary. He is 15 months. Glad all is well now