Monday, June 16, 2008

Where, O Where do I get the Freebies from.

No pic with this post.
I know you are all anxious to see yet another glorious picture of myself.
Seriously, stop, the hounding for my photo is embarrassing!

Anyway, a while back, Carol from A Day in the Life of Twins asked me where I find all these freebies that I have posted about.

Like today, I came home & had my free issue of Home magazine waiting for me + a sippy cup from Juicy Juice!

I find some here:
Money Saving Mom I really like her site & have found so much stuff through her. She posts freebies & deals & scenarios.

The Thrifty Mommy I link to this on my blog. Her blog totally rocks!!! Check it out if you can. If you are a local mom it's even better b/c she lists a lot of local deals. So locals to the South Jersey/Philly area....go visit!

Freebies 4 Mom I get her updates in my email at work. Tons of stuff on here....tons I'm telling you.

One hint tho., get yourself a spam email addy. This has been said before but I use my aol address & go in like once every 2 weeks & clean it out. I scan the emails, see what I want to open & delete the rest. It's so worth it!

Now if you are in the mood for decorating ideas on a budget you have the check out the Nester! I am not lying to you all when I say this girl has style!!! And she does it all on a budget. Amazing! She has inspired me to start shopping Goodwill again. She just changes the look of things in an instant & inexpensivly so! She is also holding a blog party this week....go check it out. I might participate but that would mean posting pics of my home. Talk about scarey.

Well, that is all for now. It's 10:15pm & I am beat plus my ears are bleeding from the 22 month old who is a shrieker & a screamer.
Ah, good times!

Woops out!



I checked out the Nester's blog. I loved it!!! I sat here all afternoon reading her old posts. She is now safely on my favorites lists, right below you.