Saturday, February 21, 2009

Giveaway Time! Giveaway Time across the USA!

Say it isn't so.
Another giveaway???!!!???
O yes, my faithful readers, I am having another giveaway.
For what?
Well feast your eyes on these puppies:

That's right this giveaway is for:
Rain-X Car Care Kit that includes a set of Rain-X® Latitude™ Wiper Blades specific for your car, a bottle of Rain-X® Weatherbeater® 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant, and a bottle of new Rain-X® X-treme Clean.

Since winter is not quite over yet here are some tips from Jody DeVere, the President of the Women’s Automotive Association International and CEO of the auto-advice site to stay safe while driving in the rain, snow, slush and ice:
• Conduct a regular walk around checking your lights, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and wiper blades regularly
• Ensure your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread
• As the temperature drops keep your gas tank at least half full; the extra gas reduces condensation that can plug your fuel line with ice and stall your engine in cooler weather
• Create an emergency pack; items like a blanket, first aid kit, snacks, bottled water, an ice scraper, flashlight and a bag of kitty litter.

I have an emergency pack in my car ~ Thanks to the Grandpop....he always keeps me & my sister prepared.

Many of you may have read on Twitter or heard through my email or groups about my PITA of a problem trying to get wiper blades for my van recently. Had I been diligent about checking my blades, I wouldn't have failed inspection. So, really, you should pick a day & keep it annual & then check your wipers. Thankfully I got my blades replaced & now I have an extra set thanks to Rain X.

Now on with the important stuff.
How to enter.

You can do enter by:
*Leaving me a comment.
**Following me...if you already follow me, leave me a comment reminding me.
***Twitter about this giveaway & then DM on twitter with the link to the tweet.
****Post this contest on your blog & leave me a comment with a link to it.

That's it.
Easy Peasy.

So get to entering!!!

Woops out!

*Edited to add this giveaway ends Wednesday, Feb 25th @ 8pm est.*



well, I guess I should get together an emergency kit for my car.

Already a follower!

Will try to post a link back on my blog, wish me luck!

Lisa P

Yeah I so need these mine are dry-rotten, thanks AZ sun!

Lisa P

Im following you!


I don't think I have an emergency kit. I used to ,but I think it was emptied out once. I love rainx stuff.


I need some new wipers for my car as I speak! Hubby keeps "forgetting" to replace them:) Thanks for the great giveaway!


Hi! I Tweeted this giveaway, but I couldn't send you a DM because you can only DM someone if they are following you as well. My user name is 3boyzmom

Angel S.

I live in Oregon. This would be essential! Thanks for the giveaway!

Angel S.

Just signed up to be a subscriber!

Hi Meghan

I'm already a follower. Your emergency car kit and well-functioning wipers is a great reminder. We live at Lake Tahoe, and know both to be a must.


Hey Meghan I need these wiper blades!! How do I link in Twitter?


I'm a follower!


I twittered and dm-ed you. But not sure if that worked.

Carolyn G

These look like great wipers

Carolyn G

I follow


I'm a follower now. Great gift!


I'm a follower now.


Great tip about keeping the gas tank half-full in cooler weather! I live in a place that rarely gets really cold, so I didn't know.

I am about to follow you now...


I also tweeted about the giveaway - you can see it on @Redpeeler.

And here's my blog post about it:

Tamara B.

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Grandpop, he sounds very special. Would love to win this great product, thank-you.

Tamara B.

I am a follower via Google.

Selfish Mom

I sooo need these! At this point I'm practically sticking my head out of the window to see.

Jacqueline Parks

I would love to win this kit. We always have problems with our blades!


i am a loyal follower. i have been all of your life. i followed behind you and picked up after you. i followed you when you went to the pony ranch on the bus and aunt ronnie and i were in the car doing 90 to keep up with the bus driver from hell. i follow you around all the time. now give me the wipers.....

Jules from "The Roost"

What a great give a- way!


I really need this.


I am following.

duh, it's me :)

Of course I am a follower - kinda like a friendly sorta stalker :D and will work on the twitter link - although no one likes me so my twitter is quite small :(


First, thank you for a chance to win! I really need some new wipers. Michigan winters are so hard on wipers.


I am a follower on Twitter. mstaken05




I would love to win these blades for my new USED car I just got.


I follow your blog.