Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Thursday....What's on Your Fridge?

Come join the SJ Mom Bloggers for a Thursday Tour of What's on Your Fridge?
Let's take a gander at what's on my fridge.
As you can see peeking up at the top is a microwave & what is that?? My timer. Cheeks loves to play with it & I was using it so I had to put it up high!

What else is on there?

Let's take a close up, personal look.

We have my list. I will confess, my pad of paper is stolen. I had put it in my cart at Target, months ago, & forgot to put it on the belt. When I got outside, it was in my cart. Here is where my criminal self comes in, I was too lazy to just walk back in & admit my crime so I threw it in the bag & off we went.

Yes, I am a thief. I stole from the Dollar Spot at Target.

I am so sorry. Won't happen again.

I also have an invitation to my friend's daughter's birthday party this coming Saturday...note to gift. She will be 2. A pic of my friend, Megan, her adorable son who just turned one in December. And what looks to be a check is actual my current proof of insurance card. Anyone who is on Twitter knows I recently needed this document plus my registration. Well I didn't, Bobster did. Let's just say that the police officer only gave him a ticket for what he was pulled over for (rejected inspection sticker) & not lack of documents & rejected. The police officer also cut us a break because he told Bobster...I can impound your car as well. We got off lucky, albeit a few dollars less in some upcoming checks.

I have a random collection of magnets. The M is made by none other than Abby Key of the blog, It's All Good. Isn't it the best??? I love my bunny says something about Revenge being good. Then you have my magnets that I picked up in Ireland & Italy & of course, my fav magnet of all...My Glinda the Goodwitch magnet. Love that one!

O yea, if you look in the corner you will see my Brita Pitcher Filter reminder to change the Filter. I haven't had the Brita Filter being used since Cheeks came off formula at 12 mos. He'll be 3 in August. Yes, yes, I am that lazy!

So tell me.....what's on your fridge????
Leave me a comment with a link to your post about your fridge if you can.

Woops out!



Oh this is good, my fridge is a mess, but I suppose that would only add to the fun.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco

Wow - I wish out fridge was that clean. - John

Renée aka Mekhismom

My fridge has a couple of magnets and paper. I need to get a list too.


I'm impressed at how clean your fridge is. I'm scared to post mine.

Awesome Abby

So, I drop over to say hi, and what to my wondering eyes would appear but a lil red M that I made one year! I love you! And I'm still coming to NYC....before June when my buddy passes run out!


Why is it so fun to peek inside someone's house and look at what's on their fridge??? I have no clue. I guess maybe my life really is THAT boring lately. Lol.

Anyway, come on over and check out my fridge too!

Shannon "Coupon Princess"

I have nothing on mine, magnets do not stick! LOL... I guess that is a good thing because my old fridge had tons of stuff on the front, should I blog about my fridge too?

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Girl... you don't have enough space here for what's on my fridge... Suffice it to say, I love magnets, photos, artwork done by little guy, hearts, important school reminders, a notepad little guy made in preschool as a gift for Daddy, old Panther football schedules (yes, they're magnets, but they are also from the 2007 football season...). I also have things on the sides of the fridge... more magnets, more art, a basket of important documents (car titles, insurance information on the kids etc). On top is another plethora of stuff. A nice big sliding sterlite drawer filled with necessary kitchen stuff like an electric knife, spare candles, flashlight and batteries, candle sticks. Not to mention the febreeze (three kinds), the Off, the dog's shampoo, the ice cream maker and the potatoe ricer (old fashioned kind you do by hand and belonged to my grandmother).

Hmmm... yeah - I love the "lived in" look apparently ON it too... LOL

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful

I am too ashamed to show mine right now. It's a mess. your looks pretty tidy. I should take a cue from you and declutter the fridge.


I love Abbys blog!!! I always read yours first, and then hers next. Her pictures are always so colorful. I am helping at my mother in laws house, so I will post a picture of her fridge instead. Not as exciting as mine, but the best I can do. :-)

Susie from Bienvenue

You soooo dont want to see my fridge. It needs a good cleaning. Ha! Who am I fooling...I need a new one~