Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank you Aunt Chrissy!!!

This past Saturday Cheeks got a belated Christmas gift from his Great Aunt Chrissy. I don't mean great as in she is awesome (which she is), I mean great as in she is my Aunt & Cheeks is my son, thus she is his great Aunt.
Altho. after this gift, Aunt Chrissy in Cheek's eyes has graduated to Awesome Aunt Chrissy.
Feast your eyes on this puppy, er, catipillar, er, catispeller.

Ignore the pink binky in his mouth.
We are trying to break him of it.

Notice this thing is huge in lenght.
Well every leg has a letter of the alphabet on it. All 26 of them!
Making this 7 feet long.

As soon as Cheeks took this out of the gift, it was on like Donkey Kong!
He will not put it down & even attempts to ride it through out the house.

On Saturday, I ran to the grocery store and when I came home that is what I found.
Bobster said he wouldn't let it go.

As of right now, the cataspeller is in Cheeks crib with him.
I will move it to the changing table which is attached to the end of his crib & he will keep on eye on Cheeks through out the night.

Now my question for my faithful readers is this.
What shall we name him?
Leave me a comment with a suggestion.
Don't be shy...I am a comment whore!

On another note, um am I the only one who is currently watching "
RuPaul's Drag Race" VH1 is running it. I am totally loving it.

Where else can you find cute men that turn into absolutely stunning women??!!!
Altho. one or two of them have tushies that just won't quit.
And while I love drag queens, I hate knowing that a man can be prettier than me!
Oh does that sound shallow?
Not meant to be.
What I mean is they have outdoor plumbing & testosterone.
I have indoor plumbing & estrogen.
So how is a man end up being prettier than a woman?
Who cares!
I just love RuPaul!
You better work!

So remember, leave me a name for the catispeller & let me know if you are watching Rupaul.

Woops out!



OMG! I didnteven know about the show! I am glad I can get it online though! ^-^ YAY! (http://www.logoonline.com/video/misc/336606/part-1-of-ep-1-rupauls-drag-race.jhtml?id=1603692 if anyone else is looking for the full episodes...)

Hmmm... name for the big old caterspeller...??? Jacqueline says Alphaberry, I think Letterpiller is cute... ^-^ But so is Caterspeller LOL!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Callipidder is what my guys all called them - big or small. Gotta admit, never seen one quite so big! Too cute!

Thanks for the heads up on RuPaul. I'll have to catch it. I"m a reality show ho so I'll have to add it to my list. Caught up in AI again, (and Real Housewives, etc etc) so I'll catch it on line!

And why oh why does Chef Ramsey have to be on opposite Grey's Anatomy???

duh, it's me :)

I love RuPaul and don't know how I missed that! I have to hang my head in shame though...I actually watched Bret Michaels Rock o' Love Bus :) haha more than once...in my own defense, it's like a train wreck :) you just sit and stare lol