Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quick Movie Review ~ He's Just Not That Into You

My sister invited me to go to the movies last night.
Since I usually just collect dust on my fat tush on a Friday night I jumped at the chance to go. Plus I would be able to watch a "chic" flick without the moaning of the male members of my home.

So we went to see "He's Just Not That Into You".

My review: 1 1/2 thumbs up.


Hmm, well there are a lot of characters at first but you do catch on quickly & they are easy to follow. The movies starts are a bit slow, almost painful.
It picks up but there is no real defining moment of this movie.
As my sister said "Predictable"
I did like the storyline of Gigi & the character that Justin Long plays.
His character is representing the author of the original book.

Scarlet Johannson's character was cute but I didn't agree with her choices & felt she was leading Kevin Connelly's character around.

Drew Barrymore's character, Mary, wasn't featured as much as I would have liked but I am a big DB fan.

Would I recommend this movie?
Sure, why not.
Definitely chic flick material but on track with why men & women do what they do in relationships.
If you can see it on a bargain matinee, even better.

So that's my exciting Friday night, what did you do?

Woops out!



hmmm lets see. what did i do on friday night?? it's easier to tell you what i DIDNT do on fri nite. i didnt go the movies to see he's not that into you because...MY CHILDREN DIDNT INVITE ME TO GO....not that i'm complaining. it was much more fun to listen to bob snore in the recliner while clutching the remote... oy


I was worried that this really wasn't going to translate well to a movie - I'll still go see it, but I'm glad to see that my original suspicions are valid.

We waited a whol hour and a half to eat sub-par BBQ at a new BBQ chain joint that came to the area! Whoo hoo - that was fun with a 3 month old!