Monday, February 23, 2009

Teaching your 2 yr old the finer things in life.

Don't let the pic fool you.
He has no idea how to ride it.
He will sit there & yell "Mommeeeee, Mommeeee, help me, help me"
So I run over, bend over, put his feet on the pedals & push him all the while I yell "Push your feet! Push your feet!"
It doesn't work, well it does, if we go down hill, even ground or a slight incline causes mass hysteria in the toddler when his tricycle won't go.

Now onto what I have taught the cutie pie up there.
Sure, he knows his ABC's & how to count to 12.
I need to make sure he knows the finer things in life.
Say for instance
Me: "What does a cat say?"
C: "Me-now!"
Me: "What does a chicken say?"
C: "Brock, brock"
Me: "What does a vampire say?"
C (with hand gestured like a claw) "Blah! Blah!"
Me: "What else does a vampire say?"
C: "I vant to bite your neck!"
A boy has got to learn these things. Of course, this lesson could come from the fact that I am reading the third book in the Twilight series. Don't know.

Over the weekend, I have taught C how to communicate with other drivers you have cut you off.
Say for instance when I have the right of way, the car coming the other way has the right of way, yet the driver waiting to go straight through the intersection thinks it's an appropriate time to jet out in front of you & the other driver, causing you to jam on the brakes & swerve.
This is when I scream
From the backseat I hear the binky pop out his mouth & with the same inflection in his voice I hear:
Makes a mother proud, doesn't it!?

This evening was the piece-de-resistance in his quest to gather all that is knowledgable.
As I was making dinner & Cheeks was underfoot in my spacious 6x4 kitchen I decided to have a little fun.
I taught him to stick his tushie out, bounce it up & down, slapping it all the while singing "Pump up the Jam, Pump it up!"
It was quite comical if I do say so myself & I plan on using the flip to record & share this little morsel of cuteness with you all soon.

So, on that note, don't forget my giveaway (down there)
Tell me what you have taught your children this week.

Woops out!




No children to teach yet, but I can say they'd probably learn the car lesson for sure!


Apparently, my children have learned the fine phrase of "people in hell want ice water" because I was driving one day and Robbie told Justin he wanted something and Justin turned to him and said "yeah, well people in hell want ice water." Just warms my motherly heart.


ROFL... Now this is really cute and funny!


Too funny! Occasionally my daughter (almost 3)repeats something not so nice that I have said... but thankfully she soon forgets it. Of course as she gets older, she will remember these things for longer periods of time. So I'm really trying to work on my language.

Anyway one of the funniest things she has picked up from us was actually something Hubby and I purposely taught her to say when she was about 18 months, I think. We taught her to say "Comcast Sucks." Let's just say we have a strong hatred towards Comcast. And we even had her say it on the phone to the Comcast rep. LOL.

We had fun with that for awhile, but then we stopped encouraging her to say it and she has completely forgotten the phrase now. Too bad. Ha.


Meghan - you won my Swanson's Chicken Giveaway. Please email me to claim: stretchingabuck gmail

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

ROFLMBO - I can't wait to see the video girl... TOO Cute!

Rachel @ Puppy Dog Tales

I taught my 5 year old how to clean the bathrooms so I don't have to. The funny things is he loves it!


i like how rachel thinks. i taught meghan how to polish the piano bench. it took her 3 hours but you could put on your make up with that meghan's mom