Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

& it did.
These pics were actually taken last weekend.
We had gotten a snow storm on Tuesday but the following Saturday it was like 55/60 degrees out. For all my Non US residents I have no idea how to convert that to celsius, I am the product of a 70's Public School Education. Please convert!

Being that we have been cooped up I thought let's take out the Cheekers for a little spin on his Scooter that Santa got him.
First we have to put on the helmet.
While I think he looked adorable, I don't think he agreed.
"Mommy, what is this? Snow? Mud? Water? I think it's lookin pretty good!"
"So good mommy, I will step in it!"
"Wait! I will jump in it, matter of fact I will jump in every single puddle I see!"

And he did!
Who else has a child that will find anyway humanly possible to find every ounce of mess making substance when they venture outdoors?
On another note, I want to know why people, particularly those on Extreme Homemaker, find it necessary to jump up and down, faint or act like they are fainting, fall to their knees & clutch their chest, or just scream non stop while jumping on poor Ty Pennington...not that I wouldn't want to jump on Ty but this is a familyblog so we won't go into details.
That is just my little peeve for tonight.
Is anyone else bothered by that on that show?
Am I just that much of a b*tch tonight?
Must be PMS.
Woops out!



Wow has he gotten big! He looks so much like you! I think if I knew I was getting a brand new house I'd probably be all over him too (and I agree, any excuse to hug that Ty.......) hehe


ummm excuse me excuse me... i had a child like him no wait i had 2 like him. i think someone named linda may have had one

Susie from Bienvenue

I must have it too because it drives me crazy when people do that on this show,ugh! I do love the show though~