Monday, February 16, 2009

Giving Back

The Grandpop has asked me to post this on this here bloggeroo.
It's more for local people (well local to me, which means South Jersey)
if you would like to participate (and I hope you do) & you live outside of South Jersey, please contact me & we can arrange a way for you to ship or donate something.

If you are local & want to participate, please let me know.
I will be collecting items & doing the drop off myself.

I hope you all will be able to participate as it really is a great thing that they are doing.
See below:

Dear Friends,

We are exited to inform you that we will be visiting our sick and
injured troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on March 5th 2009.

Our visit last year was a huge success thanks to all of you who made it
possible for us to deliver care packages filled with love. So again we
will be going to Walter Reed to thank those who are recovering from
whatever they have endured.

This year we are given permission to bring a few extra people with us.
We are bringing a few friends from The Warriors Watch Riders, The Nam
Knights, The Last Patrol, and The American Legion Riders and some of our
local veterans.

We have already received some wonderful participation with some local
companies. Medford Ford has donated a large van and a full tank of gas
for our trip.

Evesham Fire-Rescue is gracious enough to allow us to use their fire
station as a drop-off place for donated items for the care packages for
the patients. The details about the dates and times are listed below.

Also listed below is a special list of items that we will be accepting
for the troops in the hospital. This list is different then last year's
list as hospital patients have different needs.

Please feel free to include a letter or card, but do not include your
address as per Patient Relations rules.

We will also be providing Retired Sgt. Maj. Dan Bullis at Walter Reed
with a list of company names who donate. Please advise if you would like
to be included on the list. Feel free to contact us at the email address
below should you have any questions.

Thank you for your patriotism!


Yellow Ribbon Club
PO BOX 1385
Marlton, NJ 08053

You can drop off your donations at the address listed below. If you
these dates and times are not good for you, feel free to email us to
make other arrangements.

Evesham Fire-Rescue Department

Tuesday, Feb. 24th 7am-7pm

Wednesday, Feb. 25th 7am-7pm

Thursday, Feb. 26th 7am-7pm

Friday, Feb. 27th 7am-7pm

Saturday, Feb. 28th 10am-2pm

Sunday, Mar. 1 10am-2pm

Monday, Mar. 2 7am-7pm
Tuesday, Mar. 3 7am-7pm

Please note that we cannot accept donated items after March 3rd as we
will have everything packed up and ready for our early departure on
March 5th. We will be leaving the from the fire station on Thursday,
March 5th at approx. 7am.

Items for Our Troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

Playing Cards

Small Games

Hand Held Electronic Games

Audio Books

Puzzle Books



Fleece Throws (knitted ones can interfere with wounds)


Portable DVD Players

Walkman CD Players

Music CD’s

Hard Candy

Electric Razors

Hard Candy

Chewing Gum

Toothbrushes, Toothpaste

Shampoo, Crème Rinse



Small Writing Tablets

Please note that these items are approved by Patient Relations at Walter
Reed. There are items that are not approved so if you want to donate
something that is not on the list, please email us and we can let you
know if it is an approved item.

Homemade foods are not permitted.



What an awesome thing to do. My husband is having surgery this week, but I will try to get something together to donate. My father in law was in the navy and I have taken him to the Vet Hospital in Delaware. Not the most cheerful place to be. These men and women deserve so much more.