Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open Letter to the Public Works Department of Haddon Twp

Dear Public Works of Haddon Township

I would just like to thank you for the crass way I was talked to this morning when I called your office.
I dealt with the administrative assistant or whoever answers the phone.
I told her my plight.

What is my plight you ask?
Well on Sunday, in the beautiful 61 degree weather, I took my 10 yr & 2 yr old boys across the street to the playground. You know the one, the pink one that is next to the community pool.
It's cute.
It's a jungle gym with 2 slides & a tube & some other rough & tumbly things attached to it.
We had a great time.
The other family with their 2 yr old boy had a fun time.

What was not so fun was upon leaving with my children & dh I looked onto the ground & what did I see not 4 feet from 2 yr old's scooter but a used condom.
A condom.
Used none the less.

So I called today because being a resident with children I want to take part in the beautiful equipment you provide.
Imagine my surprise when the woman I spoke to acted as if I was bothering her & that it was a pain in the ass to get someone to come out & clean it up.
Obviously she doesn't want to enjoy the lovely playground equipment.

I do not think, that at 10 & 2 yrs old, I as a parent should have to explain what a condom is. Nor should I have to disinfect my 2 yr old's hands when he goes to grab the flat balloon on the ground.

So Public Works perhaps you could be up on things & when you have them cutting the grass perhaps they could pick up the disgusting trash laying on the ground.
Just a suggestion.

As for Miss Pissy Pants who answered the phone, perhaps you should call a dr he may be able to help you with that nasty condition of yours.




Good for you Meghan!!! That is disgusting!


Doesn't it bug the bejeezus out of you when people act like you are bothering for daring to expect them to do their jobs. You would think in this economy, they would be happy to have a job. Gotta love the New Jersey State and Municipal workers.

J Sawchuk

I would like to publish this on my blog twpofhaddon.blogspot.com If this is ok please send me an email at jonjenja@verizon.net

Tom Cassel

Wow. Isn't that special!

I would call Mayor Teague on his cell phone and report what happened since Public Works reports to him.

I would also write a letter or email to the township and put this in writing to them. Make sure to copy Denise Adams and put it on the public record. You may call Shirley Johnson, the Mayor's secretary, who keeps complaint logs of calls and makes sure that these items are well handled. This kind of behavior is clearly unacceptable.

Lastly I encourage you to show up on Tuesday and speak up at the Commission meeting during the public portion. Bring you kids.


Welcome to Haddon Twp public works, I could tell you lots of stories, but your children would be graduating from callege with their masters degrees by the time I was done