Thursday, February 05, 2009

Where have I been?

Anyone wondering?
I know all my faithful readers of, um, 2, no wait! Make that 43 b/c I have 43 followers.
Wooo...go me.

Anywho Sunday I took the day off from blogging & actually watched the Super Bowl with Bobster.
It was a really good game.
The cute thing was I put Cheeks to bed at half time & when he woke up the next morning the first words out of his mouth where:
"Football game?"
Me: "Who won the football game?"
C: "Yes"
Me: "The Steelers won"
C: "Yaaaaaaay Steelers!!!"
I thought it was cute & just wanted to share.
That's the obnoxious mom in me.

Let's see Monday had to be my most fav day b/c I got to leave work at 9 since I was nauseaus & having intestinal issues.
Well I made it to the highway (295 for you local readers)
Where I drove about 1/2 a mile & had to pull over.
Since my window doesn't go down on the driver's side, I had to open the door, still in my seatbelt & repeatedly puke out the door.
Ah, good times!
The best was that I wore my hair down & the speed of the cars & trucks passing by caused my hair to whip me in the face allowing it to get covered in vomit.
Ah, the memories I will have of that.

Then I just recovered Tuesday & Wednesday but yesterday when I went to leave work, I couldn't turn my key in the ignition soooooooooooooooo....
Who ya gonna call?
He & Chuckster show up & they couldn't get it to turn either so they fiddled with it & it appears to be my mechanical cylinder in the ignition.
So I have it at the Dodge dealership to get fixed.
Now the good thing is I purchased the extended warranty.
So I let my fingers do the walking today (remember that phrase!), called the wty place & asked what was covered.
Yea, electrical issues with the ignition is covered
mechanical, not so much.
So I will have to pimp out my body to pay the national debt that will be my car repair bill.
I am not even having them fix the window motor as I can't afford to sell any of my children (not that I haven't thought about it, one of them is a little too sassy these days!)

On another note, my giveaway has been postponed.
Have no fear tho.
If you took a guess as to what it is you have an extra entry.
It should be posted soon, I am just waiting for it to arrive.
If you want to place another guest see my 2 previous posts for some hints.
I will say one person guessed correctly so far!!!

Well Ugly Betty is on followed by:

wait for it,

wait for it.....................

Hell's Kitchen!!!!

Tell me what have you been up to & what is your must see tv on Thursdays.
Woops out.



That is too funny that Cheeks wanted to know who won! Even cuter is he said yay for the right time. lol

Ick on you being sick. Good luck with van.


You poor thing!! That had to be a miserable experience! Cheekers comment on the football game was too cute! Hope the van doesn't cost too much!
I'm getting off her to go watch the Grey's Private Practice crossover!!!! woooohoooooo
oh and,,,,

Go Steelers!!!!

Noah's Mommy

So Sorry you weren't feeling well...and on 295 even....I'm REALLY sorry....and really how cute is your little guy......and pimping your body for car repairs...I hear ya sista...truly I do....Glad to have you back though...


Sorry you were feeling so yucky. Good lord, on 295, I had to stop once on the Expressway going to Philly and I thought for sure they would find my dead body on the side of the road. I was so excited that the Steelers won too!!! It was my birthday and I felt that since I am as old as the Super Bowl, that was an appropriate gift to me.

Glad you are feeling better!!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Girl! We are feelin' your pain down here in VA. My middle one had to do that same thing on the way back to college on Monday. (He came home with his roommate for SB weekend. They both spent the week sick. Dalton was out Monday, Kev and I got it Tuesday and the oldest got it Tuesday night!

Yep - good times.

Glad you're doing much better! I feel ya on the car issues too - we've been driving on a bad inspection sticker since September - too many things to be repaired to be able to afford getting it fixed right now. Hopefully our tax return will help that out!

As for the sassy teen thing - I can tell ya - they're male baby - ain't gonna change, it just gets older. Hopefully they'll all grow up one day. Oh wait - I forgot - testosterone never gets old. Pity us fools (oops - I mean women) who fall for them and never let go! HA HA HA