Friday, February 13, 2009

When Mommy Reads @ Dinner

The creativity side of Cheekers comes out.

What is he smooshing between his hands?

Mashed Pototoes!!!!

Guess I was too absorbed in the new Family Circle that came today b/c when I looked up, all the while talking to him, that is what I found.
My 1st instinct was to get upset
apparently the happy pills are working b/c I thought to myself:
Nothing some water can't clean up
I grabbed the camera.
He was having a good time & actually ate some of his chicken so I thought "Why not!"
Then I just hoisted a chair into the kitchen up to the sink & stood him on it.
I hosed him down
Which Cheeks just thought was "da sh*t!"

What mess have you had to clean up this week?
Tell me!

Woops out!



Eating and smushing.. What more can a mom ask for? rofl He is just too cute!


He is so dang cute. When my kids were little they mostly ate meals with no clothes on because I didn't want to deal with trying to get the stains out. They liked to rub their food every where!


What a mess! Kids can get into so much trouble in so little amount of time.


What a cutie. He's getting so big.