Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Nana Shops!

I took my mom to Kohl's with me today. Good move Meghan. Nana couldn't help but buy her future grandsome some cute cute stuff. How adorable are those mommy & baby stuffed animals.

Nana didn't stop there. She hit the clothes section & got the "boy" a cute onesis with matching hat. It is striped in blue, orange & green with a matching hat that has ears! Plus a cute white onesis that has little trucks on it.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Okey dokey

Had the blood pressure checked...fine. Had the urine checked...fine. Reason for feet swelling....eating salt. Sigh! I'm screwed. Guess it's pb&j for me!

Busy week. Running here & there. Trying to relax. Trying to stay calm. Um, yea, not so easy when your car dies on Tues.

I left work.
Started the car.
Turned on the a/c


Bobby puts oil in it, thinking the oil sensor triggered the engine to stop.

Bobby & Chuckie (Bobby's brother) go up there the next day to see if they can figured out the problem.
Chuckie comes back:
Houston, we have a problem.
No shit!
Your blew your engine.

So they put the car on the trailor & drive it up to the rip off dealer.

The dealer schedules me for an appt. 1st thing in the morning. Finally at 4:30 I call.
"Oh we were busy & couldn't look at your car".
Um, hello? Don't you think the receptionist should have said you were overbooked.


Call today:
Dealer "Ms. Woeppel we have to run a diagnostic test that will cost $90 to see what's wrong with the car".
Me: "What! G'head" They had me by the you know what's since my car won't drive & they are the only Hyundai dealer close to me.

Later in the day:
Dealer "Ms. Woeppel, it appears yuor timing belt went & is going to need replaced."
Me: "Well what other damaged did it cause?"
Dealer "Well, we can't look at it today & the diagnostic test to see what damage it cost is $537 + tax."
Me: "Are you kidding? You're kidding right, that's just a test" {Hello, I don't think my ultrasound cost that much!}
So I tell him not to do a thing.
Call the Bobster.
"I don't know hun, it's up to you"
{Lots of help there hun, thanks!}

I know, I will call my dad.
My dad calls Hyundai, then takes me out to break the bad news.
Seems that even after I shell out $700 for tests I will still be facing $4K in repairs!
Ok, only owe $4600 on the car.

I love my Hyundai. Never had any real problems til today. Of course I am just over my warranty. Figures.

So now my dillema is, do I shell out the $4K repairs & then continue paying my car payment or do I shell out the $4K & then an additional $3K on a down payment for the Hyundai Tuscon like I was planning on looking at this weekend or do I say no thank you to the repairs, pay the $90 diagnostic test, then shell out the $3K on a downpayment & sell the car for junk or parts. Of course there is always the recommendation of taking the car back, driving it the inner city & setting it on fire. LIKE I WOULDN"T GET CAUGHT!

In the meantime I am driving the Bobster's Jeep. I so do not like driving it. I like sitting up higher but hate driving it.

So that's what my week has been like. I have the weekend to think about what I want to do. I have a strong inclination towards the one option but I have to weigh them all. *SIGH* Calgon, take me away!

Monday, April 24, 2006

I have succombed....

To the pleasure of a cleaning lady. I opened my door today & was greeted by a clean stone floor, vacuumed carpets, dusted tables, A CLEAN BATHROOM, mopped floors & that lovely lemon pledge smell. AAAH! Calgon take me away! My friend's little sister did an A+ job & for the mere cost of $25. Best $25 I ever spent!!!!! I didn't want to cook & mess up my kitchen but since I gave her money I didn't have any to go out. O well....a clean home is more important than Olive Garden. :>)

I registered yesterday. BabiesRUs. Can you believe there was a waiting list to use the register gun? It took me almost 3 hrs & I still have to go online & add & delete stuff. It was so much fun & I picked the CUTEST ever patterns & stuff. My mom & best friend & Godson went with me. They were a big help. My girlfriend helped me narrow down what you would use & what you would not & my mom helped me see safety features & picked out patterns & such. It was a fun girlie day & best of bambino will get to use it. AAAH!

Ok, burgers are burning! Gots to get my tatertots too!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Allergies, Fred Flintstone Feet & You are turning into a vampire!

Sure you would think Spring in NJ is all sunshine & flowers being the garden state & all. Well it is....what does this mean to me? Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headaches, asthma attacks. Yes welcome to Allergy Spring in great Burlington County. I can't stand it. My allergies have kicked in full force. I can't even sleep. I have been up since 5 & I fell asleep at 11 only to wake up every 1-2 hours. I sneeze so much & with such force that I now have been known to wet my pants occasionally. I don't have any tissues in the house so I am sitting here with a fresh roll of Scott toilet tissue. Yes, no frills for me :)

As for the Fred Flintstone Feet? Well for the first time ever yesterday I had CANKLES!!!! You know, where your calf & ankle become one. NOT PRETTY PEOPLE! You could actually make dimples in the btm portion of my legs. I called my mom in a panic...what do I do? I have never had cankles. (I should have called my she has them everyday). See there are not many things that are slender on my body but my ankles & feet were nicely shaped. After talking with my mom we came to the conclusion that I can not eat McD's for dinner & then have Chicfila for lunch the next day. Yes, I was retaining water! BIG TIME! So this morning I am happy to report...the cankles are gone for the most part. Woo hoo!

Now the vampire in the title? Well here's the story. My youngest stepson is grooming to be vampire. Look at that layout up there....that's his vampire face! The child, a mere 7, doesn't sleep. He appears to be in a dead sleep at about 9pm at night but anywhere between 4am & 6am he awakes! This morning I said to him
"Don't you sleep?"
He said "Not really"
I said "You are turning into a vampire"
He responds "What are you trying to say?"
I say "I'm saying I think you are a vampire"
Response "I don't drink blood"
me: "That's the next step"
Him, complete silence & a shrug.

Um, hello, save me from my 7 yr old vampire!

On a more fun side, I got the Jeni Bowlin April kit in the mail yesterday. Someone on Kit Peas was selling it & I took a chance. OH MY GOSH! It's yummyscrumptious! I must have this kit every month. I can not wait to use it!!!!!!! Yay!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

They call it. . . .

Being PISSED! Oh yes! Pissed! Seeing red!

Bobby is home this week. He is starting a new job on Monday. Don't ask what happened to the odl job. Well I left him a list this morning that consisted of vacuuming the bedroom & living room, scrubbing out the bathtub b/c of all the oil & grease that accumulates from him & running the dishwasher & putting the clean dishes away. I figured making the bed was a given.

I was gone from 7:30 to almost 5:30. I talked to him about 9:30 & asked him what he was going to do today. He said "I don't know, your list & stuff."

Of course he wasn't home when I got home. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but he has my cell phone b/c his got turned off & I have no house phone so I can't reach him or anyone! Not to mention nothing was done on the list.

I ask & ask & ask him to help. I get loud, I cry cause I get so frustrated. I can't do it all! I have even gone so far as to hire my friend's little sister to come clean every 2 weeks b/c some stuff is just becoming too difficult for me to do. He knows this. So I come home to a bed that looks like kids played on it & his dirty dishes on the nightstand from last night. The couch is torn up from when he slept on it & he has not fixed it. The dishes aren't washed & don't ask me about the tub.

I am at my wits end! I don't know what to do.

I am not used to this.
It's not fair for me to have to do it all!


I want to take my car & run it into a tree, that's how frustrated I am. If it wasn't for the fact that I am carrying my son I would probably scream, throw a hissy go take out my aggregrations somehow.

I don't know what to do. I have done the whole I quit thing & it just doesn't bother him. I really am having a hard time with this & now, he knows I am here w/o a phone & I tell him over & over I shouldn't be without one b/c I am pregnant & anything could happen.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Do a little dance, make a little love, get down to tonight.

Yes, that is what the baby has been doing since the weekend. He is either practicing the Electric Slide or his jump shot but man is he active! Especially at 4:30am! I thought the Bobster kept me awake in pre-pregnancy days with his snoring, PLEASE! That was a piece of cake. I guess this is a precursor to the days to come. Hee hee.

That's ok. Maybe he will be like his mother & appear on a local/national tv show. Ah yes, my 15 mins of fame. Or he could be like his father & be a football player with a stubborn streak 10 miles long.

Now the dancing I can take, the jump shots I can take but the change in my body temperature is driving me crazy. Is this what menopause will be like??? One minute I am freezing the next 2 hrs I am sweating like Augustus Gloop eyeing up the Chocolate River! It's a biatch!

On a lighter note, the Bobster & I went to dinner at the Indian Chief tonight for their prime rib special. We were the youngest people in the joint by 60 years & that included the staff. But you know what, it wasn't a bad meal! The prime rib was small but I had veal parm, applesauce & mashed potato's.....the applesauce was the piece-de-resistance! Very good. The mashed potatoes....yummy & the veal....down right yummy. We both topped it off with pudding for dessert. I had the normal chocolate pudding, he had maggot pudding. So if you are in the area, check out The Indian Chief in Medford, NJ. Yummy, yummy in your tummy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Top 5 Websites

What ones do you visit every day?
Me, hmmmmm, let's see: ~ the bestest most friendliest scrappers around...thank you very much! ~ Fabulous site! The girls are talented & friendly! ~ Need I say more. Check it out if you haven't. Fun, friendly, talent galore! ~ Yes I am a geek but I like it & it is addicting! ~ too clicky for me BUT I lurk & like to look at the gallery

Now what sites do you visit?
List them on your blog & link back to me!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A name has been bestowed upon the unborn.

After many discussions the Bobster & I have come up with a name for our child.

Now many of you might thing...big deal, what the hey, so what BUT with so many opinions from others it was quit the challenge.

So without further ado let me let you all know our son will be known as . . . Ethan Michael.

Thank you! Thank you very much! Elvis has left the building.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Fun Facts!
Yep, I will post 5 fun facts about moi, because really is it not fun to talk about yourself. LOL
Then, if you blog, I challenge you to do 5 fun facts & let me know you did them!

Here we go:
1. I love the song "Rock the Boat" & "Candy Man." These are songs from when I was a little girl. I remember sitting in the back of my mom & dad's car singing along to them. Every now & then I hear "Rock the Boat" but "Candy Man", sadly, seems to have bitten the dust.

2. I am not a natural red head. {SHOCKER} I know! Of course, with the bambino on the way I am now a brunette/red head. It's not pretty people but I make sacrifices for my kid!

3. I only knew the Bobster a few weeks before he was "living" here. Something just clicked & *poof* instant man. LOL Of course, my poor mom never caught on, even after noticing 2 toothbrushes in the bathroom. That's ok, we love her anyway.

4. When I was little I could say the Chinese alphabet. Just ask my Aunt Patty Johnson. She will tell you it's true!

5. I am cell phone challenged! I downloaded a ring tone & can't even upload it to my phone. It's a disgrace but I digress.

Ok, now tell me your fun facts!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is what my dad is buying his grandson.
How utterly cute is this!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Challenge: YOUR SCRAPBOOKING START. Share how you got started in scrapbooking.
Ok, whose with me!
How long have you been doing it? Over 6 yrs. I can't believe I didn't try it before hand. I always took tons of photos & was quick to put them in, the horror, magnetic albums & even use pen to write catchy phrases above the photos.
Do you scrap differently now than when you first started? I think my style has evolve just like everyone elses. Lots of sticker sneeze & die cuts. LOL Nothing wrong with that style but I think the longer you do things, the more you find different ways to do it. KWIM?
What's changed for you? Anything? Hmmm....I don't think anything has changed for me scrap wise. My life has changed dramatically so my photos have different subjects in them now.

Ok, now all of you share you stories with me, either as a comment or on your blog!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ok, I am posting in my new blog. My other blog bit the dust, sad to say.
That's ok tho. Out with the old, in with the new.
Nothing really exciting to talk about.
Been kind of boring lately.
No scrappy news.
No personal news.
No business news.
No news is good news eh?