Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Confession

I know that's it's Thanksgiving week, for us in the US.  
I love Thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday.

I have a confession tho.

I am excited for Christmas this year!!!

Can not wait to put up the tree.
I love shopping.  Black favorite!

Tell me, are you excited for the holidays?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Confession

Not sure who reads my blog, but for those that do, there were no Sunday Confessions last week.
This week is not so much a confession as much as an explanation.

Last Sunday, my friend/coworker called me to tell me that our beloved boss and good friend, had passed.
This was sudden and unexpected.
She was out walking her dog, when she collapsed from an aneurysm.  Sadly, she was gone.
No amount of resuscitation worked.
At the young age of 48, taken from all those who loved her.

It has been a rough work.
In my heart I know she is experiencing happiness.  She is with her dad and her dog, Chloe.  
She is not suffering from the illnesses she had.

Her passing leaves a hole in all of our hearts.  I have worked with my boss since 1998. We were both bridesmaids in another coworker/friends wedding.  We had fun on a daily basis and she was a very dear friend.

This is why there was no entry.
This is why it's been a rough week.
Things will get better, as they say, time makes it easier.
A little bit of my heart will always have sorrow but most of it will be joy because I knew her and loved her to pieces.

Miss you!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Confession

Welcome to another addition of Sunday Confession...where I tell you something earth shattering.
It's not earth shattering?
Hmm, I thought I was more interesting.

I digress.

Today I am going to tell you something that will amaze you, stun you, make you reconsider life in general.

I am tall.
Like 6ft tall.

Guess what? I like it.

Growing up I was not a fan of being taller than everyone else.  Not even in high school.  Then in my early twenties I started working at a supermarket, where there was not one, not two, but five women all my same height and around the same age.  I started to feel like one of the group.

Then I realized, I could reach things and didn't have to ask for help.  I could stand in back of crowds and usually see what was going on.  I never have to have the hem on my pants taken out (although for being tall, I have short legs).

There are cons to being tall...probably too many to name but I appreciate my height.

I take my "tallness" as a tell me how tall are you?