Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a little pink, please?

I am the only woman in my house.
3 boys.
One large man child.
I'm it.

I'm just asking for something feminine in this house.
A pleasant vanilla smell in a world of sports sox and farts.
Oh that's right.

They are like a badge of honor around here.
My badge of honor...Coach handbags.
How I long for a new one.

I am even girly in my choice of lit that I read.
Chic lit for me.
Although I am currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire & it is really good.

My baby is growing up & becoming more boy than I ever thought possible.
No more "Goodnight Moon", it's all "Spiderman" & "Transformers" bedtime stories.

I'd like a little pink thrown in the house.
Maybe some pretty pink tulips to set besides the PS3 on the tv table.

All class over here.

I think when they made girly they had me in mind.
I am scared of bugs.
Terrified of spiders and the darn crickets that decide to vaca in my abode.

I love to watch makeover shows, fantasizing about my own makeover and of course, home decor shows.
The boys would rather watch Speed vision or the SciFi channel.
These are ok channels but not my fav.

Guess we could try for baby #4.
Perhaps I will read up on how to ensure it's a girl.

I love my boys, I just occasionally crave a little estrogen companionship.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

PSA Alert

Here is your Public Service Announcement for Feb 2011.

It's geared towards women.
Mainly women who use employment/public restrooms.

What I'd like to know is, how is your bathroom at home?
Is the toilet never flushed?

Apparently, if you do not have to clean the bathroom then it's not necessary to make sure all goes down in the toilet.
It only takes a second to turn around and make sure everything you have put in the bowl has gone away.

This leaves the bowl as pristene as it can be for the next visitor.

Of course, we have the "throw away the towel" situation as well.
If it doesn't make it in the can, bend over & pick it up.
Not only is this helpful and keeps the room looking somewhat decent, it provides exercise.

Just some simple hints to make your restroom experience a little more pleasant.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gallbladder Free

Hi.  My name is Meghan and it's been 18 months since I gave up my gallbladder.
18 months.

And what a year and a half it has been.

Do you know that your gallbladder helps funnel the fat you put in your body?

Sometimes, you don't even need to eat fatty foods to feel the effects of not having a gallbladder.

Like the effect of having to get to a restroom 2 minutes before the feeling you need to go over comes you.
Yes, yes, it's a good time.

How I weigh what I do is a mystery to me.
I should be like 90 pounds with how many times I visit the loo.
Sounds better when I use the British term, doesn't it?

I do get exercise with the lack of a gallbladder.
It's usually from running, sprinting or taking the steps 2 at a time to make it to that room before we have a clean up in aisle 5.

It's these times that I miss the good ole g.b.

How 'bout you?
Any fun side effects of having your g.b. removed?

Do tell!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exploiting my Baby by Teresa Strasser

Thanks got being a member of the Left to Write Book Club I was lucky enough to get to read "Exploiting my Baby" by Teresa Strasser.

You know Teresa.
She was the hostess back in the day on the TLC show "While You Were Out"...loved that show!  Now you can catch her on the VH1 type I love the 80's...that type of show.

Anyway she got pregnant.
Had the little bambino & decided to do a memoir of her pregnancy.
Wish I had done that.
Wait, that's why I blog.
Well at least one of the reasons I started the blog.

Anyway, she is a hoot and extremely truthful.
Not going to sugarcoat it though, she can be crass but sometimes that's how pregnant women feel...crass.  At least I did, try carrying an 11 pounder who like to stretch.

She definitely tells it like it is & even lists people she'd like to punch for various reasons.
She also expresses her nervousness during her pregnancy with humor. 
Her language is a bit crude but lets face facts, pregnant women who are miserable can swear like truck drivers.
Shoot, I'm not pregnant & my mouth gets the best of me.

She covers all her trimesters with details that I think most moms forget.
I know I forgot a lot of the details although I do remember I was the most miserable woman on the planet and I think that is why Cheeks is/was my only pregnancy.  I wouldn't put my family through another 9 months of misery of me. 

I had a great c-section and a decent recovery from it.  The nurse that took me into the operating room was more like Nurse Ratchett as she told me to "Say goodbye to your family!"  Um, wow, am I coming back?  I came back...with an 11 pound, 1 ounce baby boy and some major gluing going on down south.

I'd definitely read this book, after you have your baby and read it tongue in cheek.
If you have read it, let me know what you think of it.

Like it?
Not like it?

I say 2 thumbs up and a golf clap!

Your turn!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Cheeks had a very good day at school.
So of course, as any good bribery offering mother, I told him he could have an ice cream cone for dessert.

After dinner Cheeks comes out into the kitchen & says:
"Can I have my bone now?"
"My bone. I want my bone now. I finished my dinner."
"Bone? What are you talking about?"
Cheeks, with obvious eye rolling:
"An ice cream bone mommy! I want an ice cream bone!"

After I got over my fit of giggles I corrected him & gave him one.

I just love 4 year olds!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have something to say.

Brace yourself.

I can not, absolutely, can not stand Giada DeLaurentis.

I know, I know....she's sweet, she's pretty but OMG! She is one annoying woman.

And you know something else....cleavage is all she knows.

I haven't seen her on her show, promos, ads or even walking the red carpent in something not cleavage bearing.

Exhibit A:

Let's check out Exhibit B...a still from her show.
Why hello girls! Nice to see you.

Of course we have our final example:
Exhibit C:

Does her head look photoshopped in that one or is it me?

Plus the way she pronounces the Italian names.
Drives me nuts.
I know she speaks Italian
she speak English so put the English spin on it!

She is really is sweet.
Also very pretty.

She just rubs me the wrong one.
So sad.

Tell me who rubs you the wrong way?

Guess whose having a giveaway???


Over here:

Meghan's Mindless Mutterings: Reviews & Giveaways

Come check it out!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dear Domino's

Oh Domino's.
I gave you a second chance.
It was all the commercials showing people in pretend conference rooms talking about how they think your pizza is made by machines, then SURPRISE, they are in the middle of a field.
The commercials featuring all the people putting down your pizza & how you have improved your sauce, etc.

Having to feed the masses this weekend I chose to take up your offer of $5.99 medium pies.

I was extremely disappointed.

The taste, just not there.
The quality, poor.

Perhaps it's just my Domino's.
I mean it did take them 10 minutes to acknowledge me at the counter to do my pick up.
Everyone was busy

Domino's I was not satisfied.
The sauce tasted like sweetened up Chef Boy'r Dee.
The cheese was congealed, even though it was warm.
As for the pineapples, well they were sweet but um, looked like they were about 2 minutes from expiring.
The crust, a little salty.

Sorry Domino's, 2 strikes & your out.

Maybe I'll give you another chance in 2012.