Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mu-ah! Thank you

I want to say thank you to my readers who have commented or emailed me personally with tips, advice or a great email about my little guy & his hyperactivity.

I love the power of the internet that has allowed me to make great friends...yes friends...that know what he & I are going through.  That these friends can share with me, in just a few clicks of some keys, their experiences & what they found helpful.

Thank you all.
I have taken it all in & am putting many of the useful things you have given me to work!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Block Par-tay

I do have to say my town puts on quite the block party.
What's even nicer?
I don't have to drive any where because I open up my door & kablam! There it is!

Like the ferris wheel, about 100 feet from my front door.  It was the first thing we did:
The the boys waited in line for laser tag.  The older one "slaughtered" the little one.

Next up, let's slide down the Cars slide

or do a little rock climbing

Of course we need to go on the merry go round then hit up the moon bounce
Finally a little face painting & the day is done

So what did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I obviously missed this chapter

Let's put things into perspective.

When you purchase a new car, you get a manual.
When you purchase a new appliance you get a manual.
Bringing home some Ikea get directions.  Yes they are in Swedish but the point is instructions!

The day I left the hospital with my 11 pounder a mere 5 years ago, I asked the nurse when I would get my instruction booklet.
Don't laugh.
You all thought about it.

She smiled & just said "Good luck"

Let me tell you, raising children is hard.

The youngest one has behavior issues.
I have been trying for months to get them straightened out.
Roadblocks are an understatement for what I am running into.

Pediatricians are not quick to want to evaluate for ADHD, Hyperactivity etc.
I perservere & keep truckin tho.

In my great state of Jersey, I am finding no peds that take his insurance who are willing to consult.
The one ped in this field, who is known for his expertise, will see him.
For a consult visit of $1300.00
Notice where the decimal point is.
I offered a $1 a week til it's paid but they didn't seem impressed with that offer.

I am now trying some natural remedies to help Cheeks.
It's been 2 days so no effect yet but maybe tomorrow or in a few weeks.

He's so impulsive.
Can't keep still.
Is extremely mouthy.
Always wants his way.
Keeps going & going like the energizer bunny.

I am overwhelmed & exhausted with it all.

As his mom, I am his advocate.
I will do what I have to do.

Don't even ask about the babysitting situation.
Still at a standstill.
I even joined SitterCity.

Now, the 17yo, that's another story.
That shady mcshaderston decided to play his dad against me & vice versa.
Huge mistake.

He is now grounded with no use of the vehicle, permission to see his friends or even his girlfriend.

So I'd just like to say that no one ever told me raising children was so challenging.

Holy Moley.
I think I'm gonna start to more Diet Pepsi's for me...I'm going hardcore...bring on the Reg Pepsi.

Tell me, are you having child rearing issues as well?

Monday, September 19, 2011

There's a party....

Like any good parents Bobster & I try to teach the energetic youngest one of our clan the proper terminology for his genetials.
Ok, I try to teach him the proper terminology.
Bobster & the older boys have him calling them everything from "ning a ning balls" to "meat & potatoes".

Well since he's getting older I have been trying to explain how people need private time to get dressed, go to the bathroom etc.  Especially the mommy because she as a girl has different parts.

I have taught him the his genetials are his "private parts" & that only he should really see them and no one else should see them. 

The other night he came in the bathroom, naked as a jaybird, & announced he had to "go potty".  I was getting his bath ready & told him "g'head".
His reply:
"Mommy, you have to leave or you will see my private party"

Yes, there is a party in my son's pants.
I coudn't be more proud.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catchin Up

See this child.
He has been keepin me busy.

Wait, lets rephrase that...he's been keeping the principal at his new school busy.
Everyday since the first day he's had to go to the principal's office due to being defiant, not listening, disruptive.

The state worker who evaluated him suggested help.
The state said he didn't meet the criteria.

I beg to differ.

He pretty much vibrates just standing still.

My pediatrician diagnosed him with one question:  "Can he sit & watch a movie he likes?"
We replied: "Yes"
His response "Well he's not hyperactive"

Thanks for that diagnosis Doc.
I think my doctor is old school.
For cryin out loud, he was my pediatrican & I am no spring chicky.

I am still trying to find a pediatrican who will see him to give him a more in depth evaluation.
We have already been the Child Study Team route & he was fine academically...that is all they check for.

He's a smart cookie just hard to corral.

Any tips would help.
I was thinking duck taping him to the wall but then that would leave that black goo on the wall & I'd have to clean it off.
So that's out.

Perhaps I will just quit my job, work as a hooker at night so I can homeschool him during the day.
Then again I think that won't work because let's face it...I skeeve people that I really don't know & finding a good corner is so hard these days.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Someone's turning....

That's right.
The big 4-0 has hit someone in this house.

Not me, I hit that 14 months ago.

Instead Bobster has turned the big 40!!!

Have a blast on your day honey as only you can:
Then take a nappers:

We love you!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I have an announcement, burp, what? Seal it!

I'd like to take this moment to let you all know I have become a
wait for it
a Man!
Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.
Seriously I have come a:

Tupperware Woman!

I am so excited about this new venture.
I think this is a good fit for me & I love me some Tupperware.

So please, please, please, take a look at my site and let me know what you think & of course, if there is anything you are interested in *cough**cough**hint**hint*

My Tupperware site:  Click me!

Thanks everyone!!! 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

He grew up on me!

Who gave him permission to do that?

Grow up?

I sure didn't.


 My big kindergartener.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Come check this out

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I am having a giveaway.