Sunday, September 23, 2012

Connect the Dots

Do you have "freckles" on your body?

I do!

*Disclaimer: Totally not my arm*

I am in now way covered with them but I have plenty.

Sometimes I think to myself "Self, I wonder what I would look like if I connected the dots, if I were to map out my freckles, beauty marks, moles...whatever you like to call them"

I wonder what my grid would look like.

Would it resemble a map of the world? A Bottacelli painting? (wait, that's just my figure!)

Tell me, do you have random thoughts like me...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crockpot Pumpkin Bread Experiment

Fall is just about here.
Days away really.
It's my fav, fav, fav season!

Along with my fav season, it is time to bake.
While the weather has been quite autumnal lately, the one day I really wanted to bake was about 90 with 90% humidty...gotta love Jersey!

So I thought, hmm, I've had this recipe for awhile I should give it a go.

Break out the crockpot's time for Crockpot Pumpkin Bread. (click for recipe).

Let's begin:

Gather thy ingredients:
Mix ingredients together.
Refer to recipe because it's wet ingredients, dry ingredients, then combine....yada yada yada.

 Pour into greased loaf pan & place in crockpot with approx 1/2 of water around loaf pan.

 After 3 hours you get pumpkin bread:

My verdict:

Not bad but honestly, I'd rather just make it in the oven.  Less mess & less time.
This recipe was very good for a hot day because the crockpot doesn't heat my kitchen up at all.

Bobster liked it.
PopPop Bob liked it too.  Even the Nana.

Would I make it again?
Yes, but in the over.

It was very, very moist.

So, tell me, what is your go to crockpot recipe?
I love my crockpot & am always looking for new things to cook in it!

Leave me your recipe & I just might feature it!!  Total creds to you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This, That & a Dash of Musings

I've been gone.
Did you notice?

It wasn't an intentional break.
It just happened.

Haven't had anything to say.

Not much has been going on.

Well stuff being going on but nothing I will say on my blog as it's pretty personal and I try to keep the blog upbeat.

Cheeks started first grade.

Christafus started 8th grade and has moved in with us permanently.  It's now me against all these boy hormones 24/7.
Send a girl!!!

This is Cheeks on his first day of first grade.

The camera fogged up & this is what happened.

My ride pulled up right then & there so I have to do a "do-over" when I remember.
Failure as a mother I am.

Keep your fingers crossed, for those of you remember, Kindergarten wasn't really Cheeks year.
This year maybe different.
He seems to be doing well & his teacher said his behavior is nothing she can't handle.

Bobster & I think it's a combination of being a year older, having gone through some sessions with a behaviorialist, his medicine and a new teacher.

What ever it is, we are liking it!!!

So tell me, what have you been up????

Friday, September 07, 2012

Late Summer Reading

I wasn't planning on reading this book.
No intentions.
Thought the movie looked dumb.

Then my boss bought the book.
She liked it, told me to read it.
So I did.

What book you ask?

I usually go for more chic lit, light hearted, whimsical books.
I read for fun...not knowledge...don't judge.

I started it Tuesday of this week.
I finished it yesterday, at 4:30.

I must say...really, really, really good.

While you may start the book thinking far-fetched by the middle you are thinking to yourself, this could be believable.

It's not really gory.  It's just enough to make you go "ew" but nothing to make you go "Get out of the way I have to throw up"

The author knows how to draw you in, he fluctuates between his "version" and "actual" Abraham Lincoln diary entries.  There are even a few photos thrown in here & there for good measure.

So my recommendation is "Read it!"

Tell me, what books have you read lately?