Thursday, April 29, 2010

Question for you

How did you meet your significant other?
Boy/girl next door?
High school?

Do tell.

I met Bobster thru one of my best friends, Kathy.
She thought I would like him.

She held a picnic at her house so we could meet & chat.
That was a 3pm.
I got home at like 1am!

I think we dated for about 10 days before we became an official couple.
Here it is....almost 5 years later.

So give me the deets on how you met your sweetie!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Who knew!!!!!!!!?????

Look at this "out of the blue" email I got today:

My name is Lee Kiang, an attorney at law. A deceased client of mine, that shares
the same last name as yours died as the result of a heart-related
condition in March 12th 2008.
I have contacted you to assist in claiming the money left behind by my
client(US$19 milliondollars) in the bank.
Reply me through this email:

Lee Kiang
I am so upset over my never met/never knew relative dying from some heart related condition
it was so kind of him/her to leave me all this money.
They must have known I need the cash.
Of course, I am perplexed.
Most of my relatives are from Ireland, Scotland or Germany mostly.
Really the last few generations are from NJ, PA & KY.
I never, ever figured I had a relative somewhere other than those places.
Sure this unknown, generous relative could be from the places I mentioned but my heart is telling me they have been living in an Asian country for awhile.

Just a feeling.
Tell me, have you lost a unknown relative and stand to inherit millions?
I hope you have contacted the lawyer.
I am off right now with my soc sec number & bank info in an email to this lawyer.
Really, it's legit!
Come on.
Why would someone not leave me this amount of cash.
Well I am going to go peruse the real estate websites to see if I can find a mansion for when my money comes in.
Woo hoo!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can I have jam please?

A frequently asked question upon entrance to the van by the Cheeks.
"Can I have jam please?"
or while flipping thru the tv we come across a video.
"Mommy, I wanna see that. It's jam!"

Let me show you who sings said jam:
Oh, that's right.
Cheeks is an avid fan of Lady Gaga.

I mean he luvs her.
He knows all the words to "Bad Romance", it's his "jam"
He loves to watch her videos when they come on.

Of course, I let him watch what I deem appropriate.
He will even dance to her music.

I think he has a little crush on her.
Altho. his type is usually woman w/ extremely dark hair & very pale skin.
Snow White type.

Go figure.

Tell me who are your kiddos into?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am over here today:


Come visit me & say hello.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sentimental

With my baby being binky free, potty trained & pretty much exerting his independence every change he gets I thought I would take a sec to remember when he needed his mommy & daddy.
August 16, 2006
22 3/4" L
11 pounds, 1 ounce
9:04 am


Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fools Bet

You would think by now he would learn.
He would learn to never doubt my endless knowledge of useless celebrity/music facts.
If there is no point in really knowing this info.,then I know it.

Case in point.
Watchin "American Gangsta" with Bobster.
Scene comes on.
I say "Is every rapper in this movie?"
Him "What are you talking about?"
Me "Well that's Common, he used to rap, now he focuses on acting & his girlfriend is Serena Williams.  That one is T.I.  He's in jail, just about to get out or just got out"
Him "No way!"
Me "Really, wanna bet? Go google it"
We bet.  I don't want to say what the wager was but involved produce.
Me "What's that hon? Those actors are Common & T.I. No, say it isn't so"
Bet #1 Winner:  Me!

Other night watching "Wall Street" we start to talk about Martin Sheen & Charlie Sheen.
Me" Yes, Bobster, I know they are father & son.  He is also the father of Emilio Estevez.  Martin Sheen's real last name is Estevez & he changed it.  Charlie's real name is Carlos"
Him "You're lying.  They have the same father but not the same mother.  Martin had custody of Emilio before he got married"
Me: "Oh Bob, do you really want to go down this road?  They have the same mom & he has 2 more kids with her, a girl & a boy"
Him "Wanna bet? Look it up!"
We wager (him, produce again, me, foot rub)
So I IDMB it & lo & behold there it is.
Martin Sheen married Janet Templeton & they have four children.
Bet #2: Winner: Me!
Bring on the foot rub!

The End.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a Monday on a Thursday

So while I sit home today, with no brakes on the mini van, missing a day of work & waiting to get my tush to Pep Boys, I have decided to paricipate in the "Not Me" meme that is usually done on Mondays.
Hence while I am doing it on Thursday.

For those that don't know what it is, it was started by MckMama (google her, I can't link, slows the darn 'puter down) to say what she did during the week but didn't do.  That type of thing.
You'll figure it out when you read mine.
Altho. mine is a compilation of things I didn't really do for a some time.

It wasn't me that told my 3 yo as I wiped his tush & he wimpered that "Oh it would be a lot worse if you were in prison!"

It was not me who served myself & the 3yo grilled cheese & macaroni & cheese for dinner.

It was not me who wasn't concerned that Bobster fed our son a soft pretzel for lunch & called it a day.

Those are just some of the fun highlights in the not me world of my life.

How about you?
What not me moments have you had this week?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a banner day for us!

I would like to report that for almost a week and a half, we have been BINKY free!
Oh that's right.

I took it from him the night before Easter.

Why you ask?
Well he asked to have it while watching his movie in his pj's right before bed.
I said ok.
I glance at him.
There it is, in his mouth, sucking away.

A few minutes later, I look at him & it's gone.
No biggie.
Probably just fell in his lap.
Glance back, he yawns.
There is the entire green binky in his mouth & his lips are covering it.

I had him hand me the binky & told him he wasn't getting back.
He asked me for it at bedtime but I was steadfast & said no.

He didn't cry for it.
He did the next morning for about 20 mins but I held out & didn't give it.
He asked for it at night but for the past 3 nights he has not asked.

Woo hoo!

So at 3 and a half years old, we are finally binky free.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring Time, my mortal enemy!

First I would like to show all of you who I was next to, in front of or behind on the way home today.
Oh that's right.
That's the infamous WeinerMobile.
Lemme tell ya, it's a swee ride.
Cheeks was tickled to death & just had to tell everyone he saw the hot dog truck on the way home.

It was a beautiful day in beautiful South Jersey
Sadly, I suffer from horrendous allergies.
Take a peek at my eyes.
Not sure how good you can see but the lovelyl red coloring is from being outside about 5 minutes.  They itch & burn like crazy,I sneeze, on average about 6x's every half an hour & my nose is stuffed beyond belief not to mention my throat itchs like a mofo!
OoH! That was a run on sentence, now, wasn't it.
Could never tell I have a degree in English.

Also wanted to let you all know I am over here today:
Come check it out!!!

Tell me do you suffer from allergies?
What do you take to combat it?
Have you ever seen the WeinerMobile?


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Hoppy

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Not happy!!

I want to cry.
Big wails.
I have the lung power to do it.

Why you wonder?
Well I was leaving this morning.
Camera in my bag.
Bag hit the ground.
Of course it did.
That was the type of day I was having.

Got in the car.
Inspected the camera.
It's now broken.
My Olympus Digi is broken.
The zoom no longer works.
Have to see if I can get it fixed.
Until then,
No camera.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Blast from the Past ~ Cheeks in 2007