Friday, May 29, 2009

All the rage for the toddler set

Cheeks has found his own interests now.
Last week the Grandpop took us shopping for some new "summer" shoes for Cheeks.
We entered
Stride Rite & it was as if we entered Mecca for the 2yo's.
Cheeks spied these bad boys from the entrance
ran straight for them.
His reaction.

Needless to say, the Grandpop said "Sure he can have them!"
They haven't left his feet since.
And he can put them on himself.
Now I thought they were crocodiles.
Have til this morning when I was researching for a pic.
Cheeks insisted they were a dinosaur.
Guess who was right?
They are the
Polliwalks T Rex Croc.
How cute are they?!

Next up is the infamous "
The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Suess.
This is out nightly read.
I mean, EVERY night.
And during the day too, when he feels like hearing a story.

He jumps up & down.
Points out the fish, when the cat is sad, Thing One & Thing Two & when the mommy (me) comes home to see her kids (Cheeks & his cousin, Amanda).

I have to tell you tho.
This book is getting old.
I asked him last night if we could read another book.
His reply:
"No, I good. Read dis one"
So I read it.
And I will continue to read it.

I am very happy he has developed an interest in books finally.
I like to read
was hoping he would get that gene. Hee hee.

So what are your little ones into? Or what were they into?
Tell me.

Woops out!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's back.....Too Hot To Cook Thursday

That's right!
It's back!
Too Hot to Cook Thursday.
Brought to you by
South Jersey Mom Bloggers.

Todays recipe is for Shrimp!

Who doesn't love seafood?
Wait, that would be the Grandpop & my boss :>) Altho both will eat tuna in a can. As MY Grandpop would say "To each his own, telephone!"

Here is what you are going to need:
peach jam
soy sauce
peeled shrimp
peanut butter
brown sugar
lemon juice
hot sauce
scallions - chopped

Puree garlic, little soy sauce & jam together.
Toss w/ shrimp.
Combine a little more soy & garlic w/ the peanut butter, brown sugar, lemon juice , water & hot sauce.
Throw those bad boy shrimp on a skewer & grill, turn once, til charred or burned if you aren't paying attention like I have been known to do.

When done, eat!
Easy peasy & quick too!

So tell me, what do you like to make when it's too hot to cook out?

Woops out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Time for a little shopping!

My fab past time!
This time I am looking for something stylish yet durable for life w/ 3 boys and one Bobster.
I found this great site
Now you will notice there is a uk in the worries luv!
They have an American site.

Check out chicky baby up there with the Cosmo or Martini (I'm not a drinker so I have no idea). Check this out here: Outdoor Bean Bags

Doesn't her bean bag look ab-fab????? I could use this to lounge one & the boys could use it to dive bomb each other. See that's a win win situation! Plus, it made for know what that equals? Durability!

Of course check out that bean bag chair up there.

Like a chaise. Go see the bigger pic here: Evolution Can't you just picture me, after a hard day of work, lying in that. Of course in my cocktail dress & high heels because as a 6ft tall woman with a weight problem that's what I wear around house! LOL

Now, of course, we can't overlook the Fiorenze21 model. Comes in leather (cleanable!) & with a stool so when you are relaxing, one of your kids can sit on the stool & say "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" til you lovingly answer him with "WHAT!!??!!"

I digress.
This post is about shopping for luxourios bean bags!
So get check out the website.
Even if it's just for dreaming about what might be.
That's what I did!

Woops out!

Take My Hand, I Will Always Help You~Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did you watch John & Kate Plus 8 last night?
I did.
I watched the whole marathon.
Well I just love the one kid, Aaden.
Such a cutie with those glasses.
I also watched because I have enjoyed the show since it's debut.
I won't sugar coat it I also watched because I have read about their recent troubles and I wanted to see what was going on.

I am happy that John took blame.
His actions were wrong.
That's where I stop with my opinion.
It is not for me to judge what he did or why he did it.
The same for Kate.
I can't judge her.
I think she's a good mom.
I think she is doing what she needs to do to give her children everything she can.
She is providing for them.
I am sure she makes more $$$ doing what she is doing now then when she was a nurse.

After watching the show last night, I felt horrible for Kate and John.
More so for Kate.
Kate loves her husband.
That's what I saw.
When the producer asked them both what the future held, Kate answered that she was in it wholeheartedly. Which I took to mean she wanted to work it out with John.
John answered he was there for his kids.
My heart sank for her.

Unless you have been divorced or widowed, I don't think you can understand the pain of going through something like that.
*disclaimer...this is my blog & my opinion, not fact*
Even tho. I was divorced in 2005 the pain of knowing my exhusband wasn't happy and no longer in love with me still hurts.
I can't explain the hurt.
It just feels like a pit in your stomach that never goes away.
A constant urge to cry.

Am I glad he did it?
I met Bobster & have 3 great kids & lots of love!!!
But that's how I felt last night after John made that statement.

Like a giant pit in my stomach.

Do I feel bad for him?
He has decided he doesn't like being in the public eye.
Unfortunately, he can't turn back time.
When he asked his daughter if she missed him, I felt bad for her.
She doesn't know what is going on (and she shouldn't).
Sadly, she will be able to find out & see it all when she is able to google.
But like John said he hopes his children can believe he & Kate because they have always been honest with them.

I hope they work it out.
Kate looked sad sitting there
she held it together.
More than I can say for myself.
I would have been a wreck....wait, when my ex told me it was over, I was a wreck.
Do I know how she's feeling?
Perhaps a little bit.
It's hard
I feel she is just trying to provide a life for her kids that will provide them with the best.
Heck, I try that everyday for my kids.
I want mine to have better than I did.
That's what parents want for their babies, at least in my opinion.

So now that I have rambled aimlessly, tell me, did you watch?
What do you think?

Woops out!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday we spent it lowkey.

Sunday we decided to take ChrisBob to Joe's Crab Shack. He is addicted to crabs. Do you have one by you? If so....RUN!

It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy.

I got Coconut Shrimp w/ a Pineapple Plum Sauce. WoW! I could have just ate the sauce alone & been happy. Bobster & Chris got steam pots full of crab legs & Bobster's had crawfish in them. While I have always wanted to try the little buggers I can not because they can see me coming after them. I will not eat anything w/ eyes & tentacles still attached. Ick! Cheeks opted for a burger. I tried to give him some shrimp but he was like "Eh, no."

The place is very kitchsy but fun. Your forks & knives come out in a metal bucket while a roll of paper towels sits in another one. I like the papertowel aspect b/c you can use as many as you like.

All of us really liked it! So 2 thumbs up from this family. We will be back.

Today we have attempted potty training w/ Cheeks. He got the hang of it but first he had to poop all over the floor & his shoes. I was still finding poop 20 minutes later b/c he had walked in it. Yuck!

We also spent one on one time w/ ChrisBob playing scrabble. I think he needed it. He had a good time & well, he kicked my tushie in the game. :>)

The pool has opened across from my house. So now, I have no where to park & I have a 2yo who sees the water & goes:

"Water, mom! I take my shirt off...let's go"

So I will probably take him next weekend. Just have to get a bathing suit.

Shield your eyes people because between my thighs that jiggle like jell-o & my transparent skin I am a sight to be seen. Let's hope the cute 2yo next to me takes the heat off me.

Well, what did you do this weekend?

Woops out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why do you blog?

Why do you do it?
Why do you write what you do?
Record what you do?

I started to blog just for the heck of it.
Then I realized I could use it as a diary (I am slow like that!)
I also use my blog to show off my scrapbook layouts (I think I've done one this year ~ I don't want to over do
I share my opinion.
I share occasional good deals, freebies, activities, other blogs I enjoy.

My blog is like my corner of the world.
I know some of my relatives besides the Nana & the Grandpop read it (shout out to my faithful Aunt Patty! Holla!).
I know occasionally friends read it.

I really just blog cause I like it.
Once a long time ago someone told me I had diarrhea of the mouth.
Really, Bobster & I can talk the balls off a pool table
My blog is my "talking" outlet & I feel as if I get what I want to say out & if you want to read, you can, if you don't then you go about your business.

So tell me, readers, why do you blog, if you blog?

Woops out!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~JUMP!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Listen, um....

is anyone else deeply disturbed by this commercial?

What commercial do you get creeped out by?
This one does it for me.

Woops out!

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to keep him busy

I present "Marshmallow Pick Up"
I got the idea from
No Time for Flashcards.
Have you visited this blog?
If you have a preschool/toddler, you must visit it! She has the best ideas.
This is a version of her Moon Rock pickup.
I called it "Marshmallow Pick Up" b/c I didn't have the book that should be read with it.

The idea is to use a toothpick & pick up the "rocks" or marshmallows & place them in the other bowl.

Helps fine tune their motor skills.

As you can plainly see, when the marshmallows wouldn't easily go on the tooth pick, Cheeks just placed them on there with his fingers.

So intent.

Check out that concentration.

Looks like he's making shish ka bob, doesn't it?


Made Shish Ka Bob.

That's ok.

With this activity you have to figure you are going to "lose" some to hunger!So what are you doing with your toddler/preschooler to keep him busy???

Tell me!

I could always use ideas.

Woops out!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

That's not a Racoon, thats my Tim Bob!

Nothing better than watching your 15 yo dressed like a racoon in the annual "Deptford Day" parade.
That's my kid.
The driver is Uncle Chucky.
They were representing Bridgeport Speedway.
That's were the boys race each week.
TimBob is dressed up in the mascot costume.
I like to call these pictures "Future Blackmail!"
The day turned out to be a lot of fun.
They had rides, crafts, carnival food.
The works.
I have more pics to post later.
Today was a low key day.
Bobster took the 2 younger boys & TimBob & I stayed home.
We just relaxed
I actually took a nap.
That's never happens.
So what did you do this weekend?
Woops out!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions of a 5 Star Mommy

Let's fess up Mommy.
I think it's time.

I try to be a 5 star mommy.
I try to be mommy of the year
I just let it go.
I let the aspirations of not letting my son watch Jurassic Park b/c I think he may get scared & turn it on b/c I am trying to tune out the incessants pleas of "Dinosaur! Dinosaur!".

When my precious Cheeks is screaming bloody murder that he wants yet another treat....I sometimes give in & he gets an additional ice cream bar. I know I am probably setting him up for a future spot on "The Biggest Loser" but really, mom & dad aren't any lightweights so he's doomed :>)

Did I let him eat pretzels, marshmallows & M&M's for dinner this Saturday night? Um, yes. Did I feel guilty? Sure.
Did the guilt go away rather quickly? You bet your sweet bippy.

I also thought I would have pangs of longing to see my baby in his crib when we switched him to a big boy bed the other night.
I didn't have them, if anything I was proud of him for being a big boy, staying in his new bed & not crying for his "tag".

Have I ever felt like not giving him a bath & instead just quickly wiped him down & put him to bed? Yes.

Have I also used his own shirt to wipe his runny nose? Guilty. Don't judge, someone, somewhere has done the same thing.

Do I let him get away with stuff that I would frown at other parents for?
Yes but sometimes it's not worth the fight.

I have also been known to put Cheeks to bed a "tad" early so mommy can have some "me" time. I know, I should be in mommy prison but the orange uniform just clashes with my fair skin.

So tell me mommies out there....what are your confessions?

Woops out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girrrrl, you was robbed.

Tyra, Tyra, Trya, how could you not see that Allison should have been the new ANTM????
Look at her unique features.
Teyona is beautiful & a great model.
Allison was the one.
Oh Tyra, how will you redeem yourself?

You did.
You fired Paulina.
Thank God.
What a bitch!
She never had anything nice to say to any of the girls
She was so snobby.

So will I stick around for Season 13?
Now that you got rid of Paulina, sure.
Tyra, just rethink your decision about the winner.
Allison should have one, seriously.
You go Allison, you go!

Woops out!
Someone has moved into his big boy bed.
Finally Bobster has figured out he doesn't need the cribby any longer.
I crack myself up.

Seriously night before last we moved Cheeks into his toddler bed.
That's his crib/toddler bed up there.
Just a darker version & more well kept!

Anyway, he's doing great.
He doesn't get out until he is told too.
He says "I get in trouble if I get out?"
I told him "You are only allowed out if me or Daddy says it's ok"
This is working for now since he's not potty trained!

Guess since he's in the big boy bed, I must convert his "babyish" room to his "big boy" room.
Race car decor on it's way!

How is your kids room decorated?

Woops out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To the Mama
The Nana

One woman.
Two roles.
She does them both great!

All of us!!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

What U Say?

A little blurry, yes
He is constant motion these days.

Cheeks is becoming the little comedian.
Take for instant this example..
I asked him to do something & he responded with No Mommy.
So I said "You wanna make a bet?"
He replied "No!" & did what I asked.

About 20 minutes later I told him he to sit in the tub or else.
His reply
"Ya wanna bet!"
I asked him "Excuse me?"
Cheeks "Ya wanna bet? I wanna bet Mommy"
Really, what do you say to that?

Next I was dressing him for bed & he was playing with his ear.
Told me he had a bug in there.
I looked & said "No it's just wax" & then I looked again & said "No, your good"
So he stood up & asked to look in my ears.
Looked in both & both times said "You got axe?" "Your good" then slapped my head to go in one direction so he could see in the other ear where he explained "You got axe?" "Your good"

He's also into going "shopping".
He grabs one of my bags or baskets, walks away & comes back & says "Here's you money" & you have to pretend to take the money.
I guess he is going to the ATM. :>)

There is so much.
He has such a personality now.
I can't believe he is going to be 3 in 3 months.
How did that happen?

On that note.........Woops out!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Click Here

I signed up.
Have you???


S.O.S. I Give Up!

I am turning to my bloggy peeps.
I need to know where to find cute, different, albeit inexpensive clothes for my 2yo.
He is wearing 4T or 5T shirts but 2T or 3T pants (altho. his pants fall off of him so I think he maybe 24 months in the pants....none the less!)

I hit all the staples.
Children's Place
Old Navy
Janie & Jack
Crazy 8
Baby Gap/Gap Kids

I just want something w/o a monster, robot or character of sort on his shirts & something cute for his bottoms.

Boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion.
Sure, I wouldn't put my kid in a cherry laden short set but perhaps a nice blue T with cute shorts would be more appropriate.
Unless I want the T to have a pic of a monster on it, I am out of lock.

So, bloggy friends, were do you find cute boys clothes???

Woops out!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Daddy & Me

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Remember last year, when I had the problem with the friggin mice?
Tonight, I was baking a cake & decided to just tidy up my pantry.

Well, of course, one thing leads to another & next thing I know I am pullling everything out.
Thank God I did.
On the shelves.
Mouse poop.
Oh not just one.
Not even just 100.
About 800 pieces.
I had enought to build a small house for the friggin mice to live in.

I thought I got it all last year.
Those friggers are sneaky!
I got out the Clorox Wipes & went to town.
Then swept.
Then mopped.
My pantry is all clean.
Free of the mouse poop.
And lookin mighty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

I do know, if I ever see another mouse in this house I will freak the frig out.
They can stay outside.

Now here's another secret.
We usually get crickets in our kitchen.
I don't know why.
They must like my cookin.

Anyway, I hate bugs, especially ones the size of Volkswagon Beetles & that can jump at you.
So I have a secret weapon.
I call him...Cheeks, Cricket Killer.
I send my 2 yo in the kitchen.
He squashes them while I shiver in the dining room.
Then I go in & do the clean up work.
So yes, yes, I admit it.
I am training my son to be a killer.
I'm not proud
I am not having crickets jump at me.
With those long antennae's & those legs.

Well I am off to go scratch b/c all this rodent/insect talk is making me itch.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

What did we do?
What did we do?
Well Friday I took a half day at work & my sister in law & I loaded the kids in the mini van & headed to Sesame Place.
My sil is a passport member so she got us in for free.
Part of their preview for the 2009 season.
What a blast!

Of course, here is the star of the whole show.
You all thought it was Big Bird.
Not for the 2 yo set.
Elmo is the whole kit & kaboodle.
Cheeks almost jumped out of his stroller trying to point & tell me Elmo was on his way in the parade.

Here is Cheeks & Rebecca.
They look a bit wet.
Because it poured like a mo~fo the entire time we were there.
We perserved tho!
Rita bought us all ponchos which helped keep the rain off.
I will not subject you to seeing a pic of me in why because I may be harpooned if the pic gets out.
Not pretty!

They have a really cool toddler area.
Cheeks fell in love with it.
He did take a header off the end of the slide but he was ok.
The poor kid who was manning the play area was a nervous wreck & asked if he should call someone.
This kid is going to need a Zanex by the end of the season b/c I think every 2yo must fall at least 10x's a day.
I told the kid Cheeks was ok & he was. Cried for 20 seconds, I rubbed his belly & he went off to another slide.

There are a ton more pics.
I will share with you all at other times.
Must keep you on your toes.

Today my aunt & uncle from Texas came in.
So the fam got together for dinner at my Aunt Patty's house.
Shout out!
It was nice.

To make the day even more nice, Bobster made me breakfast, then did the laundry, then kept the kids busy so I could take a 2 hour nap.
I thought I was dying at first
Then he told me no he was just going to kill me but thought he would make my last day special.
He's a keeper, no?

So how as your weekend?

Woops out!

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I haven't had to give a PSA or Public Service Announcement in some time.
The time has come for our May PSA.
This is a severe phenomanon that is sweeping the country.
What is it?
What could it be?
Well readers it is the over plucked, slicked down hair, big earrings with your name on them & possibly a tattoo in script on your neck look.
Younger & younger girls are opting for this look.
Exhibit A:
This is not a good look.
One needs their eyebrows.
And possibly a tan if they are of the lighter persuasion.
Exhibit B:

Now do not get me wrong.

I do not think one should grow Oscar the Grouch or Bert eyebrows either.

A happy medium must be reached.

As for earrings, well when you are 50 & your lobes hang down to your nipples from the weight of these earrings, that is your decision. As for putting your name on them, I assume this in case you forget your name, you can just rip one off & go "Oh yea, I'm Bethany".

Ladies this is not, I repeat, not a good look. The overplucked eyebrows gives you a look of permanent surprise. Sure it's cheaper than Botox to achieve said look but do you want to look surprised when you are say, at work, a wedding or a funeral?

As for the neck tattoo, I just don't get it. Tattoos are great but on the neck? Not so much.

So please overpluckers, big earring wearing, tattooed neck women of America consider this trend to be passe & grow you eyebrows back, switch to little studs and skip the neck tattoo & say get a really cute tattoo on the arch of your foot.

This is just my opinion. I will still love you all if you look like this.

Woops out!