Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did you think....

I ran away? You're not that lucky! Did you think the Bobster was home? Um, yea, I'm not that lucky.
Actually I just haven't been having anything to blog about it. Then this past weekend the big "DV" hit the house. What's "DV" you ask? Well, sit right down (wait, you probably are since you are on the internet)....DV is diarrhea, vomit.
I said it!
It struck.
First my sister.
Then the Cheekers. Thankfully just the big "D."
Then me.
Then my mom.
Hopefully it's outta here! It was just an icky weekend but thank God for my family.
I had to call my sister at 5:20 am on Sunday b/c there was no way I could care for the baby. So she watched him, then took him to my mom's for awhile, then brought him back & put him to bed. My mom watched him for about 4hrs in the afternoon.
Poor woman! Cheeks wore the Nana out.
Now the Nana has the "DV!"
Ok, enough ick post.

Onto why my son.
Is a genius.

Last night he was wiggly so much I couldn't get his pj's on. This is a nightly ritual he does. I mean he is a DRAMA KING people! Literally. So I was getting frustrated & finally after saying Ethan! Ethan! I furrowed my brow (do you like that word, furrowed...see all that money on a college education in English can do for you??!!!) & I said "Ethan Michael stop it right now!" (Now I said this very sternly.)
Do you know what my child did?
Do you???!!!???
He looked at me.
Then he:
Yes, my baby, laughed at me while I was disciplining him.
My word!
What is going to happen when he is 16????

He is a genius! Tonight while having a bath in the ducky, I was pouring water out of the cup I keep in the frog pod. Well all of a sudden my little Einstein reached out & tried to grab the stream.
He reached!
He grabbed!
He repeated this process like 10x's & never got tired.
Now, where is that application for Harvard!!!?????

On that note
~Woops out!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day.

I would like to thank the two President's for serving & doing such a bang up job that my job gave us the day off. So how did I celebrate....I finally scrapped #5 for the year.

First let me say, I used my stash (Skate Shoppe BG), I used a photo that was less than perfect (it has a yellow overcast BUT has the cutest baby ever on it) & I used little embellishments. It took me about 3 hrs to do BUT I was putting a baby down for a nap, checking on him, talking to my fil on the phone (he got me some good info! Thanks!), making formula, waking the baby...anyway you get the picture & here is the proof of the pudding:

Anyway, my mood has improved since yesterday. I still feel very much the same BUT I got so much love from the Cheekers today that I can't be down.

Speaking of which I loved being home today. Do you know how much I want to be SAHM???? Cheeks watched me make bake ziti at 7:30 this morning, after I baked some cookies. Then we hung out, he moved his exersaucer across the floor like 100x's, played in his playpen. Then he went with me & the Nana to Bob Evans WHERE I HAD THE BESTEST GRILLED CHEESE this side of the Schuykill River! It was really good. Then we went to Thriftway where Cheekers had a meltdown. Seems he was hungry b/c he ate like a 2 yr old! He loves his mixed veggies that I gave him for the 1st time. I mean he was going "mmmmm" & kept opening his mouth. It was so cute. Sure like 30 mins later he spit it all up BUT in his defense, I gave him a lot of peaches & I don't think his stomach was big enough to handle all the food.

Well, on that note, I need to put my supplies away but 1st I have to make a card for my girlfriend.

Woops out~!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do you ever......

feel like you are a doormat, that you get walked all over? Do you ever feel like you carry such a burden or that you are a burden? Do you ever just feel like you aren't important to the one person you should be important to? Do you feel disappointment in people? life? yourself?

Pretty much sums me up.

They have Extreme Makeover
They have Extreme Home Makeover.

Where is Extreme Life Makeover????? I need that.

I want to keep the same people in my life just change certain situations.
I want to be able to let the burden I feel fall off my shoulders (I haven't since I was a little girl, so I doubt 30 yrs later it will), I want to feel important to someone. I want to be put first, not told that something I really want isn't important at this time. I am sick of waiting patiently by the sidelines. It seems that's all I do. I wait, I feel less important, I feel disappointment. Yep. Where is that Ty Pennington with his extreme life makeover?

Sometimes I don't think people realize that what they say can hurt. Even if they are kidding. Or maybe it's what they don't say, that can hurt. Or what they say, then don't follow through with what they say.

Sure, I know I am guilty of saying something & hurting someone, or not saying something or worse, saying it & not following through but not following through is usually done on non-important stuff. Although that old adage stands true, what is one man's trash is another's treasure. So what is important to me, is not important to someone else.

So I wait.
Just wait.
Hear excuse after excuse.
Get told it's not important at this time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Troubled Thursday

You know, I don't know how many people read my blog nor do I know who reads it on a regular basis. So I am not sure who knew & who didn't that I was pregnant. Yep. I found out in Jan. While shocked & overwhelmed, I was happy.

Sadly, I miscarried. I dealt with in a pretty good way & thought I was doing ok with it. The pass few nights, after I put Cheekers to bed & it's just me, I relax, surf some blogs & my mind wanders to the fact that I lost a baby. I think "Would it have been a girl? a boy?" I think about how the kids would have hopefully been close, I think about Cheeks helping his little bro or sister with stuff. It might be stupid to think of what isn't but I can't help it. I am pretty upbeat about things (at least I have been trying) but I think it's starting to bother me. I want more kids & I had the opportunity to go for it this pass weekend but I told the Bobster I wasn't ready to experience what I had just had happen again. He respected it & said he understood. So I wonder, was that it? Was this lost pregnancy my last chance for another baby? I'm not getting younger & I know age plays a factor in the health of a fetus, so I think if we want one more child I think we need to go for it soon. There are cons & pros with the pregnancy but I would do it again! So will I have the chance again? I don't know but for now I am really missing a baby I didn't get a chance to know.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, I know the pic is on the side. Too lazy to reposition it. I posted it b/c it seems like the past 6 months have gone by in a blur.

My little (well, ok, he was 11 pounds but hey, that's littlier than now), my little baby is getting so big. In just the past 2 weeks he has gone from needing help sitting up to being able to sit up with someone right there for a good portion of time, to being able to sit, proped up in the corner of the pack n play, to grabbing at everything w/in his reach & then not so much in his reach, to touching people's faces & exploring. He is making raspberries & loves to squeal. My baby is going to be 6 months old on Friday. I can not believe it! 6 months. Holy Cow.

Bobster returned back to Rochester yesterday. It was so nice having him home. I think we only bickered like 3 times. Hee hee. I miss him already. So does the Cheekers. He was so happy to see his Daddy. He broke out in a great big grin & just babbled away. Bobster was able to get Cheekers laugh all weekend. We spent some great time together. The boys were here but they opted to go to their Uncles b/c, well, to be honest, it's more fun there & they are allowed to ride their bikes all over the neighborhood & their cousin has PS3. We have PS2 & a pogo stick. I took them home yesterday after dropping their daddy off at the shop. I have the idea of getting all 3 boys Steelers jersey's & getting their photo taken for Father's Day. The last photo shoot of the baby dressed as Cupid I think pushed Bobby over the edge. O well....what do you have a baby for, if you can't dress him up & torture him with the pictures years later!

Now speaking of having children I am wondering, why, when you have a child, some people get offended if you do not take their unsolicitated advice or even disagree with it. I mean I guess when you have a baby, everyone is entitled to raise it. Last I checked Bobby B & Meghan W were the parents, not Tom, Dick & Harry. Then again if Tom, Dick & Harry were the parents that would be another blog all together & a very interesting family indeed. Anyway I just hate it. Hate that people feel you should listen to them just b/c they think they know best. *sigh*

Ok, enough ranting. I sold my engagement ring that F&cko had given me. I wasn't going to do anything with it so I thought, why not. I netted some dough & will be able to pay off my Gymboree Visa...which is a good thing! That Visa can get a girl in trouble!!

Well it's late.

I'm tired.

That means..........

Woops out!

Friday, February 09, 2007

As you can see the little munchkin is just loving life.
He has grown so much in just a few days. Obviously enough that he can use the facilities on his own! BAAHAAHAA.
He has taken to touching people's faces & to grabbing whatever he can.
His daddy came home last night & Cheekers was so excited. He just kept smiling & grabbing at Daddy's beard. Daddy let Cheekers feed himself today. WASN'T PRETTY PEOPLE! WASN'T PRETTY.
I think I hear the Daddy & the brothers now.
Woops out!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So it begins

My retail therapy started me on a Ebay bidding binge, this is the 1st thing I won. I was already outbidded on something & I wasn't happy but I digress.

Anywho this is the Jack & Janie line called Perpetual motion. Less than $20 bucks for all 3 pieces, a little over with it shipped. Altho. I think I am going to win other auction's from this person & I am pretty sure they are combining shipping.

On a high note, I would like to thank Sandy Fitzpatrick for this tip. Cheeks isn't thrilled with his green beans so I mixed them with the bananas today & he ate those bad boys up! So if any of you would like to try this culinary masterpiece, please give me a review.

~~~Woops out!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This is why you have a child!

Because anyone with this smile will just melt the hearts.
I think he might, one day, wanna kill me for maybe 2 of these photos.
I present, Ethan's 6 month (a little early) photo shoot.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Mother of all Mother Ships

Today, I ran to King of Prussia mall for some retail therapy. It was much needed after yesterday. I was to stay off my feet BUT I got bored.

So the Aunt, the Cheekers & I went there. Well I remember it having some really cool kid stores. Sadly, most where gone and Neiman Marcus' kids section was a rack & a half for boys, then everythign else girls. They did have a Burberry onesy on sale for $97.00. A steal, right? LOL

Anyway we were getting ready to leave, rounded the corner & I heard the angels start to sing. There is was, the Mother ship....Janie & Jack, the upscale sister to Gymboree. I was not leaving til I bought something. The most expensive thing I bought is up above. $34! BUT it's so cute & I will be getting the matching hat! The hat is a mere $18.50. I paid $20 for a t-shirt that says "I Love Mommy", so that was worth $20. I then got khaki's, a blue & brown onesie & some socks on sale. I am so excited to know this store is under 40 mins. away. I can see my credit card catching FIRE as I type!!!! To anyone who hasn't heard of this store or the website, check them out. The little girsl stuff is just the sweetest & the little boys things are too cha cha for words! It's great quality stuff too. Of course, it doesn't help that Cheekers is just about the most dapper looking baby in the whole wide world in them!

*sigh* I am going to be sooooooooooooo poor BUT my kid will be well dressed. :>)~

Woops out!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

This would kill the ex.
I should send it to him!
Pay attention to it.
A fav band & worse nightmare!!!