Sunday, February 01, 2015

2015 Goals...Are you on track?

So, it's officially one month down in 2015.
February 1st is upon us.
Super Bowl Sunday.
Shortest month of the year.

My question to you is, how are you doing on your 2015 resolutions/goals?

We are doing ok.
Our main goal is to save money to pay off the debt to save money again.

I think a lot of people are doing this goal.

We took the month of January on like bulls in a china shop.

Not going to lie tho, we did send out for pizza approximately 4 times.  One of those times was completely free except for the tip.  SCORE!

Other than that, our biggest money drainer is eating out.  So I have been meal planning and buying breakfast & lunch items for us.
Those are my two downfalls.  It is just so much easier to stop & pick up, then have to think about & make to bring.

We were able to pay off a huge chunk of our cable bill.  I let it go.

Next is our electric bill.  Eek! I don't even want to look at it.

I have applied to lower my car payment per month.  The van is just sitting out back...dead.
Waiting to get my taxes back so I can get it fixed.
Fingers crossed it isn't more than my tax refund.

Haven't done much of anything that cost money.  The weather is so awful, between snow, rain & bitter cold, we don't want to go anywhere anyway.

Hopefully February will be just as good as January was to us.
I went shopping today.  Even with great deals and coupons, I still spent $170.
Boys, they eat you out of house and home.

Well, tell me, how are you doing with your goals & resolutions?