Monday, June 30, 2008

Ever have one of "those" days.

I do.
Lately, a lot.

I just don't feel worth it.
Not creative enough.
Not financially wizardy enough.
Not kitchen savvy enough.
Not timely enough.

Just not enough.

That's all I'm going to say.

Woops out.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do believe your eyes!!!

What your are about to see are actual layouts completed by moi.
That's right.
I got to scrap today!!!
Bobster took the boys to see The Incredible Hulk.
Cheeks took a nap.
I took advantage.
Feast your eyes on these:

These are for my 2nd b-day album AND I used the Cosmo Cricket kit from QVC that my dad bought me.
All stash, no new.
I got 2 pages done & heard the alluring tones of my son crying b/c he woke up.
He is just like his mother & father when he wakes from a nap...cranky! LOL

On another note, I made dinner tonight.
Well, it was a collaborative effort.
I had bought a precooked turkey tenderloin & had opened it & popped it in the oven.
Bobster was like "What did you do to it?" I said "I cut it open, & am baking it"
He had flames shooting off his feet & flew to the spice cabinet.
Thank God he did b/c if he hadn't I think dinner would have been a disaster.
He made a rub with cinnamon, italian seasoning, basil, olive oil, something else & something else.
It was damn good.

So I made some macaroni salad, homemade red mashed potatoes & carrots. I added butter, brown sugar & cinnamon to the carrots & my 9 yr old said "That was good Meghan, Thank you"
I was stunned.
I think I fell off my seat.
They were rather good tho!!!

That's about all to report today.
Woops out!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What exactly is in that juice?

Cheeks ya alright?
Was that juice extra strong today?
My word!!

Anywho, I come with 2 reviews today.
First up:
Yes, Denny's restaurant.
My dad met Cheeks & I there for lunch today. Well Cheeks was a good boy except for his screaming at the top of his lungs episode.
Oh yes.
He's a shrieker.
I have no idea how to get him to stop.
So I am dealing with it. Trying to get him to be quiet etc. I was throwing Cheez it's at him, the whole 9.
Well we were seated right by the open kitchen & the waitresses were all congregating there when I hear one of them start to talk about my child & she said something to the effect of the screaming & bad children. I couldn't tell which one it was but I was pissed. Even the couple who were sitting right next to us chimed in & said "Oh she said it".
I agreed to go here for lunch b/c it is on Parents magazine top 10 restaurants for kids as far as interesting healthy lunches go.
Will I go back?
The food was gross & I am really insulted.
I don't care if you talk about me, just wait til I am out of the room.
Will I write the company?
Will it get me anywhere?
Probably not.
So all in all, if you are looking for a family friendly restaurant Dennys is not the way to go.

Review #2.
Cookie magazine.
Picked this little mag up at B&N today.
I wanted to see it before I signed up for a sub.
Glad I got it.
I am not getting a sub.
It's ok but it's just not what I thought.
I thought it would be more on the line of Family Fun magazine.
It seems to me to be more of a review type mag.
So if that's what you are into, then by all means check it out.
I will stick with FF.

That's really it.
Went to dinner with the Nana & the PopPop.
So one meal with Grandpop, one meal w/ Nana & PopPop
Cheeks got to see his Poppy today too.
Also the race car.
It's all about the race car & trucks with this child.
It's cute!

Woops out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too Hot To Cook

That's me.

Up there.

Don't I look spiffy in my apron.

I do, I know, hold off with compliments in how think, pretty & retro I look. It's embarrassing but it's a curse I must live with.

Now, on with the topic.

Every Thursday my new group that I created...SJ Mom Bloggers ..... will be posting recipes from now until labor day that will help you save the heat in the kitchen!

This is my first recipe.

EZ Peasy!!!

And my 22 month old liked it.

Yay me!

Pork Chops

Rub with garlic salt, pepper, & chili powder....the amt is up to how speecy, spicey you like it!

Broil each side for 4 minutes.

Then brush one side with bbq sauce, broil 1 minute.

Brush other, broil 1 minute.



And it doesn't really heat up the kitchen, at least it didn't heat mine up & I have the smallest kitchen on the planet!

Give it a try & let me know how it works.

Woops out!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here I sit.
La de da.
Dum de da.
Thinking of things.
How I can get my 22 mos old to stop shrieking & freakin out.
It starts from when he gets out of the crib (while he's in it in the morning he's laughing & carrying on) til he goes to daycare. Then it starts the minute he gets in the car seat to come home from daycare til dinner.
Stops to eat.
Starts back up til either we go outside or he gets his bath.
It's good times let me tell you.
I think we are all bleeding from the eardrums.
I have tried:
Telling him no.
Screaming back.
Slamming my hand on the table & saying No screaming.
I have even tapped his mouth
Bent him over & tapped his tushie (with diaper!).
Ignoring it.
Nothing is working.
At 1st we all thought it was a's been like a year now.
Any suggestions?
The Nana says I should write to Super Nanny.
Perhaps I will.

So I sit here.
House completely quiet.
No tv.
No tv b/c the volume went.
Thankfully my dad bought me a flat screen, hd, 42inch tv for my birthday next month (send presents! LOL).
It arrived today, so I will send Bobster to get it tomorrow.
Anyway I am surfing the net for some furniture for my sister. You know she & the boy, they got an apartment, as I have mentioned before.

Well she needs Modern Furniture, so I put on my Super Shopper cape & have found a site for Modern Furniture. She & the boy like that look.

I actually picked out this piece of dining room furniture for them. One b/c it's modern furniture & two b/c she told me she got black dishes. So imagine the black dishes on that table with a red runner down the middle & red placemats. Oh tres chic!

This site has everything one could think of in the modern furniture realm. I highly recommend it.
Check it out!
What is stopping you??????
Are you perusing my blog?
Well that's a good thing too!

On that note, I must go.
It's late, I'm beat.

Woops out!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bedrooms, Broomsticks & Doorknobs...

Is that the name of the Disney classic?
Probably not but I don't think I ever saw that one.

Anywho, my sister, you know this chick...My an apt with the boyfriend. Now she needs bedroom furniture & they are into sleek, stylish, modern look. So it's Super Shopper to the rescue. That would be me. I told her have no fear I will look for you. Of course she trusts my judgement & taste because I am her wise, older sister.

I found this site...Eroomservice I did a search under Bedroom Furniture and came up with tons of stuff. Remembering that they are into Modern Bedroom Furniture I did a search for that. Came up with tons of nice stuff. I am trying to convince them to get a platform bed. The cheapest one is just under $900. Not too shabby, if you can afford it. Plus the one I liked is from Italy & comes with a 30 day cheapest price guarantee. Hello! Guarantee! Pick that one! Pick that one!

Of course, they also like Contempary Bedroom Furniture. I think this will give the boyfriend more of a manly feel to their bedroom which I am sure my sister will fufu up! LOL They also sell Kids Bedroom Furniture. I've taken a gander but as every day passes I think I am just going to pad Cheeks bedroom and floor, remove all furniture and hope for the best. The poor accident prone.

Hopefully my sister & the boyfriend will like my picks. If not, then I will just buy it. Ha!

On another note, tonight is the Next Food Network Star. Remember we are voting & rooting for Aaron.
Gooooooooooooooooooo Aaron!

Woops out!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Check out the Highs & Lows

Ah Saturday.
A relaxing day, right?
A day for yard saling, yes?
So that's what I did.
I grabbed Cheeks & went yardsaling or should I say just yardsale.
We only made it to one because Cheeks was having none of it.
The real reason, well, read on:
Cheeks decided to flip out in his "I am almost 2 years old self" at said yardsale.
Sooooo I had to pick him up.
He was in one arm, my new bundt cake pan in the other.
I don't know how I did it but I lost my footing, fell & rolled down these people's front lawn.
It was like Shamu flopping on the shore!
Not pretty.
I mean I fell, kept Cheeks from getting hurt, but rolled & took out their "For Sale" sign on their lawn.
Of course, they jumped up, I made sure Cheeks was ok, then I got up.
Tears sprang to my eyes but I kept them in.
I apologized profusely. So did they.
I quickly put him in his car seat & left.
I will NOT be returning to that neighborhood anytime soon.
Talk about mortifying.
Thankful I just got a lil scrape on my right leg.....the babe, totally unharmed!

On a high....Bobster & I went to the
Collingswood Farmer's Market today, So we are walking along, checking it out (buying some herbs, squash, ya know supporting local farmers) when I hear someone & see someone. So I saunter over to see what this person is demonstrating & then I realize who it is.
It's my boy!
My boy from The Next Food Network star.

I got so excited.
I mean like my stomach did a little dance & I grabbed Bobster's arm & was like:
OMG! That's Aaron, Bobster, that's Aaron.
I am so pulling for him.
Bobster thought I was nuts.
I managed to get a pic on my cell but it's not the greatest.
There he was.
In the next town over from mine.
Literally 6 minutes from my house.
He is a local boy.
From Camden...which is close to where I live....about 10 minutes away.
Not the best town but Aaron is from there so who cares!
Bobster is also from Camden but got out when the getting was good.

Anywho, I am just so darn excited.
So there is my highs & lows for the weekend.

Woops out!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally, we have winners!!!

I bet you all thought I forgot that I did a giveaway.
Not a chance.
I was waiting for the millions of readers I obviously have to comment.
I mean really, my blog is HUGE!
Sure it's huge in my dreams.
In reality, I have like 10 people who read it & I think 6 are family!

Seriously, generated the following comment numbers from my post, Giveaway.
Keep in mind the 1st comment on that post doesn't count, as it's the Nana & she got the big ole bottle that I received.

So now without further adieu, the winners are:
#4~Miss Mommy

So ladies, email your addy's so I can get your prize out to you!!!!

Woops out!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Wednesday

Hump day, what more can I say.

So Cheeks vocab is picking up nicely. Not so much in phrases or sentences but just words.
He can now say "Oscar" & "Ernie".
He prefers 2 syllable words.

The boys are here all week. Spending time with their dad, playing Playstation.

I have cooked 4 days in a row.
Oh yes.
You read that right.
4 days in a row.

Let's review:
Sunday: Chicken Cutlets, Steamed Fresh Green Beans, Homemade Red Skin Mashed Potatos.

Monday: Ravioli & Garlic Bread (it's my late night at work so I need to do something easy!)

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Chops in the broiler (I got the recipe from my Sandra Lee cookbook that I got free from's super duper easy...I mean like a no brainer!), green beans & mac & cheese

Tonight: Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs & pork roll. Bobster came out into the kitchen to help me was really nice doing it with him. I was irritable but he puts up my "bitchiness" & continued to help me. I think I will keep him around!

Tomorrow ideas yet. Any ideas you want to share? I am open for suggestions!!!

So my friend Jenn started a "Green" blog...go check it out here. I am trying to go green so with Jenn's help I am sure I will be turning it around at my pad!

Also I have started a yahoo group for South Jersey Mom's who Blog....check it out here: SJ Mom Bloggers. If you are in South Jersey & a mom come join. We are planning a get together, topic days etc. Would love to have you.

That's all for tonight.
Woops out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you Elton John

For the song "The Bitch is Back" because after tonights episode of Hell's Kitchen I have renamed the song "The Bitch is Gone!"

Can I tell you how much I disliked this girl? Talk about backstabbing, sneaky, shadey biotch! With a huge attitude. Chef Ramsey sent her packing & I did the dance for joy. Usually I find one or two people who I feel don't belong on the show but never a strong dislike for them. This time, I instantly disliked this girl. Her attitude is just so pisspoor & I don't think she was that great of a cook. Get back on that line girl! You are no longer in the running for prize.

Thank God!

Woops out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Where, O Where do I get the Freebies from.

No pic with this post.
I know you are all anxious to see yet another glorious picture of myself.
Seriously, stop, the hounding for my photo is embarrassing!

Anyway, a while back, Carol from A Day in the Life of Twins asked me where I find all these freebies that I have posted about.

Like today, I came home & had my free issue of Home magazine waiting for me + a sippy cup from Juicy Juice!

I find some here:
Money Saving Mom I really like her site & have found so much stuff through her. She posts freebies & deals & scenarios.

The Thrifty Mommy I link to this on my blog. Her blog totally rocks!!! Check it out if you can. If you are a local mom it's even better b/c she lists a lot of local deals. So locals to the South Jersey/Philly area....go visit!

Freebies 4 Mom I get her updates in my email at work. Tons of stuff on here....tons I'm telling you.

One hint tho., get yourself a spam email addy. This has been said before but I use my aol address & go in like once every 2 weeks & clean it out. I scan the emails, see what I want to open & delete the rest. It's so worth it!

Now if you are in the mood for decorating ideas on a budget you have the check out the Nester! I am not lying to you all when I say this girl has style!!! And she does it all on a budget. Amazing! She has inspired me to start shopping Goodwill again. She just changes the look of things in an instant & inexpensivly so! She is also holding a blog party this week....go check it out. I might participate but that would mean posting pics of my home. Talk about scarey.

Well, that is all for now. It's 10:15pm & I am beat plus my ears are bleeding from the 22 month old who is a shrieker & a screamer.
Ah, good times!

Woops out!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Cheekers is making dinner!
Finally someone else to do the cooking.
I mean the freakin maid hasn't shown up in months.

Anywho, today was a whirlwind.
Got up.
Went to see my Grandpop & took Cheeks.
Well, he was having no parts of his Great Grandpop.
He just wanted to be held. I guess it's b/c my Grandpop lives in a nursing home & was laying in his bed when we got there.
Cheeks eventually came around but only to give "Pop pop" pretzel stix.
There was no picture taking b/c he wouldn't get close enough to allow that.

Got home.
Grabbed the coupons & the list.
Headed to Shop Rite. This will probably be the last time I go to this Shop Rite.
I have had problems there before but it's close to my house & I was being lazy.
They didn't have 3 of the items I was looking for
I bought 4 Huggies Clean Team Soap Mitts.
They were on clearance for $1.65 each.
I had coupons for $3.00 off 2 Clean Team products.
The cashier gets to those coupons, tries to scan them, they don't go thru b/c she manually rang the clearance items in.
She proceeds to tell me that I can only use a maximum of 4 manufacturers coupons in one order.
I was like "WHAT!?"
No, no, no honey. So the senior in high school who was in charge came over & tried to tell me that what the cashier said was right & that once the item goes on clearance it is no longer the Clean Team brand.
Um, what?
Seriously, I am standing there trying not to lose my temper.
I mean, I had explained that I was a front end manager for 6 years at a local supermarket & then worked for over 2 years at Super G/Stop & Shop as a cashier. I know what I am talking about.
Anywho, the senior was like Oh we will give them to you but just keep this in mind.
All in all I did get a good deal.
$1.65 x 4 = $6.60
2 x $3 coupons - $6.00
Total final cost for 4 boxes of these = $.60 cents.
Go me!
Of course I had to go to the customer service desk b/c the cashier forgot to give me my canvas bag credit & I had 5.
I think I am going to try Wegmans next time.

Back home.
Put the groceries away.
Started dinner.
I made chicken cutlets, homemade red mashed potatos, & steamed green beans.
It all came out really good!!!
My sister showed up with the boyfriend & brought cake for dessert.

Then I gave Cheeks a bath & he walked into his room with his towel on his head.
Well he gets in front of his toys & squats.
Then I hear a noise that sounds like gagging or bubbles popping, so I'm like "You ok?"
Oh, he was fine.
He got up, walked away & there layed the evidence.
He pooped on his bedroom floor.
I was very grossed out.
Of course, Bobster & the boys thought that was the "shit!"
Baa, I made a funny!
I cleaned it up. Bobster cleaned him up.
All is well in the world.

So now I am relaxing & cruising the net.
I am looking to get a tv stand b/c I am getting a new tv curtosey of my dad. Thank you Dad!
So I punch in a seach & I find this site:
It's high end European furniture.
Very classy, sleek furniture.
I am thinking some of this will add some modernism to my soon to be shabby chic home. It will give a sense of masculism for Bobster.

I found this tv stand...
STAND I really like the enclosed shelving on the side & it has drawers. So I can hide all the audio/video stuff that comes along with tv.

They also have
Kids Furniture. Nice bright colors & very sturdy product. I am loving the oranges they have & the fact that I will be doing a construction theme in the little man's room I am thinking orange will compliment well. Plus I can also use this furniture in the older boys room b/c it will withstand a 14 yr old & 9 yr old boy. Plus it's Steelers central in there so this will help it with that sport theme they are going for.

Woo, I babbled didn't I?
Lots of caffeine today!!!

Alright, I am an outty.
Woops out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is how we spent last night.
At Tim's 8th grade graduation.
Really? How can I have a son that will be a freshman next fall?
I mean, it was only yesterday that I myself graduated high school.
Sure, 20 years this month it was.
For the love of God, wasn't it the other day that I was using Rave hairspray on my Jersey girl large hair & putting on my electric blue eyeliner with pink eyeshadow, clear mascara & no blush.
Sounds pretty doesn't it?
Oh it was!

Anywho, here is the graduate with his daddy.

Here is the graduate with his actual mom, Alison.

And here is the graduate with his dad & Shamu. Looks like I swallowed a small country doesn't it. Not the most flattering pic of me BUT I don't have anywith this child so I am keeping it. Maybe I can work some magic in Photoshop!

So congrats Timmy.
It's high school now!
Woo hoo!

Woops out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


As you can see I've been tagged.
By who?

As you read I have to list 7 random, weird facts about me, so without further adieu here we go:
  1. 1. I love trashcans when they are empty & I can fill them out. Gives me a sense of YES! I have used this, out with the old.
  2. I was on the show Dancin On Air in high school. This was also known as Dance Party USA on the USA Network back in the day. Here's a little video for your enjoyment....all I can say is Don't hate the dancer, hate the dance. LOL This is also the show that Kelly Ripa got her start on.

  1. This is really #4 but my friggin blog won't let me blog #4...anyway I love to put things in my mouth. Bob is always yellin at me b/c I chew the crap out of my shirts.
  2. I met Regis Philbin. I know you are jealous. Deal!
  3. When ordering a muffin out, the waitress must cut it in 1/2 with the muffin top intact...if not I will be forced to scream "Who the f*ck cuts a muffin like this?" This has happened, ask my friend Kathy, Karen & Stephan. Not my proudest moment but I have issues.
  4. I fall asleep with the tv on every night.

Now I tag the following people:



Kathy C

Abby Lewis

Abby Key



PS: I am not leaving comments for you all to let you know you have been tagged b/c well I'm lazy & I just spent the last hour watching old Dancin On Air videos on You Tube. Ah Good times! Good times!

And this is for my friend, Roc, if he ever reads my blog!

Woops out~!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why am I home @ 11:45am on a Wednesday you ask? & time to SHOP!

Because this little man woke up with a rash.

Over the weekend he had a slight temperature, so Monday Bob took him to the dr. The dr. said his temp was elevating b/c of the excessive heat outside. Um, ok.

Well this morning he woke up, I started to change him, noticed a rash, called the dr., they said bring him I did.
Roseola. Nothing to be concerned with, well overly at least, but still I have to keep him home today & tomorrow. It actually looks like it's going away at this point. So now I probably look like a nut to Bobster. O well...better safe than sorry.

Anywho....since I am home I got the house straightened up, put the Cheekers to bed & now I am perusing my new favorite site...
This site gives you every site available for what you are searching for in decorating your home & garden. As all of you know I am in the process of redecorating the abode. I have needed something for over the window in my bathroom since we moved in....(2 yrs ago this August)....anywho I decided to check it out & see what they would find for I punched in daisy valance which brought me to that page & I think clicked the link I liked which got me to this valance panel. Hello, it's $1.95 & the perfect size, bathroom window is just a bit over that so I am going to get 2.

Next I looked for a Red Kitchen cart, which gave me this page , so I scrolled down & found an item that I wanted, so I clicked & ended up here, with a variety to pick from. So I am now spending money like I got it...then again, isn't that 1/2 the fun!!!

What I like best about Shop Wiki is that when you run your mouse over the item you are interested in, once you do your search, it gives you the 3 cheapest sites on the web for the item & then you just choose. How easy is that???? Super easy & you know I'm easy, WAIT! Scratch that....I like easy things. Woo. Much better. So definitely check that site out!!!!

Well stay tuned for the Giveaway winners to be posted by the weekend & for a tag that Jenn tagged me with the other day!

Ok, off to figure out what to make Cheekers for lunch when he wakes up from his nappers.

Woops out!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

For the Love of God, it's Hot!

It is un~Godly hot here!
I mean, really, it's like 98 in the shade. Well the actually temp is in the 90's but I think the heat index says it's like 100 or something. I can't be sure.
Anyway, all I know is this is our 1st heatwave of the's the start of June!

I also know it's hot b/c as I sit & write this I am looking out my front window at the street...where I normally, yea, can't park there b/c everyone in the freakin town is at the community pool which I live right smack dab across the street from. So I have to park out back. Not that it is a hardship but I like parking out front & for 9 mos. out of the year I can!!

I digress.

I did a little shopping today...I so spaved.
1st I hit up Stride Rite b/c I got an email saying select shoes were on sale. Cheeks needs sandels but over @ Olly Shoes (which I love!!) all the sandels for his were $50 or more. Hello! I don't pay that much for my shoes & my feet stopped growing years ago.

Anywho, I got him there & measured his foot to find out he is a size 7 which means you buy a 1/2 size he is in a 7.5. WoW! He has Flintstone Feet like his father...WIDE! So I got him a cute pair of sandels for $25...not too shabby & being that his feet are developing I really want him to have good shoes on his feet. I wore Stride Rite brand & I feel they are reputable so I got them for him. He loves them. He just keeps taking the velcro off. Hee hee.

Then we ventured upstairs to Old Navy. I needed to get him the shirt that matched the shorts I bought him last week at a diff. location. They had it & it was on sale for $8 (SCORE!). He also needed one more pair of pj's & they had theirs on sale for $10, so he got a pair of race car pj's.

So then we sauntered to Gymboree. Only to find the store front boarded up with a ad saying coming in fall. WHAT!??? This can not be! So I asked the Gotti Boy look alike at the TMobile counter where the store went....they moved...down by Macy's. So we sauntered down to the Macy's wing & found Gymboree. They were having a promo game where everyone wins a discount. I won 20% off. The sales associate told me if I didn't find a size I was looking for let her know b/c she had tons in the back. So I found a shirt...on clearance for $5.99, then I found shorts & a matching shirt for like $7.99 & 8.99 (something like that). So I get up to the counter, she rings me up deducts the discount, I hand her my 2 $10 g/c's that I had & viola...I owed $1.58! Yes, yes, I paid $1.58 for 3 pieces of clothing from Gymboree. I did the happy dance all the way out of the store & thru the mall. SCORE! SPAVE! Wooohooo! So be on the lookout for pics of Cheeks in some stylish clothing coming soon!

Then lunch with the Grandpop @ Applebees. This Applebees sucks ass. Yep.
I said it.
Big time.
They always screw something up.
Today was my dad's meal.
I think the waitress was new but really, why would a grown man of 60 want a double serving of macaroni & cheese off the kids menu? He wanted the Cheddar Jack & Chicken Mac & Cheese but she screwed it up.
My poor dad.
The Cheddar Jack isn't avail on the weekends.
So he got something else.

Then off to Target. I bought some 4/$.99 cent red plates to use (I got 8) b/c they will be easy to clean & much better for the environment then paper plates. Yes I am guilty...I use paper plates & cups. I have 3 boys & Bobster...I do dishes all day long...I need some sort of break! I also got some other stuff & perused the Clearance sections....found tons of stuff but left it there....I really couldn't justify needing a wrought iron Eiffel Tower...I wanted it but need it? Nah.

So now I sit while my sleeping Prince is on his 3 hrs nap. I am going to keep him in today but after dinner when the sun is descending I will take him for a walk.

I am also planning on scrapping this evening, so stayed tuned for some pages!

Woops out!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Walmart vs. Target

First an adorable photo of my son b/c what is a post without a photo, it's just a post without a photo...blah, plain. Now throw in a cute kid & you got yourself a virtual Disneyland for bloggers. Notice the base of the steps, the cooler, the grocery bag & see in the corner....just to the right...the stroller. Ah. Early White Trash decor...NICE! The race was on so Cheeks was intrigued. This kid is all about cars. Trucks & cars.....not just any car tho., must be a RACE CAR. Va_ROOM!

So my real post tonight is about Walmart vs. Target.
Don't get me wrong.....Walmart is ok. Target is great.
This is just my blog I can write what I want & post photos of the Nana that I want.

Anywho, tonight I ventured to the nearest Walmart with the Nana & the Cheekers. We arrive, find a parking spot, put the kid in the cart & enter Wally World. The first few minutes were fine....even the kid section was good...the shoe section went pretty good....then we entered the food section. This is where it went downhill.

The question here people is about shoppers you have it?
Meaning, if you have a cart & there are other people in the aisle with you, do you just park your cart smack dab in the middle of the aisle & go about your business as if you are the only one there? Then when someone comes up to your cart, you ignore them til they are forced to move it b/c you are too busy running after a child or standing on a lower shelf to get something (hello...ask me to help, I'm 6ft tall!) OR you give them a dirty look when they say "Excuse me" or when they forceably move the cart?

Does your whole family congregate midaisle & camp out? Like break out the snacks, change a diaper & cook a s'more over a griddle that you opened "to try out"? How about have a loud, obnoxious cell phone call while, again, standing in the middle of the aisle?

This is what I encounter whenever I go to the 2 main Walmarts in my area.
These are the customers...the employees are even worse. Rude in an understandment & they make you feel like you are bothering them if you ask a question. Not to mention they never tell you the total....what if I couldn't read? Some people can't in this world so they need you, as a cashier, to actually speak to them & tell them what they owe. GRRRR!

Now Target, the one by house, I rarely have a problem like I said above. The cashiers always tend to be nice & courteous, as so the employees on the floor. The customers are more concencious of their surroundings (not saying I don't encounter the stray person with cart in middle of the aisle but not as often) & no one is congregating in the middle of the aisle.

I adore Target. They have the best stuff, good prices & it's usually a pleasure to shop at. As for Walmart.....I must need something desperately for me to go back there. From now on, I will drive to the one far away b/c the experience has to be better.

Well that is my rant.
Tell me....are you a Walmart or Target shopper?
Why? Which one do you prefer?

On that note...Woops out!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I scrapped! I scrapped!

Can you stand it???
I did.
I took time out of my day on Sunday for myself! *GASP*
Anyway I dug out these pics from back in the day & grabbed the TSV kit from Cosmo Cricket that my dad bought me a few months back.
I think the paper worked wonders with these pics. I still have more to do but I could only get these down while Cheeks slept.

By the way...don't forget my giveaway....right here: Giveaway!

Woops out!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Memorial Day Photos!!!! For the Nana

Finally Memorial Day Photos.
Now the Nana will not teach Cheekers how to hide Mommy's keys.
She's sick that Nana! Sick!

Anyway we took the Nana & the elusive PopPop Bob to the Carranza Memorial. Click the link b/c I am just too beat to write about what it is...sad but true. Anyway here is a pic of it. This is it. In the middle of nowhere...well not nowhere, somewhere but nowhere like nature nowhere.

Who is this????!!!!!
It's the elusive PopPop.
He does go out in the sun! It's true & he isn't on fire!
Cheeks loves his PopPop Bob & is giving him his 1st official Pine Cone. What!? Call Dan Rather....could it be both the Nana & the PopPop in a picture together???AND the pic is taken nature (that is no Walmart Photo background people!!!)
I love these walking away shots. This was taken at Batsto (again, just click the link). I liked it here...very neat thing to do & it is free (sans $5 to park)!
The Nana is going to kill me for this shot but blog!
Here's the Daddy & the Cheekers!!! Look how blonde Cheeks is getting....Wow! The view at Batsto ...pretty!

Finally Cheeks in his natural habitat. Running. Like a madman!
Run Cheekers.

No pics of the mommy.


Just catch the Thanksgiving Parade on TV...I will be pulled by handlers, you won't be able to miss me!!!

Anyway...don't forget about The Giveaway (<~~~~~Click the link).

Woops out!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's a Giveaway!!!!

For some Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion w/ Sunscreen
What more could one want?

I was contemplating giving away a million dollars but this time of year we all need moisturizer & with sunscreen is even better!!!!

Sooooooooooo....I have 4 1.5oz tubes to giveaway.

You have 2 ways to win!!!!
1. Leave me a comment telling me if you are a regular reader or a lurker or just visiting for the 1st time.

2. Sign up <~~~~~~~~~~~~ over there under the Technorati link to get regular feeds from my blog (I have one faithful person already who signed up...Hi Jennifer!!).

That's it.
Simple as 1,2,3!

So get to entering!!!

As for my mom, the pics are coming! The pics are coming!

Woops out!