Monday, April 28, 2008

Let me introduce...

Colin Andrew.
I am a little late on the introductions.
Colin came into this world on March 29th, weighing in at 7lbs 15 ounces!
Who, pretell, does Colin belong to?
My little brother, Andrew.
Ok, how many of you knew I had a brother???
Anyone at all?
Do you all know I have another sister besides Erin?
Yes, yes I do.
Anywho, Colin is the 1st child, 1st son to my little brother.
My little brother who was the professional prom date & a pest growing up.
My little brother who I brought home drunk & said "Don't throw up in the kitchen sink b/c mom will have a fit" & who promptly threw up in the sink.
My little brother who was told to not go out in his car in the snow storm but did & managed to get into an accident & kept it from all.
I'm throwing him under the bus now!
I figure he's over 30 & a daddy, so what are they going to do? Punish him?
Don't answer that. I still get punished & I am over 30 & a mom.
How does that work?
Anyway, Colin is adorable & I can't wait to meet him!!
So Andrew, Kerri, if you are reading this blog...YOU DONE GOOD BOY!
Now get to having another one b/c I think I am one & done...or at least three & free...something like that!
Woops out!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

300! 300! 300! 300!

In honor of my 300th post (ok! who thought I was posting my weight???!!) I baked a fruit dessert that I got from
I finally had time to go visit this site. WoW! She makes some delish stuff. Now keep in mind, my photos nor the final outcome look anything like hers.

Let's start. The 1st two I was bored & playing with photo shop.
So, you take a can of cherries, dump them, realize the pan is too big!

Next add a can of pineapple in a more size appropriate dish!

Mix it together. Looking good!

Take some cake mix, I used Yellow cake mix & sprinkle on top. Now I didn't use the entire box b/c my dessert wasn't big enough. I later regretted this move. Should have used the whole box!

Final step before baking...add pats of butter to cover the top. Sure that pioneer woman says use a stick of margerine & 1/2 stick of butter but I didn't get my stunning, svelte figure by cutting corners. I used one whole stick of butter (plus I didn't have margerine)

Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes & serve warm.
I would show you a photo of the finished product but um, I forgot to take one!
Stupid? Yes.
Delish? Oh yes!!!
Next time I will use more & make enough for the family.
As it was it was enough for me to have dessert & breakfast & the rest I am taking to my mom's husband later today. Bobster missed out. You race, you lose! LOL He went racing last night & ended up going to the campground overnight so sadly, no dessert for him. He will survive.

Here is a little impromptu photoshoot with the Nana & Cheeks last night. He had just finished dinner & Nana stopped by to save him from getting in trouble for dropping his food on the floor. He likes to do that from time to time when he isn't fond of the cuisine.

Now since it's my 300 post I will have a little giveaway for any commenters. What's the giveaway??? How about a small, humble gift card to say, Starbucks? Sound good. Leave me a comment on what is your fav dessert & the recipe & I will put you in the running for the prize. I will use the random number generator if I get enough posts, if not, I will put your names in a hat & let Cheeks pick the winner.

Good luck! Can't wait to read the yumminess coming my way!

Woops out!

Friday, April 25, 2008

They say it's your birthday...nananana!

Today, Raggedy Anne, I mean the Nana turns another year older.
Now you know & I know that if I post how old she turns, she will hunt me down & kill me.
We do not want that.
I will let you know that she had a big birthday last that would be 30x2. So add 1 to that & you can figure it out.

So Nana....Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can't bare to look...who went home on ANTM????

Can you stand it?
My fav model went home.
It was not in the stars for Lauren.
Man, that sux. Cheeks can't believe it either.
Will just have to find another model to like out of the 5 remaining.
Guess I will move onto Anya.
Sure, her Hawaiian surfer accent is uber annoying but she is a darn good model!
Of course, there is Whitney.
A plus size model.
I think she's a 10.
Yea. Plus!
Please....put me on that's plus.

Speaking of which I am approaching my 300 posts!!!!
I think I will do a giveaway on my 300 post so stay tuned.
I still have the books that I gave away to mail...they are in my van, I am hoping to get them out tomorrow. It stinks only having 30 minutes & everything is 15 minutes away. Eh, what it is, is what it is.

Nothing really new & exciting.
Cheeks is picking up words left & right.
Especially the other day when he was in another room & I wanted him to come to me.
He wasn't coming so I said "Ok, one!"
from the other room I hear:
BAAAHAAAHAA The kid cracks me up.
He scares the crap out of me too.
Last night he choked on a chicken nugget.
Tonight, while I was right next to him, he stood in the tub & almost lost his footing. I grabbed him & sufficet to say, his tushie was a little red...I told him he doesn't stand up unless Mommy or Daddy says so.
I don't think I am going to make 40.
Boys are heartattacks waiting to happen!!!!

So spring has sprung & so have my allergies.
Good times, reader, good times.
I sneeze a minimum of 4x's in a row, my throat itches continuously & my eyes are bloodshot 24/7. I am very pretty right now!
Can't wait for June.

Nothing else really new & exciting.
On that note....
~Woops out!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend in Review...whew!

Went to the campground yesterday but first we stopped to pick Tim up from school.
Chris wanted to practice soccer & they have a tot lot there so Cheeks played while Chris & Bob played soccer. Then Cheeks got in on the action.
The 1st 3 shots I played around in photo shop with.
I like the outcome.

The child was disgusting & worn out. He slept in til 8:15 today. Woo!
Bobster, did you have a fun time at the campground?????
Woops out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

20 Months

Do you know, Cheeks is now 20 months old?
My word.
That means, in 4 short months, he will be 2!!!
Holy Moley, where did the past 20 months go????
Before I know it he will be driving.

Actually it will only be 2.5 yrs before Timmy drives.
That hurts.

Anyone watching ANTM (American's Next Top Model)?
Do you have a favorite yet?
I think I am pulling for Lauren. She's quirky.
Dominique just doesn't look modely to me....more bitchy than anything.
And last night, Tyra was a bit bitchy.
Normally I don't see it. I think she's sweet & helpful but last night, her inner bitch came out! WoW!

I also caught a bit of the new Real World.
Now I haven't watched this in ages b/c it's just ridiculous but for some reason I was last night.
It is all sex.
Now I am not a prude but when this show first started it was about people's lives.
It has evolved into seeing who will "do" who next.
The shocker was this is the 20 season it is on.
I think this came out when I was just out of high school.
I remember applying for the season with Puck.
I was turned down.
Not diverse enough.
Guess the White, LDS girl wasn't slated til the New Orleans season.
Plus, me, live with Puck.
Nope. Not going to work!

Alrighty well this post turned into more of a babble than anything.
Tell me, are you still watching the Real World? Did you ever?
How about ANTM? Got a fav???

Woops out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Update

Those are some mighty big shoes you are trying to fill there, Cheeks.
There he is, trying on Aunt Erin's shoes.
Although, his foot is growing. I think he's going to need a 7 for the summer.
He only has one pair of shoes anyway.
Am I a terrible mom b/c he only has one pair of shoes?
Am I?

Quick update on my mom.
She came home yesterday.
It was nothing.
Well, it was something
not her heart
Most likely...STRESS!
Imagine that!
So she is home. Yay!

The freebies are rolling in.
I get a lot of them from this site....
Sign up for her newsletter. I get it sent to my mail, then I go to the page & link thru.
EZ, Peasy.
Yesterday I got my free magazine subscriptions for Home & American Photo....over the weekend, Country Home came & The Star. Plus a Schick Titanium razor came.

I also get a lot from this blog:
Freebies4Mom. Again I just get her newsletter (or update to her blog) sent to me in email. If I have time I visit the site b/c she updates all day long. I have been getting tons of Walmart freebies, like pet food (I am donating to a shelter), diapers, lotions. Oh yea! Bring on the freebies.

If you want to know some other sites I find this stuff on....just ask.
I have them all bookmarked & try to visit daily.

I also just took another Pinecone Research survey...CHA CHING! I will be getting another $3 check in the mail shortly. I am still waiting for my $25 check for getting scammed overseas by Visa...I applied for that awhile ago but it still hasn't come.

Not much more to tell.
I had a little time this morning so I thought I would post a new entry.
I know I have so many fans....BAAHAAHAA!

On that note...
~Woops out!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What has been going on....

Check him out!
A natural I do say.
This was taken a few week ago at
Little Sport.
I took Cheeks & met my girlfriend there with my Godson.
The kids loved it.
All sports, all the time.
I will definitely be taking Cheeks back.

My mom is in the hospital, so say a prayer.
I think it was a bad panic attack
they are doing some tests to rule out the heart 100%.
So when Mr. Cheeks gets up from his nap, we will pick her husband up & back to the hospital we go.
She seemed in good spirits today tho., so that's a plus!!

Not much else going on.
Found new storage for my dvds. Only took me like 6 months to figure it out & I have had the stuff for 2 years (the storage stuff that is).
Still on a redecorating on an extremely frugal budget kick.
More like no budget at all but I am workin it!!!

That's about it.
What's going on in your neck in the woods?
Woops out!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

While we slept, we had guests.
Actually one guest in particular.
He would come.
Hang out.

Obviously a man.

Anywho he overstayed his welcome.
So I had some peanut butter and a new home for him to visit.

Well, he came, visited his home & that is where I found him this morning.
Laying there.
Neck broken.
Eyes bulging.
Staring at me, as to say "Murderer!"

It had to be done.
Hopefully this is just one.
No more partier's in the middle of the night...or any other time of day for that matter.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bed head? Park hair? What is that style called?

That is some hair, Cheeks.
Did the salon give you that "punk" look? Were sleeping right before this shot? Were you just running amuk & got the hair look you were after?
Anyway you slice it, it's a great look.
Work it!

Not much going on here.

I haven't been on the computer much.
Just going to work, coming home, doing stuff around here.

Still on my quest to be frugal.
Got a $3 Pinecone check in the mail yesterday.
I think that makes $12 in the emergency fund.
Only $988 more dollars to go.
I should have that by the time Cheeks goes to Kindergarten!

Speaking of Cheeks, he offends, so I am off to change him!
~Woops out!

***Edited to add***
I started the day off with just one 19 month old.
It is a few hours later & I have accumulated:
1 ~ 14 year old
1 ~ 12 year old
2 ~ 5 year olds
I've gone from one small child to 5.
I am out numbered!!!
Send in the troops!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh Yes! Oh Yes!

He's back baby!
Hells Kitchen.....right now.
9pm est.
Oh this is gonna be good!
Woops out!