Monday, August 26, 2013

The Phrase That Pays...

They are around us all the time.

We all have key phrases that we say all the time.
We might not even realize.

I know my phrase.
In case anyone in my family is reading this, it will be my favorite CLEAN phrase.

I say it & my sister cringes.
She has actually said to me "Never say that again"

Muhahahaha...I have put it in writing now.

I will shout from the roof tops.
My favorite phrase is:

Okie Dokie Artichokie

Oh, that's right.
You can get it printed on a t-shirt.  A cap.  A sweatshirt.

The possibilities are endless really.

Now I want to know what's your fav phrase.
The phrase that pays for you.

Leave me a comment.
Okie dokie artichokies?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time Goes By

Geesh, the summer is almost over & nary a post to be found on ye olde blog really.

I'm not sure why.
I just think I didn't have anything spectacular to write about it.
Dull life.

Lots of pool time, lots of running around, lots of driving the Neon because my Kia minivan was broken down.
Not anymore though.
My father in law surprised me by coming to fix it on Friday while I was down the shore with the birthday boy!

Birthday boy you say?
Yes, we had a birthday.

This baby here:

Went ahead & turned 7 years old!

Where did my chubby baby go?
This lanky, lean, front two teething missing, wise mouth child has replaced that chubby baby!!!

He is on the go.

He emulates his older brothers.
He loves The Hulk and IronMan.
Loves the Wii.
Pretty much lives on spaghetti and chicken mcnuggets.

It is what it is.

I love this kid so much.

There will be no turning 8 though.
I forbid it!

The tail end of the summer is going to be endless trips to the pool and back to school shopping.

How about you?
How are you handling the end of the summer?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Better Late than....


I know what you were all thinking.

Hmm, Meghan hasn't really been blogging.
She hasn't been feeling well.
Oh a post from Meghan beginning with Better Late than...

Get it far from your minds people.

There is no womb in the inn.
Know what I mean.

I mean it's nothing like this post being late.
Most schools are starting in the next week or so.
We start two days after Labor Day.  So I have time.

I never ever showed you what I made Cheeks' first grade teacher & his guidance counselor as an end of the year gift.

I got the idea from Lil Luna 
She's LDS & you know those LDS girls are some crafty biatches.
Altho, I think I was passed over for the creative gene although I am LDS.

Anyway I wanted to do something fun that didn't cost much but got the point of thank you across.

So I made the "Now that the strain of school is over gift"

I bought two strainers at the Dollar Spot at Target.
Bought a big ole honkin bag of Mars candy.
Then I bought two $10 gift cards to Target (because who doesn't love Target).
I found tissue paper & name tags on clearance.

First I filled the strainer:

I wrote on the outside of the gift card "Now that the strain of the school year is over, relax & enjoy your summer".

I then wrapped it:

I had Cheeks take them to school & give them out.

His teacher loved hers.
I haven't heard from the counselor but she may have been on maternity leave at that point.

Anyway, I think it turned out super cute and I have Lil Luna to thank for you.

Do you do anything special for the teachers, etc at the end of school year? Or even at the beginning?