Monday, June 27, 2011

Sprouts...they just aren't food.

I am at Jersey Mom's today.

Discussing Sprouts & not the kind you eat.

Click me! Sprouts.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walk down memory lane

Remember being a preteen/teen reading magazines for anything fashion/life related.

I read them all.
For example:
Honestly I thought Teen folded years ago. Like over 20 years ago. Who knew? I used to read this & Young Miss. Loved them both. Sadly I couldn't find any Young Miss covers from when I read it. It was either covers from the 70's & Highlights was more my thing in that decade or YM, which would have been more my sister's era.
I was an 80's Young Miss reader.
Sad that publication folded.

Of course then we have:
I adored this magazine.
It was different than the other mags.
Great fashion but stories that were about issues in the world. Not what eye shadow to wear to the prom.
I remember this issue particularly.
Think it was when I realized these two were not good for each other.

After Sassy folded, the owner developed:
Another hard hitting yet with fashion magazine.
I remember this is where I first read about female circumicision.
Um, Ouch & OMG! Those poor women.

Now in my adulthood, I look forward to reader Food Network Mag, Rachael Ray & Family Circle.

How far I've come.

What brings back your teen memories?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This advice goes out to all the singers/groups that are turning out songs left & right.

My advice is...there is no need to say/sing your name in the sone.

A great example of this is:
Jason Derulo
I really believe that every single he has out he sings his name.

Today I heard a song on a local top 40's station & it was by Nikki Minaj.
I knew it was by her because after a minute, she rapped her name.

Britney Spears did it on her one song where in the beginning she goes "It's Britney b*tch"

Obviously these singers think this is what one should do.

I have decided to start referring to myself in the 3rd person.
Like when I enter a room I will sing "It's Meghan".
When I great my mom I will say "It's Meghan b*tch"  I expect to not have any teeth left after that greeting.

So singers/groups, do us a favor, just leave your name out of the songs.  The dj/vj will tell us who the song is by.  Trust us.  That's how it's been since, well, since the age of radio/MTV.

Oh & as for getting your name tattooed onto your body...really?
Is this in case you forget who you are?


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Psst, over here

To come see what I thought of Cars 2, click this word: Cars 2

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's the Can Can!

Did you ever notice soda tastes different from a can then a bottle?

I can’t pinpoint it other than to say perhaps the metal of the can alters the soda.

Whenever I get my drink of choice, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, it’s in a 16 oz or is it 20 oz plastic bottle. I get on in the morning & it taste divine. The right amount of sweetness, the right amount of artificial cherry flavoring. Of course, the exact right amount of caffeine to get me going in my morning work routine.

During the day if I get parched I will buy a bottle or can from the vending machine. Occasionally I get the can. I have to tell you, it’s a bit on the fizzy side, tart and not as flavorful. I drink it, it still tastes ok. My mind just wonders if it’s the metal of the can changing the taste. Not concerned about any long effects on my health as I have been drinking diet Pepsi pretty much since I was a teen & that was a looooong time ago.

It just happened to cross my mind.

So tell me, do you think soda tastes different from a can vs. a bottle?

Better yet, do you call it soda or pop?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Babblin Fool

Aren't they great when they cooperate for a great photo?
Nothing like getting Bobster's arm in the photo as well.
Thank God they are all varying ages.
I could imagine if they were all 4 & under.
Good Lord!

I won a prize in Target's Bless Your Nest Sweepstakes.
2nd prize, matter of fact.
Are you ready?

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

I won a recycling bin.
It's black & says Dasani on it.
We will be using it for toys since we have a big ole recycling bin out back for the complex.
It was a nice surprise tho.
I love to win.

A few weeks back I got a coupon for a totally free bag of Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries.
Cheeks called them "Tiger Fries" because they were orange & black from were they got a little too done.
Sadly, no matter how done they were, they sucked.
Bobster ate all his only because he was hungry.
I wasn't that hungry & mine hit the trash.
I really just don't get the whole sweet potato phenomenon.
Like the Grandpop says "Good is what you like!"
Have you tried them?
Did you like them?

Now that summer is here, I'd like to address a little wardrobe issue.
I understand it's hot.
I understand plenty of people don't give a hoot about what others think
Just because of these two reasons, does not give one the right to let it all hang out.
You know what I am talking about.
Bra straps showing.
Muffin tops spilling over.
Cellulite jiggly on the thighs in the Daisy Dukes.
And most of all, unsightly feet in flip flops, sandels, slides, whatever.
It takes minutes to make your feet pretty.
Do it for the public.

I tend not to wear shorts.
I'm more a capri girl.
Well Casper is tan compared to me & my thighs are not for the eye of the public.
Trust me.
I am keeping them to myself.

So just a note.
From me.
To you, if you fall in that category.

So tell me, what do you like to wear for the summer.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: Here, Home, Hope by Karia Rouda

Let me tell you about this it!
It is such a fun read.

Here's a little background about it:
Kelly Mills Johnson becomes restless in her thirty-ninth year. An appetite for more forces her to take stock of her ordinary middle-American existence and her neighbors’ seemingly perfect lives. Her marriage to a successful attorney has settled into a comfortable routine, and being the mother of two adorable sons has been rewarding but exhausting.

This book is a fun, easy, relatable read.

For the first time in a long time, I relate to the main character. She wants something to call her own, do what she wants to do, loves her dh, her kids & takes in a daughter of her friends. Hello...that's me. I've taken in peeps before. That is just what I do.

Kaira Rouda writes with such ease that I feel like I am in the book. You know it's great when you get that involved. Not to mention I am sneaking, reading it at work. Tsk tsk...that's a no no but my boss is great & she is also an avid reader.

Kelly seems a lot like me. She wants to help others, wants to help herself, please her husband, raise good kids, & decorate all at the same time. Anyone whose followed my blog for awhile knows I am trying to redecorate on a budget...ha...that's means I am not doing anything because we have no budget for decorating but I digress.

Anywho, if you'd like something that is an easy read & will keep your interest make sure to check this book out. You will not be sorry.

Leave me a comment & tell me what you are reading now.
Give me ideas for my next book!

*I received a copy of the book for review from One to One Network. All opinions are 100% mine.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Signature Scent

Do you have one?
A signature scent that triggers what time of year it is.

I do.
This time of year I love:
I love Yankee Candles Cherry Lemonade.
Screams summer.

I also love their Harvest & Mistletoe.
I'll let you figure out what time of year I burn those.
Don't hurt yourself.

Cherry Lemonade is not part of their regular collection.
I think it's part of their Treasures Collection...don't quote me on that.

Other scents trigger smells associated with certain times of the year or certain memories.

There is a cologne, I have no idea what it is, but when I smell it, I remember being a kid, running around in my Uncle Bob's house. Guess he wore this scent. I think it's Stetson but I don't know...I was like 8.

What scent is your signature scent for certain times of the year?
I'm dying to know.

Monday, June 06, 2011

O is for OMG Olives!

I’ve had food on the brain lately. Must be because I have really been unable to eat anything except bread products. I’ve been living on bagels & soft pretzels, albeit last night I had mashed potatoes. Having some stomach issues. Hopefully getting them sorted out with all these visits to the docs & specialist.

What this post is really about is: OLIVES.
I do not know whose bright idea it was to eat these but they should be shot.
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some EVOO but an actual olive. Ew, patooey.
I wouldn’t force feed those to my enemy.

They are just so bitter. Then you have that little pimento doohickey if you are eating the green ones. Ick! As for the black olives that are loved by our local diners you can keep those too.

I have never tasted anything worse than an olive. That includes watermelon & if you read my last entry you will know I am not found of watermelon.

For some unknown reason these olives love to show up in pasta salads for the summer. Almost every single recipe I find has those in it. Yes I know I can leave them out but come on! Can’t we find something else to put in ‘cept the olive? Does it even have nutritional value?

I think I am just exasperated with the whole food thing lately.

Tell me what food to you despise?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Watermelon, an evil fruit

You know how you play the game of tell me something no one else knows about you.
A fact.

*deep breath*

I skeeve watermelon.
Oh yes.
Tis true.

I loathe this fruit.
I hate the taste.
Detest the smell.
Loathe the texture of the rind/fruit.

Normally, not a big deal for your average American woman.
Not so much for me.

See I used to cashier for a long time.
Summer would hit & customers were buying these babies in droves.

I took massive amounts of Zanax before I'd go to work in the summer.
Not true...not a Zanax type of girl.

I'd suck it up because I needed my job.
Truthfully, everytime I had to touch one to move from belt to the bag, I got a shiver up my arm.

I thought my phobia of watermelon was behind me.

Cheeks loves the melon.
So like any good grandmother, the Nana, buys him watermelon, cuts it up & gives it to him.

Thank God because if he waited for me, he'd be 35 wondering why he never heard of watermelon.

Don't get me wrong.
I think watermelon decor is nice.
Little watermelon dresses for little girls...cute.
The fruit...not so much.

So please, if you invite me to your picnic, don't ask me to bring the watermelon.