Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Halloween is here!
Can you stand it????

Cheeks is wearing his race car costume & is at his first official "Halloween" party at daycare today. They are going to take the kids around the block for a practice trick or treat run.
How cute is that??!!!???

I am going to take him out when I am done work (shh! I am there now, posting)
Last night, Mischief Night in this here parts, we participated in the Haddon Twp. Halloween Parade. Bobster pushed E in his "racecar" while I walked beside & Uncle "D" & Aunt Erie watched & took pics from the sidelines. Will upload later.

So what are your plans for Halloween today?????

Woops out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Phillies! Go Phillies!

Oh yea!

We did it!

World Series baby!!!!!

We are the champions..............................GO

So happy to see them win.
Bobster & I watched last night & my stomach did a flip when the Rays tied it up.
Thankfully Lidge got the out & the Phillies went on to win.
Yay baby! You could hear the shouts & fireworks outside my living room window of all the fans.

Which brings me to my rant today.
The fans.

Immediately after the win,
Broad St in Philly started to fill with people who wanted to celebrate the fantabulous news.
And celebrate they did.
They knocked over traffic lights (because they climbed them!).
They pushed over cement planters (because the fans know they look better in the street).
They knocked out the glass in bus stop shelters (who cares if the passengers waiting get rained on...Phillies won right?)
They looted (as all fans know is the way to celebrate!)
And finally they attempted to turn over a bus full of Philadelphia police officers who were coming in for crowd control (way to get excited).

So my question this morning is WTF is wrong with you people?????
Do you want to know how I celebrated??
I stayed up an extra 15 mins to watch the highlights.
Then this morning I turned on the news to watch the highlights again.
If I had been out, I would have hooped & hollered with the best of them but then I would have gotten in my car & went home.
Not typical Philly fans.
They decided to destroy city property & steal & attempt to hurt people.
Way to go!
Way to improve the image of Philadelphia sport fans.

Do they not have respect for other people's property? Do their morals go out the window & they decide to shoplift but 1st lets break the glass of the store?
Give me a break.
Act normal.
Dance in the streets!!
Don't bother lighting fires to keep warm, catch the el, the speedline or the bus & basked in the heat there.
Use your head people.

Everyone was excited that the Phillies won.
Hello...1st time in 25 years. That's my sister's lifetime.
So why ruin it for other people???
I was actually pretty disgusted when I saw what some people did.
You can bet you tushie that if some random person broke one of their house windows or turned over their car in the driveway, these people would be pissed!!!

So I hope that the world understands that these people are just a small majority of idiots & do not represent the entire legion of fans.
If you are one of the "riot" should be ashamed of yourself.
Grow up!
If you are a normal fan, who may have gotten a little tipsy with glee, but returned home without being destructive then I say "Good for you!"

Tell me, are you the type of fan who destroys or who celebrates with a safe, respectful heart?
Let me know.

Woops out!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Through the Years.......(and a small recipe)

Let's revist the cutest Cheeks costume!

My Pumpkin!



Is he not the best????
Anywho Today is Oatmeal Day & Candies Day.
I am not a fan of the oatmeal but I did throw a packet of Blueberry Cream oatmeal into Cheeks bag for breakfast.
Now candies....well as the size of my hips show I am a fan of all things candies!!!
So break it all out.
Sneak a few Halloween treats early.
I won't tell.
BTW, I made Chili yesterday.
Easiest recipe ever!
And the Grandpop even swung by to turn my crockpot on for me.
Here's the recipe.
You need:
Ground beef
2 cans Rotel
1TBS. Chili Pepper
Onion (diced)
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1 8oz. jar of Taco or Picante Sauce
1 can Corn
Brown the meat & onions.
Then toss in crockpot.
Throw in all the other ingredients.
Turn & cook on low for 3-4 hrs.
Throw in the crockpot

It's super easy.
Albeit spicey.
Cheeks didn't want any parts of it.
I also topped it with some cheddar cheese & sour cream.
I sent the leftovers to work with Bobster & told the Grandpop to swing by & pick up his....after all he turned on the crockpot for me. Braving wind & rain to do it.
That's all I got!
Woops out!
Edited to add *Blogger isn't allowing me to put spaces between my pp's today. I have no idea why. Sorry*

If It's Free It's for Me & You & You......

offer no longer valid

Go get this one.
These are too yummy to pass up.
I requested mine.
Yummmmmmmmmm!!!! Just press the button up there.

Woops out!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo! I scare you!!!

Did you jump?
Are you petrified???
OOOOH! Scarey ghost!!!!!!!!!

Being the mommy I am, back at the end of the summer I bought a ghost cookie cutter to cut Cheeks sandwiches in the shape of a ghost. I finally remembered to take a pic. The 1st time I made it, I used pretzels for the eyes & mouth. This time the brain kicked in & I adhered Cheerio's with a little peanut butter.
Much scarier!!!!

Today is National Chocolate Day.
In honor I started the day out by chomping on a 100 Grand Bar.
Nothing says breakfast like Chocolate!!!!

How are you going to celebrate this holiday??
Tell me!

Woops out!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh that's right, Dale Earnhardt Jr & Tony Stewart there's a new driver in town!
He will do what it takes to win....that includes hissy fits & throwing his sippy. All will be followed with a hug to say it's ok.
Check out the cutest race car driver ever!!!

Got these taken at Picture People. Despite it being hot as heck in there, they did a pretty good job. They even presented us with a collage of closeups, done in black & white in a really cool frame for the low price of $149.00. I fell in love with it but it was out of my budget.
Have no fear....the Grandpop bought it for me for Xmas.
Shout out to the Grandpop!!!!

It was a realitively low key weekend altho. we did shop til we drop.
Big Foot up there grew out of his sneakers. My 1st clue was when I put them on & he said "Ouch, Mommy, piggies." That's right, I didn't even have to buy a vowel to figure that one out.
So we hit up Stride Rite.

2 pairs of shoes....size 8.5, someone has Flintstone feet like his father.
Every single one of the kids do.
Flat & wide.
The poor kid looks like he has clown feet.
Hello.....Bobster wears a 14 wide!!!
I have a small, delicately petite foot at a size 10.

Sooooooooooo, what did you do this weekend??????

Before I forget, come Check out Living Locurto's Halloween Party here: Living Locurto
Absolutely the cutest stuff!!!!

Woops out!

Friday, October 24, 2008

An Elegant End to NCW

Today is the last day (well the last work day) of National Cupcake Week.
So let's end this party on an elegant note with some elegant sweets.


How stunning! I see this at my surprise 40th party (in 2 yrs!) that my family will throw me. They are good like that.

Eat these while wearing your little black dress & carrying your Kate Spade bag.

All mine!

Absolutey stunning. I want to dive right in.

So which ones are your elegant fav?

Did you celebrate NCW this week?

If so, how?

Care to share a recipe?

Leave me mad blog love & lemme know!

Woops out!

Oh Yes, we can't forget Foto Flashback Friday can we.
Look at these two.
Bow chica bow bow!
That's the Nana & The Grandpop back in the day.
I have to find some more old pics to get on this computer.
Wish I had some of Bobster....o wait! I do. I will do that next week.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Cupcakes for NCW & a Tag!!!

Let's continue our tribute to National Cupcake Week & to my ass getting bigger by just looking at these creations!

We will be visiting Halloweeny cupcakes today.

These look scrumptious & totally do-able.
This one...freakin adorable. If you don't know how to make a cat, simply pop a small oreo on there, add some icing into a point, put a little icing bow on the hat & viola...witches hat to go with witches broom. Altho you could pull off the cat with some Oreo's. I can definitely see it!

Oh look...little girly mummies!

Finally, my favorite cupcake of all.
Who! Who!
Sort of reminds me of the Tootsie Pop Owl?
Who remembers the Toostie Pop Owl?Me & My Little Life & Megryansmom tagged me. To the Nana...this is the lady I was telling you about...she is not, I repeat, she is not the actress Meg Ryan's mother!
Anywho (get it? Who! Who!, see above pic of owl cupcakes for reference if you don't get it), she tagged me to name 7 random facts so here it goes.

  1. I didn't drive til I was 21
  2. I live one block from where I grew up.
  3. I was an only child for 13 yrs & 6 days.
  4. I was almost named Peggy Sue or Wendy, thankfully the Nana put an end to that & the Grandpop's name choices were averted. Trust me, with my last name Wendy would not have been cool
  5. I used to have a double piercing in each other but they closed up & keloids grew so much that I had to have them removed at
  6. I can actually type & not look at the keyboard
  7. I met Regis Philbin....oh that's right, don't hate!

So I am supposed to tag 7 more people but I am too tired at this point & the bed is calling my name, so just tell me, out of the cupcake pics above, which one is your fav??????

Woops out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcake Queen of Nevada

Have you all met Tracey? From Notes from A Cottage Industry. I found her blog b/c she has a great decorating sense. I mean, the girl rocks the talent. Not only can she decorate & has a business selling her refurbed wares (aside from her big girl job), she also bakes, decorates & sells cupcakes!!!!
Oh that's right.
I said it.
Let's visit some of her creations.
Check these out....look at those sweet lady bugs & the "melt in your mouth" pink icing (or as a lot of Philly area's spelled pronounce it icing....sorry for the rant but that drives me crazy)

Look at these.

How cute would they be for a baby boy shower or even a one year old's bday party???

Mini still my heart!
Birds Nests!!! How creative can one person be. just have an ounce of this talent.
Finally my favorite color combo. Green & Orange.

LoVe It!!!!!!!!!

So go see Tracy over at Notes from A Cottage Industry


have your mouth drool at her cupcakes


have your eyes take in all her lovely creations!

Tell her I sent ya.

Do you have any yummy cupcakes sites to share? What's your fav color combo on cupcakes? Do you say ICNING??? Tee hee.

Woops out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 2 of NCW & an award!

NCW you ask?
That's short for National Cupcake Week.
Rachael Ray has EVOO, I have NCW.

Anyway, to help celebrate this phenomonal week check out this giveaway at
Sisterly Savings

How freakin adorable is this apron!!!!

Now don't go run & enter because you will all ruin my chances at winning & you all know the size of tushie will just look delightful with that apron running around my waist! I actually LOVE this apron.

Who wouldn't?

It has cupcakes on it!!!! Can you stand it?????

Now onto my award!!!
I would like to thank the Academy of Music & Quincy Jones for producing my album.....WHAT? It's not a grammy.


I knew I had no musical ability....don't tell my family...they think I am the next Mariah Carey. Well, my son does & that's all that counts.

Tranquilty & Turmoil has bestowed this award on me. I am soooooooooooooo flattered!!!!

This award comes with a requirement tho., a fun one.

I need to post 6 things I value & 6 things I do not then pass it on to 6 other awesome bloggers!

Here we go.


  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Faith
  4. Happiness
  5. Stability
  6. Mental Health (yea, yea, laugh....sadly, it's true! LOL)

Not Value

  1. Deceit
  2. Bad music
  3. Poor mental health (see values #6)
  4. Frenemies
  5. No faith
  6. Unhappiness

And this award goes to:

  1. Darlene over at Darlene's Days
  2. Jamie over at Keary Family Happeings (who also was the only one who guessed who the mystery girl was in my Foto Flashback Friday, so chica...send me you addy & I will send you a small, humble prize!)
  3. Renee over at My Cooking Adventures
  4. Julie at Cool Mom Guide
  5. Connie at The Young & Relentless
  6. Erin at My Rambles

There ya have it!!!

Now girlers who pick up their awards, post 6 values & 6 non values & pass on the award to 6 other bloggers.

Also, all 2 of my readers, wait make that 10, tell me what your fav cupcake is.

Mine is really...ANY! I don't discriminate when it comes to sweets.

Woops out!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

National Cupcake Week...can't be!

Oh but it can
It is!!!

If this isn't one of the best "national" weeks to celebrate then slap my ass & call me Judy because I have no idea what is!!!
Aren't those bee cakes too cute for words? If only I had that talent.

Here's the level of my talent:

That's right. Elmo cupcakes it is! These were made for Cheeker's 1st bday back in 2007. Sorry for the photo through my refrigerator but I was on a time limit, so work with me.

Anyway I want to know what kind of cupcakes you have made so join me for the "Cupcake Party".

Post a pic of your cupcakes or a recipe or both & link up with me!!!

Join the party!

Come back to for more cupcake fun & games!!!


{I give up...I am trying to get Mr. Linky in here but I have no idea what I am doing wrong...grr! So please leave me comment love with your link!}

Friday, October 17, 2008

Foto Flashback Friday

Let's revisit some memory making moments, shall we.

Here's my dad or the Grandpop as we refer to him now.
He's a looker in that uniform, no?

An 11 yr old TimBob....can you stand it? He will be 15 in like 2 weeks!!!!

Where did the time go???

And who are these 1988 Prom beauties?????

That bow on the shoulder is stunning! And the hair, well those hairdo's took hours people! HOURS!

God, I was thin!

Check out this Vogue inspired pic. That the Nana & my Aunt Patty (shout out to Aunt Patty!) Aunt Patty is my dad's youngest sister, closest in age to moi....I think 10 yrs separates us.
And who would this cutie patootie be?

Guess correctly & you could win a small, humble prize from moi!

Is that dress not to die for!

Hello 1972. This is the original Grandpop & the Grandmom.

Funny Grandpop still looks EXACTLY the same!

And who are these Cosmo girls? Well it's the Nana & the Aunt Dar. Sexy mo~fo's aren't they??
Yet anothering flattering shot of me, Bobster & Cheekers. Circa Thanksgiving 2006!
Check out this little middle one. Missing a tooth eh? He will be 10 next month!


So any flashback fotos you care to share???

Dig em out & post em! I would love to see them!

Woops out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freebie Alert! Freebie Alert!!


Have a baby?
Having a baby?
Know someone with a baby?
Know someone having a baby?
I encourage you to sign up for this.
When I was preggers with the Cheekers I did & oh my! I got tons of stuff.
You can get everything from magazines to formula samples to diaper coupons.

Sign up!!

Just click the pic!!

Woops out

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scarey vs. Sweet & Oh, That's Just Wrong

It has come.
That time of year.
That time where the season of scarey vs. sweet decor comes out to play.

I am talking about mixing themes in your Halloween decorating.
You know, cute & scarey.

Some people prefer one or the other but we have those special people who like to mix it together.
This is a no no.
Unless done tastefully but that takes a good eye.

For example, check out this witch.

Cute, no?
Yes, yes....very cute.
Calm & cute for the kiddies.

Now check out this witch (and please, no comments about the resemblence to me in the morning!)

Very scarey!!!
I mean it's painfully obvious she suffers from hyperthyroidism, look at her eyes! & she is nauseaus but still, she's a scarey bitch.

Now these two gals should not be put together when decorating for the holiday.
They just don't go.
Or flow.
No sense of rhyme or reason.
I mean, stick with one type of decor.
You don't want the mailman walking up to your door enjoying the frolicking ghost when
Out of no where he sees a severed head with a blade in it.
Not pretty!
Matter of fact, I think the mailman has to go change his shorts now.
Let's hope he doesn't use your mail to clean up.

So heed my warning & stick with one theme.

Now onto the other timely tradition of this time of year.
Blow up lawn ornaments.
Can be overkill?

I mean overkill when someone has more than say, one or two.
They have it on the lawn that is the size of a postage stamp.
Not asthetically pleasing.
Worse, I pass a house that has no lawn so they just plop 2 of these bad boys on the porch.
Ouch! Again, not pretty people, not pretty.
See below.
These are examples of blow up lawn ornaments run amuk.
Perhaps one would be ok but more than one on such small lawns, hmm...not so much.

So please, keep my little tidbits in the back of your head when decorating for this time of year.
It will do America/Canada & any other country that celebrates Halloween some good.

Thank you!
Woops has left the building!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Here it is.
Your PSA for October.
What could it be about?
It's a two parter.
1st...Back Fat.

Let's visit back fat.
I have it.
I will admit it.
I know enough to wear a shirt that is flattering. (i.e. loose over the back & tummy area, not lowcut)
Apparently not everyone adheres to this rule.
That's ok!
Just please know that a loose fitting top will be more becoming than say a shirt from the juniors department when you are a plus girl or your 6 yr old's UnderArmore on your 36 yr old body.
It is not sexy to see rolls & rolls stuffed under your shirt. They move when you walk, like 2 pigs fighting under a blanket!
So, please, listen to this PSA & choose clothes flattering.

2nd...bras that offer support.
Since I am, how do the french say.....wee fluffy...I have girls that are on the larger than normal size.
I always make sure I have a bra that offers support.
You know keeps the girls up at a flattering level.
Really, your belly button peeking between your boobs is not attractive.
Let's just say that you should not be able to run a chain through your nipple rings & belly button rings & the chain goes straight through...know what I'm sayin?
Plus the girls, they like support.
Now, I'm not saying you can't whip off the over the shoulder boulder in your own home but please think of others when you go out.
Nothing hurts worse than getting hit with a stray boob!

So, please America & other nations, keep in mind.....for the safety of others, please support your girls!

Woops out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Is it wrong, that as I type this, I am eating Hershey Kisses for breakfast????

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let the Xmas shopping games carry onward!

Oh yes.
Two posts from me in one day...can't be!
Believe your eyes, it is.
Because I found the shopping site of all shopping sites!!!!!

You can get everything there & they have a section with
free shipping offers!
Can you say SPAVE????!!!!!!

They have a
Home Housewares section. Within this section they have a sub section for Sports theme stuff, like banners, signs etc. Great ideas for the sports fan in your life for the upcoming holidays!!! I know it will be a Pittsburgh Steelers Xmas again in my house of boys.
Sigh. I'm just asking for some pink!

Speaking of pink..... has partnered with Lifetime network to bring a mini section of stuff that brings the attention to the fact that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The stuff is too cute & since pink is my signature color I am lovin life plus finding great ideas for some gifts for the "girls" on my list.

What I am totally loving about this site is that you can compare prices from different stores to see what is the best deal, then follow it up by looking for coupons here. Again...SPAVE!!!!!!!!

They have also a section for kids & babies, so you can get the gift giving or supply restock for your little ones taken care of. And of course we can not forget the ever popular gift section. Need to order flowers or a fruit basket, check out the gift section & you will find a cheap place to get them ordered & delivered. Then viola, done!

So I definitely recommend b/c it makes it all so easy.
Check it out!

Woops out!

Have you ever seen

The tv game show called "Trash to Treasure"
It's produced by HGTV
around these here parts it's shown on The Style Network.
It's a pretty good show, well game show actually.

2 Teams.
They are given $$$ & set loose in flea markets & garage sales.
Back to the lab where they are to repurpose their finds & sell them for a higher price.
They do not always get the higher price.
Team to make the most $$$ wins.

What I like about it is seeing everyone's vision.
Not always my vision but none the less it's interesting.
Sometimes they just flop with what they do & sometimes not everything sells.
I am pretty sure the show takes place in NYC.
Anywho check it out b/c:
1. I want to know what you think of it
2. Check out the host, Sandy Robson.
That's him there:

Does he not strike an uncanny, I mean creepy, resemblence to Owen Wilson?
Every time I watch this showI think "OMG! I could do that!" & "OMG! He looks just like Owen Wilson!"

So tell me, have you seen the show? Do you think the two look similar? Let me know!

Woops out!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Is that a Xmas pic in the middle of all the fall decorating going on in the blog atmosphere?
Oh believe your sweet bippy it is.
Why you ask?

Because, I, officially started my Xmas shopping Saturday night.
By accident really.
I was perusing the racks at my local Target, where I was by myself........BY MYSELF!!!!! The joy in that statement is undeniable.
Anyway I was perusing looking for clearanced t'shirts for Bobster (b/c he gets filty at work!!) when I stumbled across a really cool t'shirt for the middle one.
Men's size medium so it will be baggy, just the way he likes it.
Purple with skulls on it.
He actually asked for clothes this year.
So for less than $7, he is getting a t-shirt.
No, that's not all he is getting but my point is, I started!!!! I started Xmas shopping.

Let the games begin.
Did you start your shopping?

Woops out!

Help Support Your School & Get Free Food

Fruit Roll-ups

What could be better?
Sign up & get a free custom fruit roll up & in the meantime you earn $$$ for your school?

Well, silly willy, thru Box Top for Educations.
You know, those little boxes on a lot of the food you buy, you snip em & send them in to your school

EZ Peasy!
I signed up.

Come join me!!!

Woops out!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's time to play "How did you find my blog"

Our host: Cheekers, will paint us a picture of how one found my blog.
Let's check out the keywords/phrases that prospective readers used to make it to this fabu blogeroo!

"kick the fellow" ~ Why? What did he do to you?

"both legs amputated" ~ OK! I can see the fellow pissed you off!

"should wear my glasses" ~ Do I really need to see the fellow get kicked & then have his legs amputated?

"can't bear to" ~ this should really be my answer to kick the fellow & amputate!

"get used to them bars" ~ you're gonna have to with what you have planned!

"turkey tettrazine" ~ Yep, I hear this is the top requested meal............IN PRISON!

So what keywords have readers finding your blog?

Woops out!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Free!! Free!! If it's free it's for me or you or you or you

General Mills is offering $10 in coupons.
That is a savings right there & if you are lucky to live in double coupon country...well you are GOLDEN!

So don't delay.
Click the little linky up there & sign up.
I did & since I am trying to save, save, save the $10 in coupons will help BIG TIME! Especially with 3 boys + Bobster!

So go.
Sign up.

Woops out!

Monday, Monday

Did I ever show all 3, wait sorry, all 7 (see over there <~~~~~)my window treatments that I did in my microcell size kitchen?
Well feast your eyes on this:
Collectively now: OOOH! AAAH!
Impressed aren't you?
How did I do it you ask?
It's a napkin!
What? Can't be!? you say.
'Tis true.

I simple followed the advice of the Nester & created a mistreatment.
I found 3 packages of these cute napkins on clearance for $2. (I want my $2!....Ok who can name the movie that line is from???)
Anyway I simple folded them in half & pinned them above my kitchen window.
That's the only window I have in there, thankfully I have a door right next to it with a window on it. I also used the napkins on the door.
That's it.
Pretty nifty, no?
It works for me & looks way better than having the window with nothing above it. Trust me, I had it like that for 2 years.

So what have you done to dress up your windows?
Share please.

Woops out!