Saturday, September 29, 2007

So much has been going on!

Where do I begin?
How about with this little man right here:

Someone took 2 steps this morning! Yep.

All by himself. How exciting!!! I don't think he realized it tho. He's been doing one step alone in the playpen but this was on the floor.

Go Cheekers!!!! My baby is growing up! I can't stand it. Waaaah!

Here's a quick layout I did last night for the sketch challenge at I love the pattern paper. It's by Rusty Pickle!!!
I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Teehee

So with the scraps I decided to create some cards to sell on Ebay. My Xmas ones didn't sell but hopefully these will!

There is a block party out front of my house today.
Out front.
10 feet from my front door.
They started setting up for it at 6am.
Good times!
Good times!

Bobster is on his way back.
Must run.

Woops out~!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He's back!

Kitchen Nightmares was on tonight.
9pm est.
I think it premiered last week but I missed it.
I did not miss tonight.

Top Model at 8.
Beefcake, I mean, kitchen show @ 9.

It was pretty good.
Gross but good.
And Chef Ramsey was spotted TOPLESS on the show.
Had to be done.
Ya know, for ratings.

Anyway check it out. Pretty good little show.

Now today I had an interview. So off I went.
I arrived on the 3rd floor, told the older than dirt receptionist my name.
Not once,
Not twice,

She then called the girl I was meeting with and told her:


Lady, do I look like a video game system?
Or did you decide b/c I am a fluffy girl, that I am mega fat & decided that is my new name.
Again, just another example of someone naming me what they prefer v. what my mom liked.

Anywho, interview went well.
I want to stay home but there is a lot more to consider when I do that then just my wants.

Bobster has been home for awhile now. Well since Sunday night.
Timmy had to be put in the hospital for an infected hair folicle that turned into a staff infection so he came home.
He's working locally for the time being.
Timmy is home.
Came home today.
I feel bad for the kid.
He has to have the wound packed & repacked everyday.
Just like I did with my face.
It's painful but I was able to be numbed.
They can't num his area.
Not good times.
At least he's home now & resting.
He's been sick & nervous about each repack everyday.
He's on the mend tho.
Monday he goes to Dupont to see what is going on with his back.
He has bulging ligaments & 3 stress fractors so he is a brace for 6 mos.
He's 8th grade year isn't go so great right now.

So keep him your thoughts.
And say a prayer for the next person who mispronounces my name or decided to spell it their way.
It won't be pretty people.
Won't be pretty.

Woops out!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sneaky Peek

First Up.
Christmas cards.
I have them up for sale on Ebay.
Started the auction at $3 w/ $2 shipping.
Do you think I undercut myself?
I am hoping I get a bid. Started auction today....5 day auction.
What do you think?
Good enough to sell?
I am trying to supplement the income, kwim?

Sneaky Peek.
Did this layout for 2 challenges.
One a sketch & the other for the OLW blog.
The word was perfect.
I like it.
Then again I think he's perfect & pretty friggin cute as well.
Altho. he is now standing in his playpen, whining, throwing things out or at me, I haven't determined yet & jumping up & down.
He's been sneezin, started coughing here & there last night, but it's like cough every 5 hours, & then he woke up @ 6:15!!!!! I held him & rocked him & he just cuddled.

Woops out!
Going to feed the Cheekers.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Here's a layout I did for a scraplift train at one of the sites I love to visit. It's a lot plainer than I normally do but I like it.
Gets the point across.
I've done one other layout & some cards. Will post later.
My question today is:
Why when I was in Puerto Rico, I didn't have swollen ankles and or diarrhea?
I said it.
My blog.
I can if I want to.
See I have diarrhea every day.
And my ankles get swollen by the end of the day.
When I was in the land of Goya, this didn't happen.
Why do I have intestinal issues everyday?
This has been going on for about 8 months or more that I can recall.
I don't feel good today.
Very tired.
Not myself at all.
Maybe I will scrap later. Maybe that will help my doldrums.
Don't know.
Woops out~!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spelling Lesson

Ok listen up.
Pay attention.

My name is Meghan.
It is spelled M E G H A N
That's right, my name has an H in it.

Now, I have all my emails signed w/ my name.
I also sign all my mb's with my name.

Not once I have ever spelled it differently.
Unfortunately a lot of people feel that even tho. they are reading what I wrote, they either:
a. Aren't paying attention
b. Decide the way they want to spell my name is better than how my mom spelled it.

Here's a quick lesson for you.
When you add an extra a, e or i. It changes the pronunciation.
Meaghan.....sounds like Maygin.
You pronounce my name like this: M egg in.
There ya go. I broke it out for you!

Now if you had an i, like Meighan. It is now said like this:
Again, this is not how I spell my name nor say it.

I know there are different ways to spell Meghan.
I have a best friend who spells it Megan. Of course, when I made something out to here, once, just once, I spelled it like mine. I quickly redid it so she didn't think I was a moron. I think that mistake is understandable since it's the same name!

So please, please, please pay attention to the spelling if the person's name is in what they wrote.

I have had to deal with misspelling for 37 years. YEP! You read it right.
37 years.

So remember it's spelled like this:

Got it?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

These are my people by Erin

Erin did this layout for her girlfriend in the front who is turning 21. She made her an album. I told her about the challenge at so she did it. I am linking it to the blog for her.

I will do my own version later.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I've scrapped

This is for the challenge here:

It was too use the lyrics from Nelly Furtado's song: Say it Right.

I was having an awful time figuring out what pic I wanted to do. So Bobster jumped in & picked out the pic & finished the title.

Thanks Bobster!

Will post a more lengthy entry later.

Woops out!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another CJ Layout Down...a few more to go

Did this entry for Martha's cj from It was for your special technique. I don't really use on particular technique so I went with Freestyle. Sort of go with flow. It turned out better than I expected.

In other news...
Had some interviews.
The 1st one went well. I don't think they are paying what I am asking.
2nd one went really well. They offered me the job but low balled me. We entered salary negotiations but after much thought, & talking with Bobster, I am going to pass.
I realized that with my experience & my college education I am worth more.
Now, the 3rd interview, was at the Goddard School. For asst. to the teacher.
What the pay was was basically minimum wage.
That's not going to work.

So tomorrow I am heading to the BOE in a neighboring town to see about being a TA. The pay might not be close to what I want BUT it will get my foot in the door & allow me to be with Cheekers more, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Bobster just keeps telling me we will be alright.
I am putting my faith in him.

In Cheekers news...he is cutting all 4 eye teeth at once.
Good times!
Good times!

On that note..........
Woops out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hola! I am back from the land of Goya!!!

Did you miss me?
Did you even know I was gone?
Yes, yes, Bobster's company flew me to Puerto Rico for a long weekend.
So nice!
Flight down was super sweet. I had no one next to the two seats next to me & then a very quiet, old, old lady who only spoke Spanish & used her Rosary beads the entire flight. I watched Blades of Glory on the way down. Glad I didn't go to the movies for that one.

Got off the flight.
Met Bobster (and Keith...can't leave him out!)

Back to the apt. It's sweet! 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, balcony, tile floor & AIR CONDITIONING.
For the love of God, PR is HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!

Went to lunch.
Best food ever! Italian & better than the food I had in Italy.
Bobster's boss called & said to take me out to dinner on the company.
We hit up Ruth Chris.
Now that was good.

I drank.
Can you believe it?
While in PR, I had 2 Cosmo's, ice cream w/ Brandy on it, a Pina Strawberry Coloda & a Shmirnoff Ice.

Got to meet some guy from the Sixers. Well Keith & Bob talked to him. I just sat there. Some 6'9, white kid who looked like Ashton Kutcher. His leg folded was the lenght of mine. But let me tell you, he had the whitest, straightest teeth EVER!

AS for the county of PR....hmmm...for those who are local, if you have been to Camden, you have been to PR. For those not so local....think of the worse city in your state & there you have PR.

Don't get me wrong. Parts of the Island are beautiful (like the rain forest) but for the most part, it's a poor county & sadly, it shows.

A lot of people just pull over on the side of the road & open their trunk. Pull out the portable over/grill & cook & sell it. Or they pull out souvenoirs. Sell them.
Right there!

I missed Cheekers terrible.
I swear he grew so much in the 4 days I was gone.
I was happy to see him. He smiled at me but Elmo was on so he was preoccupied.
Glad to know Mommy isn't as special as Elmo.

Now for the pics.

This is Charlie. He greeted us every time we came or went from Bobster's apt.

This is not a sign for any type of Happy Hour you would find around where you live. This is a sign for Happy Hour at the Lucky 7 where you can get LUCKY.
Local whorehouse.
Nice eh?

The average, local entertainment.

Holy Mother of God!
Look at those people.
See what no make up, heat, humidity & being in a rain forest will do for you!

Pretty leaf in the rainforest. It's huge actually!

I will post more later.

Funny thing, Bobster will be returning this weekend!

For how long, not sure, but will enjoy him immensly!

Woops out ~!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Assume the Position

Do you think he's practicing for the future?
Lord, I hope not.
That child loves the wall. He will stand there & pat it, kiss it, climb it.
Loves it.

I will be seeing the Bobster very soon!!!
Can't wait.
Miss him so much!

Went to my first post firing work day today.
I did little.
Especially after I met with the woman in HR.
Oh, she's a peach.
On the way out, I asked her if she would provide a letter of reference.
She said no.
I said Ok.
Then, with a sickening sweet smile & condecending tone in her voice she added:
"Especially when there has been a problem."
I was speechless.
As if I embezzled funds or create havoc.
If it was that bad, I doubt I would have been allowed to complete this week so I could get benefits for the month.
Whatever! I made mistakes, I admit, but come on!

Job interview on Thursday.
Wish me luck.

In the meantime I think I am going to try to scrap.
Wish me luck there too!

Woops out!

** edited to add that I just now saw the wires so close to his toys.
Stellar mother aren't I? In reality he never gets close enough to them b/c we are on him like bees on honey & they will be removed this week! Again, I am an award winning mom aren't I?**

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Think I could get Oprah to think he's a relative & send money????