Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!!

As you can see, I am ringing in the new year in style. Wearing my new pj's from BJ's & hanging out. Bobby & I just watched the DaVinci Code. I was confused thru. the whole damn thing! Plus I know it's just fiction but that was a creepy storyline & I do believe the author of the book is going to be in a lot of trouble in the afterlife.

In current news: We have a tooth!!!! Yep! Cheeker's 1st tooth arrived. Approximately 3:30 this morning. Poor babe is in such discomfort but for the most part, he's still happy go lucky. I can't believe my little man has a tooth!!! You can see the other one coming in as well but it hasn't broken the skin. It's on the bottom. All I can say is thank goodness I don't breastfeed. OUCH! LOL

So I leave with you that. Happy 2007!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

This will be the new dance I teach Cheeks & we will do it for every celebatory occasion!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

You might be asking yourself why I posted a pic of my blurry tree or you might be thinking why the heck would I care that she posted a blurry pic? Well I posted it b/c that is what the holiday felt like...a blur. Over in the blink of an eye. All the prep, all the anxiety & in a matter of minutes, the wrap is flying & the kids are saying "NEXT."

Cheekers 1st Christmas was great. Very nice. He slept most of the day. I think the excitement got to him plus he is cutting teeth so he is a little on the cranky side. My sister, Michelle, & her husband surprised everyone by showing up. They moved to No. Carolina after their wedding in Sept. It was nice to see her & the 1st time she got to see Cheeks.

Speaking of Cheeks, he had his 4 month dr. visit. On his 18 week b-day, he weighed in at 22lbs, 2oz & 27inches long. The dr. said I might want to cut back on feedings. Um, okay. She doesn't even know he is on cereal & baby food. She thinks it's strictly formula! So, since I don't want to be on Maury Povich, with my 250lb 2yr old, Cheeks is only getting food for breakfast & late lunch know. Of course, he will still get his bottle but we need to cut back on the foodie food. Poor kid! I am sure once he get's to walking he will thin out. I mean, his thighs, make the Michelan Man look anorexic. Really, they do!

So did anyone get a favorite Christmas gift? Leave me some blog love & let me know what you got!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Is he not the most gorgeous???!!! (Of course, I am partial).

I've been tagged by Kathy, so read through & see if you have been tagged!

A - Available/Single? Neither

B- Best Friend? Erin, Kathy, Meghan

C- Cake or Pie? Can I have both? Puh-leeze???

D - Drink Of Choice? Diet Cherry Pepsi

E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? Toilet paper!

F - Favorite Color? Pink

G- Gummy Bears Or Worms? Bears

H - Home or Homesick? Home

I - Indulgence? Phish food by Ben & Jerry's

J - January Or February? January

K - Kids & Their Names? Tim, Chris & the Cheekers

L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Cheekers

M - Marriage date? It better be 2007~!

N - Number Of Siblings? 1 sister, 1 stepsister, 1 stepbrother

O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples(But sadly, I can't eat fresh ones, I am allergic)

P - Phobias/Fears? Spiders, touching people's feet

Q - Favorite Quote: Never eat more than you can lift~Miss Piggy

S- Season? Fall

T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Torreh, Tara, Jacquie & Brianna

U - Unknown Fact About Me? I don't know, must be unknown to me.

V - Vegetable you don’t like? Brussel Sprouts

W- Worst Habit? Eating too much fast food

X- X-rays You’ve Had? Too many

Y - Your Favorite Food? Seafood

Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer

Monday, December 18, 2006

This is what happens after a long day of Christmas shopping with Mommy on Saturday. His last day in his infant seat. Sunday he went to his big baby car seat. :<(
Now my tale of woe today...MY NEIGHBORS! For the love of God, they are the noisiest people ever!!!! We share a wall & neither of us have carpet, so I am sure noise is amplified BUT after I put Cheekers down for the night, the dinner show begins. The kids are so loud that I can hear them through my monitor clear as day. I hear thump, boom, crash & cries & that's not through the monitor. I hear screaming & whining through the monitor. It was so bad the other night, Cheeks woke up. I don't know how to tell them that they are extremely noisy w/out offending them, but I don't fancy my baby waking up b/c their 2 year old shriek's like a banshee. What to do??? What to do??? For now I guess nothing but drop broad hints!
One of our trucking companies at work sent all the girls Hershey tower's of chocolate. YES! I am in choco~heaven!!!!!!!! Is it any wonder my ass is the size of a Mack truck!
Woops out.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

4 Months!

Can you believe it was 4 months ago today that this little bundle came into my life?? Well, okay, 11 pounds isn't little but it's littlier than he is now. My sister took these. I always take his photo with Elmo, to show his growth.

He is getting so big. Today I went & got his big boy carseat. Evenflow Triumph. It's not the Cadillac of carseats, more like the Toyota. I guess while Daddy is home he will put it in the van for Cheeks.

More Xmas shopping to do! Will I ever get done? Nope, I think it's never ending. Still waiting for tons of stuff to come in the mail or be delivered. Hope it makes it!

Woops out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The first & so far only layout I have scrapped since Cheeks birth. This was for my last newsletter with the design team at I resigned today. With working full time, taking care of the babe & the house & trying to run errands & spend time with the Bobster (when he is home) I don't know when I can fit in scrapping. I felt it wasn't fair to them that I stay on the team I am sad to go but I had to do what I had to do.
Anyway the layout is from last Christmas. Timmy was 12. He's now 13 & you can sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo see the difference a year in the life of a pubesant boy does. LOL Poor thing! One minute he sounds 8, the next he sounds 38. His voice cracks & goes deep. Too cute!
Still haven't gotten the babies Christmas portraits done. Doesn't look like I will either. Kiddie Kandids & all the other walk in places are so busy that the wait is like 3hrs. Um, yea, not so convenient with an infant. It's ok tho. I will have my sister, the budding photographer take his pic. She loves to do photo sessions with him. She even uses props. Don't ask!
So who say "The Year without a Santa Claus" movie? Such a disappointment. Harvey Firestein was Heat Miser & very scarey! He's definitely a man who needs facial hair. Delta Burke didn't look bad as Mrs. Claus, but they grey hair...oiye! kvetch! Anywho, the movie sucked so bad, I fell asleep before it was over!
On the note...woops out!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Playing Santa.
Online shopping. I love it. I just banged out the in-laws gift, a gift for Bobby, a gift for my mom's Bobby, a gift for Chris, wait, 2 gifts for Chris, and a gift for The Nana.
All the while sitting here in my monkey pj's, sniffing & drinking a Diet Pepsi.
Yes, yes, life is good when you can shop in your pj's!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Um, yea, trying to get a baby, an 8 year old & a 13 yr old to cooperate for an impromtu photo shoot is like trying to put shoes on a fish! I got some cute one tho. & it's nice to have photos of all 3 boys together. I love my boys!

I really need to refill my Zoloft. It's not pretty people. I get all worked up for no reason & that's not right. My mind starts thinking of other things. I am a mess. So off to to get a refill. Hopefully in a few days I will feel less stressed & not like I have an ambolysym waiting to explode.

On that note..........Woops out!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Maybe the title of this post should be "3 Chunks in a Row!"
I think this is the only photo of all 3 of us in it, since Cheekers was born!
Taken the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Random thoughts:
~Christmas Tree is up. Multi-colored lights BUT even tho. it was my year to have clear, we went multi. Why? 1. The Bobster is going to be away til like the 15th & I wasn't waiting that long for my tree 2. It's artificial & pre-lit & since he agreed to that I said we could do multi-colored 3. Babies prefer the colored lights. It's done except for the garland. I actually do beads, not garland. To each his own.

~Still need to get Cheekers Christmas portraits done. Before Christmas. Would like to include them in holiday cards.

~Holiday traffic. Absolutely amazing. Today I was at the shopping area around here known as East Gate. It's a mess w/o it being the holidays but I digress. So there we are (me, the babe & my sister), waiting behind 2 cars to turn left. It's a left turn only lane with it's own light. Well the car that was in the 1st spot turned left, the car in front of me sat there with her turn signal on to go RIGHT!!!!!!! So we sat thru. the light. Of course I beeped at her to go when it was clear on the right & she just put her hand up as if to say "I can't go!" & pointed to the red light. I just wanted her to get into the lane b/c she had room over there before the line of traffic showed up from the light behind us. Well our light turned green again. The bitch sat again! So I beeped. Long & hard! She must have gotten so fluster she just turned left & got on the highway. I made the U-turn & headed to Chi-fil-a. Now I am leaving out the fact that I rolled my window down & screamed at her from the car. She was about 70, deaf & had her windows up but I felt good afterwards. Actually I felt like I had an ambolsym burst. Really have to get that Zoloft filled!

~Need to pick up speed on the Christmas shopping. If anyone knows of any stores that carry pogo sticks this time of year....lemme know. Christopher wants one & we said Ok!

~In the wind yesterday my Christmas flag blew away. Son of a biscuit! This is the second time that has happened to me. Now I must buy a new flag.

~The Megan Mullaly Show. Hmmm.....not really liking it. I think she is going to be type casted now but o well. Stick to acting not hosting. Now Rachael Ray...I like her show, she's ok but I think she will become over-exposed.

~Have to get my favorite things ready to post. If Oprah can do it, why can't I.

~Made the Ugly Cake by Tastefully Simple. Um, yea, don't bother. Not so good.

On that note.....Woops Out!