Monday, January 31, 2011

Civic Duty Called

I did it.
My civic duty.
Jury duty.

I'm  now officially done for 3 years.
Without fail, when I live in this county, I am called...every 3 years.
I know it needs to be done.
It's just so darn inconvenient.

I did get called to be on a jury.
The trial was slated to last 6 weeks.
For a civil suit.
I was excused.
Due to financial hardship if I was to serve all that.

Back to the basement I went to await the next call of jurors.
Luckily, they had all they needed & we were released.

I made the trek back to my van.
Right pass the prison.
Then I drove through Camden.
The 2nd worse crime city in NJ.
They just recently laid off half the police force & half the fire force for the budget.
Smart move there Camden.

Have you ever served on a jury?
I always get picked but never actually serve.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I know I live with boys

An extremely recent conversation between myself & Cheeks.

Cheeks (yelling from upstairs) "Mommy, mommeeeeee, it's not working?"
Me: "What's not working?"
Cheeks "The itch, nothing is making the itch go away!"
Me: "The itch, the itch where? In your butt?"
Cheeks "Yes"
Me: "Ok, I'm going to wash it"
Cheeks "You mean the hole?"
Me: "The hole?"
Cheeks "Yea, the hole! The hole where my poops lives"

And we commensed the washing of the butt.


How do you know you live with a boy?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh that's right ladies

He's all mine.
Keep your hands to yourself.

This is what Bobster does when he's bored at work.
And he tells me I do nothing all day.
Guess that Bobcat is driving itself.

So I am sitting here in my cold home, jammies on, listening to the serenade of Bobster's snores while it snows like a mofo out there.
I am totally over the snow.
Growing up I never remember this much snow.
I remember snow here & there
Jersey is getting pounded this winter
well, I've had enough.

Bring on summer!

Don't get me wrong.
Winter is great.
You can bundle up in all kinds of layers.
Hide the fat rolls is my motto.
I don't mind the cold, and really don't mind the snow.
As long as it's on the weekend.
When I don't have to get up & shovel
as we all know Bobster is usually out of town when snow hits.
He's home this time though.
I will watch from the warmth of my computer screen as he shovels.

It's not that I don't want to shovel.
We only have one.
So really what good would I be.
And my delicate hands would get so frozen out there.

I will man the inside.
Perhaps made a banana cream pie.
From scratch.

How 'bout you?
What do you do while it's snowing?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leaving it in the hands of my readers

I need your opinion.

I have been thinking of getting something for awhile.
A few years.

No, no, not a tattoo.
While I wouldn't mind & there are some really cool ones out there, I just can't figure out what I want on my body the rest of my life.

I'm talking nose ring.
The Aunt Erin has one.
Very cute.
Very subtle.

That's what I'm talking about.
Did you think I meant this kind?:

While attractive, not exactly subtle.
Plus I'd have to get the big ole ear things & wear black eyeliner etc etc.
Too much work.

I'm talking small diamond stud.

Now let's keep in mind, I'm 40, overweight (don't ask me about my new bra size!) & pretty conservative with my overall look.

So what do you thing?
Should I do it?

Leave me a comment with your vote.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looks sweet as candy, no?

Yea, yea, he's sweet alright.

Take for instance, last evening.
Bobster, myself, Cheekers, TimBob & Dan-o riding along in the mini van.
All talking about God knows what.

Well Cheeks got a little snippy so I said "Cheekers, if you do not be quiet,you are going to be in trouble"
His reply "Mom! Will you stop talking?"
Me: "What did you say?"
Him: "Mom, all your talking, you are giving me a headache."

I must say thank goodness he couldn't see me.
I just started to laugh.

I did correct him, as did his father, but we both thought it was funny.
Especially b/c his cousin said "Oh Meghan, that's you!"
And he is right.
I am famous for telling my raucous, loud, chaotic fam to tone it down b/c I have a headache.

Guess I've created a monster.
Or at least a smart a**.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

If you need any help

Just holler.
We super heroes are just hangin out, waiting for your call.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, my hunch!

Have you heard/seen this movie?


My fam stumbled upon it when it was on Showtime.

This movie is hysterical.
Igor, the hunchback, is voiced by John Cusak.
Steve Buscemi & John Cleeves also provided voices.

When I tell you to run & get this on dvd, RUN!

It's for the little ones & Cheeks adores this movie.
The one liners in it are more for the adults but not in a sexual inuendo (?) type of way.

The cartoon takes place in Malaria, a town where it just thunderstorms all the time & evil runs rampant.
There is hunchback school, where the hunchbacks go, they graduate & all become "Igors" whether it's their name or not.
The town even has an evil scientist competition, which is really the basis for the story.

Santa put this in Cheeks stocking this past season
I think we have burned a hole in it already.

Tell me, what is your favorite cartoon/kids movie?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You say tomato, I say tomahto

Cheeks "Mommeeeeeeee! Can you help me with my pants?  I can't do them"

Me: "Yea, come here"
I snap the's hard...go about my business.

Cheeks "Mommeeeeeee! I need help! You didn't do it"
Me: "Do what?"

Cheeks "Fix my pants"
Me: "How?"

Cheeks: "Fix my pants sleeves"
Me: "Your what?"

Cheeks: "My pants sleeves!!!!!!! Mommmeeeeeeee!"

Me "Oh you mean your pant legs"

Cheeks "No mom, they are pant sleeves, understand, pant sleeves, say it with me...pant sleeves"

And that is how my morning started.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Do you have one?
I do
It's called reality tv.

Love it.

One of my fav is Tabatha's Salon Takover
On Bravo.

Do you watch?
You must if you don't.

She was a finalist on one of the reality hair shows.
I can't remember the name.
Anyway, she got her own show out of it.

She goes to these salons that are just in despair & turns them around.
Some of the salons are GA-ROSS!
The dirt & filth is endless & the antics of the stylists are horrendous.

Tabatha whips them into shape tho.
She has a take no prisoners attitude and knows her crap!

I think her hair cut is cute.
Wish I could wear my hair like that.
I keep my hair long.
I think it helps balance my that a word?
It so totally is.
I just copy writed it.
Go me.

Anyway, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to tv?
Do tell!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Come on over & see me

At the Jersey Mom blogs today:

I'm here <~~~~~ Click that.

Blah, blah, blah....

The big cupcake.
Cheeks & I made it.
The Grandpop bought me & the Aunt Erin the pan for this awhile back so we were bored so I broke it out.
Super easy to use.
Love how it worked.
Only problem I saw was if you don't eat the whole thing & want to save it, it's a bit hard to cover b/c of it's size.
But eh, you can always just cut off the crusty pieces & eat the moist pieces like we did.

Snowing again in Jersey.
I am ready to move to South Carolina or Georgia.
It's ridiculous.
I like it, it's just a pain in the tushie to shovel & then the mess.
Oy vie!

I'd like to know how if it is just me & the 4yo the house stays, for the most part, neat.
Throw in the 39yo man child & my house looks as if a bomb hit it.
So frustrating.

So I am always looking at blogs to read & follow
For 2011 I'd like to feature some blogs here.
That way you can get so more exposure, if you are into that sort of thing.

If you would like to be featured, leave me a comment & a link to your blog.
I will be doing a feature once a week.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Archie Bunker, is that you?

For those are new to my blog or just don't know, I work customer service.
I am blessed enough to work "behind" the telephone.
I do not see people face to face.

My experience is usually pretty positive.
I like my job.
A lot.

Now yesterday, I answered a call from a very old, very southern man.
We chatted about his issue.
I handled it for him
Before we hung up he asked me to cancel a quote in the system.

I asked him for the reason, which I needed.

He responded with the following:
"Well we don't need it, we just n****r rigged it, so we's good to go"

My hand immediately went to my mouth that fell open.
He couldn't see me.
Thank God.
I quickly ended the conversation.

I thought to myself, how does he know what I am?
How does he know someone in my family isn't of this particular "derogatory" name?

I understand he was older.
It's of his generation
It's still not acceptable.
He knows better.
He could have said "gerry rigged" it & have been done with it.
He didn't.

I think I handled it.
I ignored it to avoid a bigger problem.
Should I have addressed it?
What do you think?

He just said it so non chalent that I know it is in his everyday venacular.
Just like "Whatever" is in mine.

It's a shame that people still have that view & mindset.
Hello, 2011 is here.
Get a grip on reality.

And that is that.

Monday, January 03, 2011

It's THAT post

Time to do my 2011 resolutions.
We all make them.
Even if we say we don't.
We do.
We just keep them to ourselves.

I actually wrote done our usual resolutions & taped it to one of our kitchen cabinet doors.
It's the usual.
Lose weight.
Save money.

I have some personal resolutions that I didn't write on the list.
So I figure I'd share them here.
You know where the Bobster never goes.
Altho this will be the one time he goes to read my blog.

Anywho this year I really want to collect items for a womens shelter.
I figure this is very do-able b/c I can collect freebies & use coupons to get the items.
Do you all think this is a good idea?

I also want to work w/ Cheeks on his letters.
He is learning them at school but he needs more practice.
Now if I could just create more hours in the work week day we'd be all set on this.

It's just 2 short resolutions, well really more like goals.
Perhaps goals are more obtainable then resolutions.

We shall see.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2011?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Philadelphia Tradtion

We here in the Delaware Valley have a New Years Day tradition.
The Mummers Parade.

What's a Mummer?
Take a gander:
It's grown men, well now women & some children, but it started as grown men, who dress up in garish, flamboyant costumes, then strum some banjo's & "strut" up Philly's Broadway.

It's an all day affair
It's televised.

I hate it.
I mean, it's a tradition & I am sort of proud of it but do I wanna watch?
Do I wanna go to the parade?


Tell me, what's your areas tradition?