Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One last tag of 2008

This one is a fun one & so easy to do.

All you do is go to your 6th folder, to the 6th picture & post it.
Then tag 6 people.
Easy Peasy, Cottage Cheesy.

Of course,that is Cheeks up there.
In his Gymboree outfit that I bought him & paid full price for.
He wore it 3x's & it cost me over $80.
I have since learned my lesson on overspending.
But for the Love of God, he looked so darn cute in it!

Anyway, you can see where I got his nickname.
Look at them. Storing nuts for like 10 years.
And those chins.
My Lord!

Anyway I am tagging the following 6 people:
4. Tara (not linking her b/c she has a private blog & I am privy to it & your aren't so nanny nanny boo boo...sorry, temporary throw back to my childhood there!)

So get going girlers with your tag!!!
And if you, my faithful readers, all 2 of you, want to participate, then please do & let me know.
I love looking at other people's photos.

Other than a tag, that's all I got.
Feeling better.
Took Cheeks to the dr.
Just a cold.
He's sleeping now.
I am thinking of letting him bang pots & pans to ring in the New Year before he goes to bed
he might like it a bit too much & want to do it all the time!!!

So tell me what you are doing tonight!?!?

Woops out!

Monday, December 29, 2008

No Escape

I thought I had escaped it.
No such luck.
3am I made close friends with my bathroom.

Now I think Cheeks has it.
He's running a fever & is very blah.

Good times.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Um, yea...........

See this here buff kid???? The one in the wife beater? Well he has a sore throat.
See this here red head??? The one who weighs 77 pounds? Well he has the stomach flu.

See this here bald man? Well he too has the stomach flu.
See the cute kid with the binky? Well he has the diarrhea.

Good times at my house!
Who wants to come over???

So how was everyone's Christmas?
Ours was chaotic.
The kids got tons of stuff.
Cheeks Fisher Price Race Track is no longer working...will be calling them in the morning.
The boys got me some lovely Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegrante Body Wash.
Love it!
Bobster got me a new coat, clothes & the Twilight series (all 4 books!). Nothing like reading them after seeing the movie.
Bobster got some Bacon Salt, a new Steelers jersey (as did all the kids 'cept Cheeks) & 2 subs to some Dirt Racing magazines.
We had my fam over in the morning, then went to his sister's house for dinner.
That is where we all were given the gift of the stomach flu.
So far only the 10 yr old & I have held out. Keep those fingers crossed!!

Now, whose ready to put their Christmas decor away?
I want to get my house looking neat & tidy again.
Have to go thru someone's toys AGAIN!
It's sad that I am ready. I used to want to keep it up til New Years.
Not now.
Christmas is over. Down it comes.
Perhaps if I had a bigger home or someone to come take it down & put it away for me, it would be different.

Well my washer went off.
Time to take it out & hang it to dry (no dryer).

Tell me, how was your holiday??

Woops out!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Jesus & Everyone

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For the Nana

This is for the Nana b/c we know she is a fan.

Merry Christmas.
Woops out!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fav's, what's yours?

With Christmas less than one day away, I wanna know what are your fav Christmas commercials.

Here are mine, in no particular order:

Kiss! Kiss!

Christmas just isn't the same without "Peter" returning home:

Let's go sledding with Santa!

So tell me, what are your favs???!!
Woops out!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa is coming, did you know that???

Cheeks does.
Santa is a great behavior tool.
I will be sad to see it go to the wayside for about 11 more months.

My new schedule is kicking mine & Cheeks tushie.
Poor kid has to get up a bit earlier now & Mondays are the worse.
After a lazy weekend, he has a full day at school & usually passes out early.
Such is life.
I feel bad but I would feel worse if we were on the streets.

So, Christmas is Thursday.
Are you done?
My last gift arrive via USPS today.
I still need to get stocking stuffers but if I do, great, if I don't, catch ya next year!

What's even more pathetic is I just mailed my cards today.
I have had them made out for at least 2 weeks yet they just left today.
I haven't received too many cards this year.
I think more people are scaling back.
It's a shame too because I love Christmas cards. It's one of my fav things about the season.

My hair dryer died today.
Services will be later in the week.
How did I find out that it went to the great hair tool graveyard in the sky?
When I was standing with soaking wet hair trying to get it to turn on.
So I went to work with flat, wavy hair & bangs so flat & frizzy that I could be in those commercials for the Frizz Ease stuff.
I was looking mighty fine let me tell you.
I went & got a hair blower at lunch so thankfully my hair shall return to it's normal state tomorrow.
I know all 2 of my readers were concerned.

So tell me, did you mail out cards this year??

Woops out!

Friday, December 19, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Santa

I know you are busy this time of year.
Toys to be made.
Gifts to be wrapped.
Naughty elves to be flogged.
We know the drill.

This letter comes to you are a plea.
A plea to slow down.
Last night you were cruising the neighborhoods in town.
Bobster, Cheeks & I heard you coming.
"Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" was blaring loud enough that I thought I had earphones in.
So we all quickly ran to the door, opened it
there you went.
On your tricked out fire engine, lights blazing, music blaring
At about 40 mph.
Right past our house.
Cheeks got to see you drive away.
You were merely a spec on in his glimmering eye.

So, Santa, please remember that it's cold out & dark in the evenings so the little ones are usually inside.
Perhaps you can swing by another night before Christmas Eve & say hi to Cheekers?
Maybe go about 10 mph so we stand a chance??

Thank you Santa
Merry Christmas!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Tannebaum! O Tannebaum!

We have had our tree for at least a week & a half but I am just now getting around to posting a few pics I took.
Cheeks helped me decorated it.

Ever try decorating a tree with a 2 yr old?
Good times.
We were lucky & only had one casualty.
Pittsburgh Steelers ornament was shattered.
Sad but true.
Search is on for a new one.

P.S. Pay no attention to the tangled wires behind the small child. It's safe, really!

Bobster helped Cheekers put the star on.
I love this star.

Bobster is an angel person but I just can't get into the Angel.
I know it's tradition but so is a Star.
So it's a compromise.
He gets the multi colored lights, I get the star.
Altho. he asked if the lights blinked.
I told him that feature was broken.
Tee hee.

So do you have your tree yet?
Do you wait til Christmas Eve to get it & decorate it?
Tell me!!!
Link me to a pic of your decor.

Woops out!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Coming, R U Ready???

That's right!
It's almost here.
Whose not ready???
I am pretty sure all the kids are done, just some g/c's to get
I still have to get Bobster some things.
I would have went last week but Cheeks was sick & you actually need funds to go buy stuff.
Sadly, the funds had a lot of fun & went belly up.
Thank goodness payday is this week.
Started my new old job yesterday.
It was nice to go back.
Lots of hugs, kisses & welcome back from everyone.
Even new people were like "Hey!"
I have to go through a refresher course but not the 3 weeks of training like I initially did when I started there back in '98.
10 years ago.
Who would have thought.
So, now I need my readers help.
What do I get Bobster????????
He's a 37 yr old man whose hobbies are racing cars, working on cars, watching racing, talking about racing & um, driving me insane. LOL
Got any suggestions?
Happy Tuesday!
Woops out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh! Eeew!

So Bobster, the love of my life, decided he wants me to bake cookies so he can take them to his job & give them to the girls in the office & the guys in the shop.

I love to bake so I said, K.
Tonight I decided to make Spritz cookies.
Called for 1/2 tsp of Almond Extract.
Oh, great, I have that in my cabinet, never opened it.
This should have been the first clue as to how long ago I bought it.

So I grab it, open the box, take the bottle out & notice it has icky stuff around the cap & that it's almost empty.
Odd. I had never opened it.
Then I see it's like 36% alcohol. Ok. Evaporation.
There looked like enough for what I needed but something told me to show Bobster.

Good thing I did.
He was like "Um, Meg, how old is this?"
Me: "I dunno. I bought it awhile ago"
Him: "Well you can't use it or at least I don't recommend it"
Me: "Really? Why?"
Him: "There's plantkin growing in"
So I grab the bottle & look & say "What?"
Him: "Look towards the light, see it, it has tentacle growing out it"
Sure enough...looked like a jelly fish had taken up residence in my Almond Extract.

So I had to call my mom & she suggested that I just add 1/2 tsp vanilla.
Good thinking.
I put the cap back on the Almond Extract & threw it out. Especially since Bobster told me it could jump out of the bottle.
I am not sure if it could or not but I wasn't going to find out.

So my little advice to you, go through your store like once a year & get rid of it if you don't know how long you've had it.

Anyone for a Spritz cookie?

Woops out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a Giveaway for you local gals!

Do you have one of these?
You know, a dog, a dog who you think is the cat's meow? Baahaahaa (I crack myself up!)

Anyway, Jane from Shot By Jane is having a giveaway.

What do you get?
The winner will have portraits of the special dog by itself and with it's owner captured in a free session with photographer, Jane Bingham. 10 fully edited digital files will be provided to the winner with print release.Professional prints and products may be purchased at a discounted rate through Jane Bingham if the winner so desires but it is not neccessary nor required.

What is she looking for to win this great prize?

I am looking for a special dog. What makes that dog special can be many things. I am specifically looking for a very special story. Has this dog been mistreated and is now in a good home? Does this dog have a very special connection with it's owner? Does this dog not have much more time on the earth and you want to have special portraits made to celebrate it's life? It could be many different things that make a dog special.

Go to her website: Shot By Jane for all the details.
Jane is a fantabulous photographer.
She did Cheeks newborn pics.
Here are a few as a reminder, so you can see her work:

Don't forget...go enter!!!!

Woops out!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Winner

Ok all.
Since one of the original winners for the Pillsbury Gift Basket Giveaway was able to be contacted I have had to had a new winner.

The new winner is:
KTP from House of Prince!

I will be sending an email shortly to the new winner.
As soon as I have her addy, I will process all the winners & your baskets will arrive shortly.

Woops out!

Day From Hell + Pneumonia = Good Times

Here's a detailed version of my DAY FROM HELL (yesterday)

  • Start day @ 3:30am because of insomnia.
  • Bobster's ride is late, so we wait for Cheeks to wake up then we take him to Camden (the 2nd highest murder rate city in Jersey). Leave house at 7:20 to take him.
  • Get lost in Camden by myself with Cheeks
  • Drop Cheeks off @ daycare
  • Proceed to Sears at the Moorestown Mall (for all you locals) to get flat changed that Bobster got while out on Sunday.
  • Tire is $121.00 dollars.....leave Sears b/c I am not paying that much
  • Arrive @ Just For Tires at the Cherry Hill Mall (again for all you locals). They can replace the tire & my windshield wiper blades. Cool!
  • Notice I am missing my hubcap ~ Sears never put it back in the van. Back to Sears to pick up hub cap.
  • Lunch with Dad...while waiting for Dad, talk to Bobster. He asks to the blades work. I try them...they are the wrong size & catch each other when on the way down the window. Call Just For Tires, they said come back, they will fix them only take a minute.
  • After lunch head to Just For Tires, 45 minutes later, 2 different manufacturers of blades later they tell me they can't fix them, refund my money & say "Good luck!"
  • Head home. Arrive home at 1:40pm from 7:20am this morning.
  • Walk in house, try to put shade up, shade falls out window. Fix window
  • Take recycling out. Wrestle with box out the door, come in contact with old bitty neighbor at recycling bin who gives me a lecture on what is recyclable & what isn't (Apparently, pizza boxes shouldn't go inside the "Mixed Paper" bin, so neighbor starts sorting my recyclables while I am trying to put them in the bins...all the while telling me right & wrong)
  • Back in the house, call Bobster to get directions to go get him from job, call waiting is going off but I ignore b/c at this point I am ready to cry & my phone is dying.
  • Get msg from voice mail. Daycare. Cheeks sick, 102.8 fever.
  • Bobster instantly callsl back, come get me, can't, on way to pick Cheeks up & head to Doctor.
  • Arrive at Doctor. She listens, while someone screams as if she is gutting him. Doctor (Cherry Hill Peds for all you locals) orders a chest xray b/c she hears a little something something.
  • Head to South Jersey Radiology. Take us back right away then the tech & I have to coerce Cheeks into letting us take the Xray. We have to do an encore of the full on chest xray b/c someone stood crooked the 1st time.
  • Waiting room. I hear the receptionist call my name, Cherry Hill Peds in on the phone. Answer....Cheeks has pneumonia.
  • Head home. Arrive approx. 3:30. Bobster arrives shortly there after.
  • 4:00 I get to Rite Aid to pick up the script. Girl totals everything & tells me "$90". I'm sorry, say again? No sweetheart I have a copay. Notice she also charged me for 2 prescriptions that weren't mine.
  • 45 minutes later, they get the copay straightened out. I didn't have a script for the penicillen in the computer so they didn't know. What? How do you not know I have a copay???
  • Arrive home to a sick little boy. Send Bobster out for Chinese & try coerce small child to eat. That's a no no. Falls to sleep on me. Wakes up. Give medicine & must be feeling better because he is acting like a maniac.
  • Approx. 8:30 he crashes. Put him in my bed. Falls asleep & wakes up this morning at 7:45am.

So, that readers, was my yesterday.

Cheeks, thankfully, appears better today but is a little whiney. Guess so he has pneumonia. Thankfully I am home this week & can be with him. He won't really eat so lots of Pedalyte & pretty much whatever he will eat he can have. So far today, only one small thing of apple sauce. Perhaps a little Micky D's will get him to manja at lunch.

Um, how was your weekend & day yesterday?

Woops out!

Friday, December 05, 2008

PSA for December

The time has come for our December Public Service Announcement.
This PSA goes out to the manufacturers of plus size clothing.
I am a plus size. I know everyone in blogland who has never really "seen" me pictures me shaped like Cindy Crawford or Elle McPherson.
I don't want to blow your minds
'tis not true.
No, no, I have double digits in my size.

Anywho, this PSA is to let these manufacturers know that just because some women are plus size doesn't automatically mean we all want to show off the goodies. You know, the girls, the kasabas, the tatas.

Nor do we all want every single sweater to have bling on it or be an animal print.
Really, I am on the fuller size, I do not need to wear anything made in a leopard print for fear of being mistakened for one & getting shot. Bad enough I live close to the 2nd highest murder capital in the country.

Also, tight fitting clothes.
Um, hello, I have rolls.
And I am not talking Pillsbury.
Being that I have rolls, big girls & don't like to stand out, I do not want a low cut, blinged out tight fitting shirt to wear to work, out or lounge about at home.
Have you ever seen two pigs fighting under a blanket?
Well take a look at my ass in too tight pants.
There you have it.

Which brings me to the pants issue.
Lane Bryant has these fabu pants that are made for your body structure.
I get the ones that say I am full in the hips...again I know I am blowing your image of me but just work with me here.
Sadly, while I adore these pants, Bob and I could both fit into the amount room in the leg.
I look like I am wearing clown pants.

So picture this:
A woman.
Fuller figured.
Wearing a brightly colored, blinged out, show off the girlers, so tight you couldn't fit a penny between the sweater & skin sweater.
Underneath, pants that fit great around the stomach but create a tornado when I walk from the excessive material in the legs.
Throw on a pair of heels (because Lord knows that the selection in flats is slim & there is nothing like a 6ft tall fat girl who wants to appear even bigger so she gets some heels!)
Now, what do you have?
That's right.
A brand new float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

So in closing, manufacturers, take into consideration the small percentage of us who want a little modesty, some less tacky clothing & pants that fit all the parts of our lower body. As for shoe manufacturers, come on...there are a lot of tall women who enjoy being tall but don't want to be any taller...kwim?

And that is your PSA for December.

Woops out!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

When we go White Trash, we go all the way!

Another brotherly moment.
Give children a box & keep them busy for at least 3 minutes til the 10 year old wears himself out.
The 2 yr old, well he has more energy than the Sun! If you stop while doing something fun to say, scratch your nose, he will say More! More! More! until you go back to what you were doing.
If you notice, my youngest is wearing just a flannel shirt & a diaper. Nothing else. He also is completely filthy (from what I have no idea but dirt seems to stick to him like a magnet). Look closely & you will see the big ole bruise on his leg. All that's missing is a runny nose.
My middle one got a hair cut the day before this was taken. It's ok. I liked it better long but he wanted it short. He agreed to go midway b/c even tho. he wants it short, peer pressure at school says keep it long. At least know he & Cheeks have the same haircut! Tee hee.
I've been up again since 4am. This insomnia crap is for the birds. I even switched my meds to the morning but to no avail, once I wake up I am up. Grrr...of course, I could go back to sleep now & that is because Cheeks is due to get up in approximately 15 minutes. I will try to nap later.
I have a new goal...complete all Xmas shopping in the next week. I start my new job Dec 15th so I am hoping to be done & wrapped by the 14th. We shall see.
Do you have any goals for the Xmas season?
Tell me!
Woops out!
*edited to add, I just got gipped on my pay from my last job....we were supposed to get our normal pay but mine is significantly less. I am not happy! Off to investigate*

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I got...

a job!
Am going back to my old job @ FMP.

Woops out!

Say it with me now...AAWW

Cheeks loves his big brother. The feeling is mutual as is evident in this photo. They were watching the Steelers game & had been flailing around, jumping & hooting & hollering everytime the Steelers did something wonderful. TimBob sat down for a minute & Cheeks, who was exhausted, saw the opp to snuggle with his big brother. How sweet!!!!

Cheeks got to see the Nana's Xmas tree last night.
His little face got all lit up when he saw it.
This morning when asking him how he liked the Nana's Xmas tree, he put me in my place & said:
"No! Poppop's Xmas tree"

The poor Nana, guess we know where she stands this morning. Baahaahaa!

I think Cheeks may be starting with nightmares.
Last night he fell asleep on the couch with his daddy. I put him in his crib a few minutes later.
At 11:30 he woke up screaming & crying & couldn't be comforted. This is like the 3rd time this has happened.
Bobster heard the commotion & came upstairs to comfort him.
He took him downstairs & they both fell asleep on the couch. Nary a peep out of both of them.
I got up at 4am (good times! been up ever since) & got Cheeks & put him back in his crib.
Then I woke up my other baby, I mean Bobster at 5:30 to get him out the door.
I have no idea how to handle nightmares with a little one who can't really tell you.
Hopefully it won't keep happening.

Ok, need ideas on what to get the owner of the daycare from Cheeks.
I got the girls this little pouches & am putting candy & a gift card inside.
But the owner I want to do a bit more + her 16yr old son works there too & I haven't the faintest idea other than a g/c to get him. Should I give him a g/c in a bag of candy?
Help me out people!
Help a sister out!

Woops out!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I just had to put this in on my blog today.
Thanks to Money Saving Methods I was able to get 30 5x7 photo Christmas cards for $.48 cents!!!!
Such cute cards & I got all 3 kids pics on them.
30 cards.
$.48 cents.
Pick up @ CVS.

Go read her post & see how you can do it.
Took me about 30 minutes & they have to be 5X7 cards but I did it!

I can pick them up tomorrow!!!!
$.48 cents people!

What's that smell?

What a sweet, angelic face.
Looks so calm & inquisitive, doesn't he?

Well apparently, yesterday, while at daycare, he went down for his nap.
He decided to practice his routine for his tryout with Chippendales.
Yes, yes, he stripped down to his diaper.
That's not all.
He has a clincher to win the coveted spot on the Chippendales b/c he removed his diaper.
Then for the finale, he took the poop that was in his diaper & flung it, ala chimpanzee, at the other kids who were napping & then smeared it all over himself & the crib.
Ah, good times.
I'm so proud!
Made my heart swell.

I was mortified.
He has never done that before.
Thankfully, the girls bathed him & the owner was like "eh, no big deal, happened before"
Secretly I was glad he didn't do it at home.
Isn't that terrible?
So I sent him to daycare today with the hopes that he wouldn't have a repeat performance.

On the job front, I had an interview with my old, old company. The one I left to go back to school.
Looks good.
Pay isn't that great but it's not horrendous either.
Have to talk to Bobster about things & we shall take it from there.

On another note, does anyone know Melissa Chapmen? She was won of the winners of the Pillsbury Giveaway but I can not get in touch with her.
Please let her know, if you know her, that I need to hear from her within 48 hrs from today, so that's by Thursday, or I am going to have to pick a new winner.
Thanks all!

So tell me, what's new with everyone?????
Woops out!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday, Monday & a meme (Thanks Julie!)

It's Cyber Monday people!
Are you getting in on the deals today?
I am planning on hitting up Dicks for something for TimBob. They are offering 25% off one item. For this particular item it will come in handy.

The holiday weekend flew by.
We had assorted children here all weekend.
I did manage to fit in some scrapping, all the while telling Cheeks, no you can't play with scissors, don't tear mommy's paper, I said not to stick the stickers on the wall. I am such a mean mommy.
Anyway feast your eyes on these babies:

I am getting closer to getting my Xmas 2007 pics done before Xmas 2008 comes & goes. Guess it pays to be laid off. I will have scrapping done but a messy house & no money. It's all about priorities people!
Anyway, Julie over @ The Cool Mom Guide has tagged me.
What a gal she is!
I can't thank her enough. LOL
She has hit me with the Fantastic Four Meme.
Here ya go:
The Rules are very simple:
1. Copy/paste the questions
2. Type in your answers
3. Tag four people in your list
4. Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

*4 places I go over and over: Daycare, Target, WaWa, ShopRite
*4 people who email me regularly: My Mom, Dad, Rita & My Aunt Patty
*4 of my favorite places to eat: McD's, Brio, Brunos & On The Border
*4 places you’d rather be: Nowhere, I am happy being home, by myself, in silence!!
*4 TV shows I could watch over and over: America's Next Top Model, Ugly Betty, Buffy & Split Endz
*4 people I think will respond: I have no idea.

I am passing this onto:

Alrighty, peeps, Woops out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

It's time to annouce the winners of the Pillsbury Gift Basket Giveaway.
3 baskets.
3 winners.

I picked by Random Number generator

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:


They are:
#63 - Toohotforturtle
#17 - Melissa Chapman
#47 - Shel

Alrighty, look for an email from me & send me your addy's so I can get your prizes out to you.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day & eat til the muffin top appears.

Don't forget the giveaway here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You have a little something right there

Cheeks, looks like you have something on your mouth, no wait, you chin, wait your cheeks, O heck, you have something everywhere!
Good times, he went right in the tub after having his ice cream cake.
He's a bit of a messy eater.

Do you know what the sweetest thing was that this child did the other night?
I gave him his bath early & he came downstairs & sat next to me on the couch.
Watching Rachael Ray.
He snuggled up next to me, laid his head on the side of my belly.
Head started to get heavier & heavier.
Then I noticed a nice steady breathing.
The child fell asleep against me at 6:50pm.
I left him there for about 20 mins or so & then took him upstairs.
He slept til 7:15am the next morning.
I don't think he moved in his sleep at all.
It was the sweetest thing.
I love watching him sleep.....usually when he's awake he's a blur!

What sweet things have happened to you this week?

Speaking of sweet, don't forget about my giveaway here.
Still time to win!!!
Entries must be received by Friday morning, 8am est.

Woops out!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Giveaway Tuesday!

That's right.
It's giveaway time.
And it's the best giveaway too.
It's a
Pillsbury Gift Basket:

The basket includes a coupon for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls, a magnetic
coupon holder, a house-shaped mouse pad, pot holders, a cookie sheet, a
bread basket and a loveable
Pillsbury Doughboy figurine.

How cool does this sound?
And right before the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, Pillsbury is sharing the warmth of home this holiday season by helping stock America’s food banks. Go visit there website & see how you can help them make this happen!!!! I did, I hope you do too.

I have 3 of these baskets to give to 3 winners.
How, pretell, does one win?
That is easy peasy!

You can:

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Pillsbury product. If you leave a comment & you don't blog, leave me an email addy so I can get in touch with you. That's important, if I can't get in touch with you, you can't win.
  2. Post about this giveaway on your blog & link back to my blog. Then leave me a comment w/ the link. This earns you another entry for 2 entries.
  3. You can also subbed (<~~~over there is the button) to my blog or you can follow me thru blogger. Do one or the other & gain another entry!

So you have at least 3 ways to earn one, two or three entries into the pot.

I will use a random number generator to pick the 3 winners!

This giveaway will stay open until Friday morning at 8am.

I will post the winner sometime Friday.

Good luck!

Woops out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Laid off Pays off & other mutterings

Who said being laid off is bad for the mojo?
Not I!
My mojo came back, well it's either back or I have a ton more time on my hands. Prob the latter.
Anyway I created this two puppies over the weekend.
Feast your eyes on these!:

I am hoping to get last years holiday done before this years comes.
Good plan, no?
Hope I can execute it.

On another note, late Saturday night as I was scrapping at my dining room table, out of the corner of my eye I notice the cat run across the floor & slip under my washing machine in the kitchen.
No big deal.
Except...WE DON"T HAVE A CAT!!!!!!!
He's back!

If only he was this cute.
He's black tho.
I haven't seen him since.
Guess he's visiting Minnie for the holidays.
Hopefully he will stay in Florida or Cali....whichever state he went to, I don't care I just really don't want him back. You know it's nice without him here.

Yesterday Bobster surprised me by arranging for a sitter & took me to see the movie of my choice.
I chose...Twilight.
Good choice...well for me at least, Bobster not so much.
I loved it.
He hated it.
He expected vampires baring teeth & action.
He got vampires falling in love, being nice & a romance story.
I haven't read the book but I wanted to see the movie.
So glad I went.
It was Fab-U-lous! Simply fabulous!!
Only downfall was this theater didn't have pretzel bites.
Hello...what kind of theater doesn't have pretzel bites? I should boycott but it's a close theater to the house.
What movie have you seen recently that is a must see?
Tell me!

Also, don't forget about these freebies!!!
You must get in on the snack bar...I got mine & it came with coupons.

Of course, get your free Purell.
This time of year, we could all use this!
Quality Health

Woops out!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Freebie Alert

This is probably the best thing I ever signed up for!
Plus I made my mom & dad sign up for it too so I get a mailing every month X 3!!!


Matter of fact I went food shopping today & used 3 of the coupons that came in the mailing, each were worth $1.50, so my 2 pkges of diapers for $9.99 came down to $8.49 & then I ran out of body wash for the Cheekers so Huggies was on sale for $2.49 - $1.50 coupon...Hello! $.99 cents! You can't beat that with a stick.

So go!
Sign up!
What are you waiting for???

Woops out!

Officially the 1st day of being laid off

I think I am going to keep this as my motto...what do you thing?
I am usually not a pessimist nor a realist...I like to think I am a "bury my head in the sandist". LOL
Job hunting today.
Gotta keep ahead of everyone else.
Snowing outside.
Funny b/c I took Cheeks to daycare & there was a nary a flake on the ground.
A car drove by covered in the 2 inches.
Where did that come from?
Um, it is now snowing big ole flakes outside & they are sticking to my van.
Ok. off to job hunt.
Anyone know of any good leads?
What's on everyone's agenda for the weekend?
Anything fun?
Woops out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winners, Losers

Ok who watched?
Come on!
I know there are other America's Next Top Model junkies out there.

I can not believe McKey won.
Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful girl:

To me she lacked sparkle.
Not sure what.
Definitely pretty & when they cut her hair...WoW!
I just don't think she deserved to win.

Now Sam.
Yes Sam should have won.

As most ANTM fan's know, most of the girls that go on to be really successful are the runner ups so I am sure my girl Sam will be seen soon by all in the public eye.
So, congrats McKey.
I am happy for you.
Just disappointed my girl Sam didn't take home the "crown."

Now onto the loser part.
That would be me.
My job has been in jeapordy now since early summer.
It just got worse yesterday.
Well really Tuesday.
Seems corp is closing our Calif. warehouse but neglected to tell our Calif. branch. They also asked for a copy of our Calif. office's lease.
Then my boss upped & quit yesterday.
He has been there over 20 yrs but got tired of all the bs that is going on.
They told him to just leave.
NICE! Way to treat someone with that much tenor.
Now it's just me & one other girl.
The big boss told us he would call us today to discuss our future.
I couldn't wait so I emailed him to ask if we still had a job.
Of course, no response.
So that pretty much concretes the "layoff" in stone for me & the other girl.
Guess it will be back to the pole for me.
Hope they give paper money this time as coins are freakin cold this time of year.
Now, where are my Lucite heels???

Nothing much else going on.
Got some free shipping @ Toys R Us online yesterday, so I think Cheeks may be done. Perhaps a shirt or two.
I totally love shopping online.
So convenient & I can shop in my pj's!!!
Not that I couldn't shop in them out in the real world but they are plaid & plaid tends to make my tushie look like a billboard.

So where are you doing your Xmas shopping this year????

Woops out!

*Edited to add....HR & the CEO of Finance were waiting for me & my coworker today when we arrived at work.

They laid us off immediately.
Sigh. Good times before the holidays*

*Edited to add...I just won the quickie giveaway over at Dine & Dish. I won a copy of a Taste of Home Cookbook. Yay....looks as if the day isn't shot totally to Hell. LOL*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Out of all 3 kids, this one was our last hope.
Now not so much!

Isn't it funny how all little ones play with boxes?????

This kept him busy (in between whining for the "cah") for like 30 minutes.

So Santa will just be bringing boxes this year.

Thank goodness because that will really help Santa's checking account out.

Anyway what kind of odd ball things did your kid play with when they were small? Or do they still play with odd ball things?

On another note, make sure you sign up for this.
Coupons always come in handy....even more so during the holidays.
I signed up...easy what are you waiting for!

Woops out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Ridemakerz, you make us all happy!

Yesterday was my 10 year old's bday.
I was fortunate enough to get a chance to review a radio controlled car from
Ridemakerz. is like Build A Bear for the elementary to adult set. Except you build a car, not a bear, hence the name.
They have a few stores across the country in South Carolina & Maryland to name a few.
But their website is just as good as the store!

Anyway I have to say this company knows how to please a 10 yr old & his parents (even his little 2 yr old brother who stood at the edge of the table & whined "Cah, Cah, Cah" ~ he has a Boston accent even tho. we are outside Philly...go figure!)

Here is Chris opening his cool gift! He was thrilled. Check out the stylish box. Ooh la la!

With each piece is sold separately which gives you the chance to customize the car to your liking. In our kit we got a hot green Mustang & all the parts to "trick" it out! The nice thing about Ridemakerz is you can purchase the radio controlled underbody of the car or not, leaving it a "free" car. We got the radio controlled underbody much to Chris's liking. Look at the top of the pic & you can see Bobster figuring it out. Honestly tho., it's really self explanatory.

To assembly everything you get a Hex wrench in the shape of a ignition key. Too cool!
You also get to pick out your tires (like I said, you customize it to your liking). We got the Tattoo line of tires, they are $3.00 a set, not bad.
Now while Bobster fiddled with the radio controlled underbody & the actual body of the car, Christopher got ready to "trick" his car out with the sheets of stickers included. He made his car the #37. EZ Peasy to put on & if you don't get the stickers on in the right spot the 1st time, you can reposition them. Love that factor, especially when you have a kid putting them on.
Check him out....very intent. Has to get just the right look!

Here you can see a lot of what came in the kit. You even got a "wheelie bar". I had no idea what it was & after some eye rollin from the men in my abode, I learned this was to keep the car from tipping when doing wheelies. We also got an exhaust system to put on the car & nitros. I know about nitros from the Fast & Furious movies (a very special shout out to Vin Diesel....I am here for you if things don't work out between you & your girlfriend). Ok back to the real reason for the post ( me!)
Check out the motor on the hood. It's magnetic so you can easily switch it out for something else that is cool.

Getting the nitros ready.

Now comes the fun part, getting the controller for the car together. Oh that's right, gotta have control baby!

Here it is, almost tricked out.

Check out that motor. Look at it's shine! Ridemakerz is like a boy's dream come true! And a mommy's dream come true because it kept Bobster occupied as well (like I said a boy's dream....tee hee)

And the finished product!
Oooh la la! has a very special offer for all of my readers.
They have gifted me a code to get $10 off a purchase of $30. Go here: & at the checkout enter promo # 93462.
I am serious, go get one of these cars. It is freakin awesome!!!
Remember, $10 off of $30 with code # 93462.
Do you have anyone you think would like this?
Let me know!
Woops out!
(Vin, leave me voice mail!!!)