Monday, June 29, 2009


My kitchen.
Just Cheeks & I.

Cheeks is clowning around when he trips over his own 2 feet & flies sideways into my washer.
Cheeks looks at his mommy & says:

"I've been drinking!"

Van w/ family

Bobster & the mommy are playfully discussing what RPM's stand for. TimBob joins in the conversation. The Mommy will insist that RPM stands for Rotations per Mile. Bobster & TimBob are trying to keep their composure while telling her it stands for Revolutions per Minute (whatever!).
Cheeks decides to help out by saying(Loudly):

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Stop! First it's &*&#*$&("

This scene replays for about 2 miles or so.

Van w/ parents

Parents are discussing what not to say to other drivers while Cheeks is in the car.
Parents are under the impressions that Cheeks is so preoccupied with his toys & sippy cup that he isn't paying attention. After discussing the final phrase, under her breath, of what not to say to people who tick you off while driving Cheeks repeats:

"What the f*ck, j*off!?"

Parents ignore & hope it goes away. (so far it hasn't been said again...whew, crisis averted for now!)

So, what "ism's" have your children uttered??


Sunday, June 28, 2009


I so just spaved!
Doesn't look like a lot
Let me tell you about my quick trip to Shop Rite. (which I tried to link but I keep get an error message)

Anywho, I ran over there while Cheeks is down for his nap.
Luvs was on sale for $6.49 ~ and with someone not interested in potty training we needed them.

I also picked up the Sunlight for .77cents.

I agreed to review the Bagelfuls for Blissfully Domestic so I had a free coupon (review to follow soon) and I also had a coupon for free M&M's from the chocolate promo that is currently going on (they are not in the photo......I can't be held responsible for my lack of restraint when it comes to chocolate!).

Next the Juicy Juice Immune Juice is new & ShopRite had spit out 2 coupons for me to use on my next trip. One for $1 off & the other was a B1G1. Well, they were on sale for 2/$ I got one free & one for $ essence .75 cents each...HELLO! Total spave!

I also had $1 off Perdue Chicken nuggets & ShopRite carries them for $3.99 so in the end I paid $2.99.

The Poise Pads were another freebie thanks for Catalina @ Shop Rite.

My total before coupons $23.22.
After coupons $11.85.
Go me!
Would have been less but the cashier didn't take off my .5 cents for my canvas bag.
O well.

How have you spaved this weekend?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Hot to Cook ~ The Crockpot Edition

It is no secret I am a crock pot lover.
Love it!

In the hot weather months I use it even more.

I have a miniscule in size kitchen & a huge crockpot. It does NOT heat up my kitchen.

One of Bobster's fav foods in the crockpot is "Roast Beef"

Here is my simple easy's a no brainer.

Place approx 4oz of water in crockpot.

Cut up one clove of garlic, chopped is fine, throw in water.

Place roast in pot ~ partially frozen is ok.

Season roast w/ s&p.

Also cut up another 4 cloves of garlic & place on roast.

Turn on crockpot, low for 8-10 hrs.

About 3 hrs before you are going to eat, add some fresh baby carrots & cut up red potatoes.


My goodness, so yummy & so easy~!

Share with me a good crock pot recipe.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~I will help you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ever just feel inadequate

I have been trying really hard to keep my blog upbeat, kicky, fun.
Sometimes, it just doesn't work out that way.

I have just been having a lot of sad days lately.
My dr. has increased my happy medicine for one week out of the month to see if that helps with things
between the nasty weather the South Jersey region has been experiencing & my own personal problems it has taken it's toll.

I just feel inadequate in a lot of aspects of my life.
Am I a good person?
I thought I was until today when someone accused me of cheating & lying to them.

I didn't do either.
I never would.

Am I a good homemaker?
I have dust balls the size of Texas in all the bedrooms & my bathroom floor needs to be moped for some time now.

Am I a decent financial analysis person?

Ask me about my bills, rent & car payments & I can tell you the first names of the bill collectors who call.

Do I feel like a failure as a parent?
I know my little guy is only 2 & a lot has to do with that age
It doesn't help that I have lost my temper with him or I try different types of discipline & it's not working.
I am more laxed about things then some people I know.
Guess I should be on top of it.

Do I want to get out of bed in the morning?
Not particulary.
I do, obviously, but if I could bury my head & sleep away my problems I would

This isn't meant to be a "pity" post.
Just a post to vent.
The lady who accused me of cheating & lying to her really upset me.
I don't do either.
I like to think I am a pretty nice person who tries to help people.
Yes, I can be a snotty bitch
a liar & a cheat?

I have rambled on enough.
If you have gotten this far, pat yourself on the back & let me know.
I will send you a congrats card for reading so far down.


That'll wake you up!

Avert your eyes!
Avert your eyes!

Yes, tis me.
After a long day at work.
Sans make up.
I really don't wear it.
Once in a while.

That's right...take in the pasty skin, double chin & hair that needs to cut.
I am a vision no?

I figured since I am writing at the beginning of my day, I would throw in a pic of me at the end of the day, in traffic.
Why am I up so early?
Work for one
More so because at friggin 6 AM the twonship decided to cut down some trees & do utility pole work across the street from my house.
Thanks Haddon Twp!
I appreciate it.
As does the 2 yo upstairs who you woke up.
Good times.

So on that note, I am outty
1st I want you to tell me what do you think of Jon & Kate's decision?

I was up last night & kept waking up feeling very sad for them & the kids.
Heartbreaking, I wish they could have worked things out.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Kraft First Taste

Offer no longer valid.
Ok, you so have to get in on this one.
I have been signed up for awhile.
Totally free.
You get to try items for free, give your reviews etc.
Recently I was given the chance to try some DiGiorno Pizza for free.
Um, YUM!
All I had to do was print the coupon.

There are forums, etc & the program is, did I say...FREE!
So what are you waiting for....
Sign up! (Just click the box up there!)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

And we have had our 1st "sting" of the summer season

Cheeks has had his 1st be sting.
Poor kid.
He thought he was cupping his hands to pick up a lady bug....."note to self.....remind Cheeks lady bugs are red & black...not black & yellow".

He had leaned down to, what I thought, was pick a flower.
I saw him cup his hand & then I saw a small black bug fly away.
He looked like he had been slapped in the face, turned to me, grabbed his wrist & said "AAAH, Ladybug!!!!"
So I told him I thought he got stung & we headed back to the Nana's b/c we were on foot & her house was closer.

So Nana hightailed it to the store to get some liquid Benadryl, while I called poison control b/c I never had to deal with a bee sting before.
PopPop Bob manned the fort by holding ice on Cheeks hand...he got stung btwn the thumb & his forefinger.
Cheeks cried for maybe 25 seconds & then he was over it.

Poison control said to sprinkle meat tenderizer or baking soda on it. It takes the sting out.
They also said to just keep an eye on him for 30 mins & if he was to have a reaction it would happen in that time frame.

Well, thankfully, nothing came out of it except he now has his 1st bee sting.
Poor kid.
He's really keeping me on my toes b/c earlier he fell & scrapped his knee & elbows.

So, um, how are your kids bringing in the summer season?


Friday, June 19, 2009

Philadelphia Mourns

The Philadelphia are is mourning the loss of another great guy.
Gary Papa, Sportscaster, of Action News, Channel 6 passed away today,
He had been battling prostrate cancer since 2004.

I grew up watching Gary Papa on the news.
I was an adult before I realized there were other sports casters & news channels out there.

Gary had a great personality & a warmth that exuded from the screen.

My prayers are with Gary's family.
Gary, you will be missed!!!

J+K soon to be J-K......

or so the rumor has it.

From the buzz on the internet, radio & tv, Jon & Kate are going to have an "announcement" on Monday's show that will affect everyone.
The announcement is touted as being the big "D"...divorce.

If this is true or not, no one will know until Monday.
I hope it is not.
I hope they can work it out.

With everyone turning to Kate for spanking Leah, she is on the hot seat right now.
Do I agree with her spanking Leah?
Hells yea.
She misbehaved after repeatedly being asked by her mom to stop blowing the whistle.
Kate didn't grab a bat & beat her.
She spanked her.
I was spanked.
I turned out ok....well the occasional tick pops up but what can u do.
Do I think Kate needs more media attention?
Do the kids?
Does Jon?

Leave them alone in this.
Divorce is hard enough.
I can't imagine going through one with a child, let alone 8.

Of course, the media will put their own spin on their "impending announcement of the big D" & if they do divorce, the media will be all over them like cream in a Twinkie.
I haven't really caught the show since it's premiere over Memorial Day weekend.
Not because I haven't wanted to watch, I just love that Colin, but because I forget it's on.
Would I watch if they focused on their
It's a private matter.
One that unless you are part of the couple going thru it, you don't know how it feels.

For me, if felt like a kick in the stomach.
I still think if I piss off Bobster, he will just leave.
Up & go.
Never look back.
Those are my own issues that I have to work thru (thank God for antidepressents!!)

Now kids are involved.
Already one of the sextuplets told her daddy she missed him when he had to work.
Little ones don't understand.
That's what is the saddest.

So perhaps we should just let them deal with their issues privately....even if one is rumored to want it out there.
I like Kate.
I think she's a good mom.
I like John....I think he has poor judgement but nothing has been "proven" yet that he cheated.
I hope they stay together
It is what it is.

What do you all think?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PSA: Remember the Mute Button

*Disclaimer: all names have been changed to protect the innocent*

If you are expecting a call from a business it is a good idea to either just turn your phone off so it goes direct to voice mail or perhaps hit the mute button for a moment while you finish what you were talking about so you can take the phone call.

Exhibit A.

Meghanina works in an industry where she must call certain clients back.
So Meghanina must call Jim.

Dials the phone, Jim picks up, Meghanina introduces herself.

Jim says "Can you hold for a minute?"
Meghanina "Sure"

At this point, she thinks he has hit the mute button.
Sadly for Jim he has not.
Hence the following:

Jim "So, um, I can just put it right on my member?"
Voice in background "No Jim, I don't recommend that you put alcohol on your member, just apply the cream that I have prescribed & come see us in a week so we can see if it's cleared up"
Jim: "Ok, just the cream. Thanx."

Little silence, phone shuffling, then Jim announces to Meghanina that he is back on the phone & what can he do for her.

Meghanina's first thought is to have not do anything to her for fear of contracting something that only pencillen will get rid of.

With grace & dignity Meghanina finishes her phone conversation with the infected Jim & hangs up. She proceeds to share this news with her department who all go "OMG!" & can't believe it.

So faithful readers, if you are in a situation like Jim, remember to double check that mute button!

Now tell me, any embarrasing moments like that ever happen to you?


Wordless Wednesday~1984 called, they want their hairstyle & earrings back!

9th grade.
Good for me.
Was it good for you?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Vampires are all the rage, so donate today.

Since Vampires are the big deal now (Hello...Team Edward here!!), I decided I would beat them to their own game.

This past Friday my work had the
Red Cross bus come to the parking lot & those of us who signed up let the vampires suck us dry.

Last time I tried to donate I had low iron. This time I past the iron test with flying colors (13.4) & my blood pressure was good (104/62) so I was given the a-ok to give. I managed to fill my bag in 6 minutes flat. I am a good bleeder!

They ask some crazy questions before you can give. My favorite is "Are you still a woman?" Well when I put my bra on that morning I was, but God knows what happen on the way to work.

My real question to my faithful readers is:
Have you given blood lately?
When was the last time?
Are you a regular donator?
Let me know!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


My friend Preston, from Me & the Blue Skies is having a contest.
Oh that's right...a contest.

It's for an "Out of the Box" box!
Check it out: Me & The Blue Skies

This contest is only open until June 22.
So, hurry, go enter.
Preston has many ways to earn many entries.

Well, what are you waiting for!
Go visit Preston!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Foto Flashback Friday

Ah the late 80's.

Good for me, were they good for you?
Back when I was thin & a brunette.
Good times.
Good times.

Now I am fluffy in all the wrong places & a red head.
How did that happen?
Right, I like to overeat & I "enhance" my hair.

So, got a pic to share from back in the day?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Hot Too Cook ~ Graham Cracker Pudding

I am sure I have posted this before
It's a sure-fire easy, peasy cottage cheesey Too Hot To Cook recipe!

You need:
Chocolate Pudding
Vanilla Pudding
Graham Crackers
Cool Whip.

Get a square dish...I like to use one of my Pyrex dishes for this.

Lay graham crackers on bottom.

Pour in prepared chocolate pudding.

Add layer of graham crackers on top of chocolate puddig.

Pour in prepared vanilla pudding.

Cover top with Cool Whip.

Add some chocolate shavings for garnish.

Chill in fridge for at least 2 hours.

Instant dessert & this is YUMMY!

So what is your go to "To Hot to Cook" dessert for the warmer months?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Money Can't Buy You Love BUT It Can Buy You Children

Well, if the rumors are true, Friday will be the grand announcement that Madonna is now allowed to adopt the child from Malawi that she has been trying to for the past few month.

Hmmm, now I admire Madonna for lots of reasons, say being a good business woman, a talented artist, and persistant!

What I don't admire is someone who has a ton of money "buying" a child.
A child from another country as well.

Every child deserves a home.
I would like to let Madonna begins at home there missy!

Why don't you use the money you have earned over the span of your career and perhaps adopt a toddler in this country?
How many older children are in foster care? Or on the streets? Or in abusive homes? How many will never know a warm bed? a warm meal? or what it is like to be loved?

Madonna, your money would go far in the US...yes, even in this economy.
Take a look at the malnourished, starved for attention children that live in this country.
Our country has poverty, strife and illness.
While we are the strongest nation, we have our share of children that need good homes.

I do not begrudge "Mercy" a warm home & bed & a loving family but what about the "Mercy's" of the US.
If I could I would throw my money out there & adopt an older child who needs a home in this country.
So if anyone knows where I can adopt a child for the amount of my savings ($100 or so) let me know.

Money works in mysterious or not so mysterious ways.
It allows those to buy their way around rules.
So much for the residency law of that country.
Or for the judge standing behind his ruling.

I wish you luck Madonna in your adoption but perhaps, in the future, you will look in your own country for another child to adopt.
And you know what, that goes for you, Angelina & Brad. How about adopting the next Jolie-Pitt from here in the US?
Just a thought.

I know I will probably receive flack for this post
So be it.
My blog so.....

Well tell me, what is your opinion?


Wordless Wednesday~Brothers

Bobster & Chuckster.
I am a lucky woman, no?
Tee hee.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Before you know it....

July 4th will be here.
Can you believe it?
It's already June 8th.
My mom used to tell me once you have kids the years fly by.
I digress.
Anyone since 4th of July will be coming soon I thought it would be fun to visit some "holiday" inspiration.
Take this groovey invitation:
It's from DearSweetheartStudio.

Wouldn't you love to receive or get one of these in the mail for the big party celebrating our nations freedom?

Of course, you must set a festive mood for your soiree & what better to help then these sweet pillows from GrandGSGeneralStore

Imagine them sitting on some outside benches or chair. CUTEOf course, dressing the part is a must & JMBabyBoutique has it going on for the little men in your life!
Of course, you can forget lights & how cha cha are theseSo now that I have gotten some of the particulars out of the way.
What do we eat?

Tell me what's on your 4th of July menu?


Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to get some quiet time for yourself?

Tire their tushies out!

Somehow my quiet Saturday night went from one child to three.
No biggie.
I fed them pasta.
Ice cream sandwiches
Headed to the local playground for 2 hrs.

I went at about 7 so it wasn't hot.
It was crowded as heck & trying to watch 3 children while they run like uncaged monkeys is near impossible
I told the girls they always had to be able to see me & I be able to see them
We had no problems.
They were all so good.
Sure Cheeks took off on me
I had to chase him
Which means I had to run.
Right there, not pretty but I did it.
Needed oxygen but no big deal.

We came home.
They all had a drink (vodka, helps them sleep!)
Then I read them a bed time story or two
Lights out!

Haven't heard a peep since.
How I love thee!

What did you do today?


Friday, June 05, 2009

Bring back the old school!

So Sesame Street is a pretty big deal in our house.
Let's face it, it's most likely a pretty big deal in any house with a toddler/preschooler or even young child.

Sesame Street premiered the year I was born (quick, everyone do the math!) so I grew up with it. I have aged accordingly, yet Big Bird is still 6. I digress.

Now while Cheeks is a huge, Huge, HUGE fan of Elmo, he also likes Bert & Ernie.
As do I.
I am a fan of the original "muppet" Bert & Ernie.
Apparently, Sesame Street has come out with a new version.
Um, pardon my French, but WTF is that?????
Claymation Bert & Ernie!
What a rip off.
I want the real thing.
Everything doesn't have to be CG'd these days.

Sesame Street does have some of the old clips from when I was little.
Like the Ladybug picnic sketch....LOVE IT!
Really? Did they have to mess w/ Bert & Ernie?
So disappointing & albeit a bit creepy.
Not creepy like the Hamster commercial for Kia, but creepy like "Ew."

Tell me, what do you think of them?
Are you a fan of Sesame Street?

Let me know.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Here is our 2nd installment of the Too Hot to Cook series for summer 09!

Today is Hawaiian Chicken in the crockpot!

2/3c soy sauce
1c crushed garlic (I use one whole garlic & just chop it up)
2TBS sugar
1/4tsp ginger
chicken (up to you what you use...I tend to make this using thighs)

Place chicken in bottom of crockpot.
Place crushed garlic on top of chicken.

In separate bowl combine rest of ingrediends, stir to dissovle sugar & garlic.

Dump over chicken in crockpot.

Cook on high 4-5hrs or low 8-10hrs.

I add a can of pineapple chunks & it's juice about 30 minutes before I am serving.

My family loves this.

Best of all a crockpot doesn't heat up your kitchen in the hot summer time.

What is your go to recipe for those hot days?


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~"Cheeks, Mr Cheeks"

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hello ladies

This is what I find on my phone.
He told me "I just want to use it to take some pics of motorcycles to send to a friend" this friend....FEMALE!

This one has his father's way with the ladies.
We are in trouble people!
Big trouble.

Of course, a future "girl" in his life will have to be an heiress b/c this mere 15 yo eats like a 300lb, 6'7 NBA player.
I will be cleaning up dinner & as soon as I am done, he comes in the kitchen to make a sandwich.
The best was last week.
He couldn't find the bread I had in the kitchen so he chose 2 cinnamon raisin bagels.
Sure, no biggie.
He used them for tuna.
Tuna flavored with hot sauce.
I just about threw up in my mouth when I saw that.

So my question readers is........
What crazy concotions have you come with to eat that you like?


Monday, June 01, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

This is my 1st time participating in this particular meme.
I finally had 10 minutes to look at the ads over my weekend from Hell & make a plan.

So here is what my non creative when it comes to food brain came up with.

Sunday: Hawaiian Chicken (will post recipe this week on Too Hot Too Cook Thursday), parmesan green beans, curly fries & corn bread.

Monday: Easy Peasy Pork Chops
Mac & Cheese, left over parmesan green beans

Tuesday: Spaghetti w/ sausage (hot & sweet)

Wednesday: Hamburgers, french fries & asparugs

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner

Friday: Perhaps pizza....not sure

Saturday: Will be just me & Cheeks so possibly scamming a family member for a free meal, I mean we will be seeking the company of one of our most loved relatives to spend dinner with :>)

So what's on your menu this week?