Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here's the deal

Listen up.

I am a woman.
I am over 30.
I am heterosexual.
I am LDS.
I am somewhat of a conservative.
I am a daughter.
I am a sister.
I am a mother.
I am a friend.

I support Gay rights.
I have Gay friends.

I don't care if they are gay, straight, a-sexual or into animals.
It's none of my business.

The only thing they do any different than me is done behind closed doors.

Read that again...the only thing different they do differently than me is done behind closed doors.

They pay their do I.
They grocery do I.
They go to work or goof do I.

It is none of my business what anyone does behind closed doors.

In this day & age, I just feel that a lot of people have to come out in their jobs.
Did I come out as a heterosexual woman?
Not that I can remember.

It all boils down to we should just accept people for who they are.
I am not in someone's home watching what goes on behind the closed door.
If I was, hopefully I was invited and was enjoying myself...just sayin!

No one should be made to feel ashamed or judged because of their sexual preference.

It's that person's life to lead. 
You lead yours, I lead mine.

End of story.

The only that can judge is Heavenly Father.
Let's leave it to him.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Thought I Lost You!

I have been having major issues with my computer lately.

The tip off that I needed to get help was when I went to sign in to do a blog post & I couldn't.

I thought I lost you all & my blogs.
I was panic strickened.
Anxiety ridden.

Actually felt just like a normal day really.
Hmm..there could be something to that.

Well, the computer seems fixed...thanks to a lot of $$ later & the husbands ingeniuty.

So I have found you all & hopefully you have found me...well you never lost me...let us hope.

Tell me what have you all been up to???
Do tell.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I Have a Dream...Oh It's a Dream Alright!

Apparently, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr has a little known speech.
A speech that no one video'd and put on YouTube.

At least according to my 6 yo.

See, Cheeks decided to give me a mini history lesson today.

Cheeks: Mom, you know that guy...Luther King, King Luther?

Me: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cheeks: Yes...well he gave a speech.

Me: Yes I know.

Cheeks: And in his speech he said that the whole world, parents...parents shouldn't smack their kids butts because that means they don't love them.  And, that parents should let kids do whatever they ask because that shows that they love them.

Me: Really??!!!

Cheeks: Yea, and so, can I play on your phone?

Me: No, it's charging.

Cheeks: See, Mom, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said that parents should let their kids play on their phones whenever they want.

Me: Well phones didn't have games on them when Dr. King was alive.

Cheeks: Oh yes they just didn't know about it.  So how about that phone now mom?

I was peeing myself in the car and couldn't wait to tell Bobster.
When I told him he asked Cheeks how he knew this and Cheeks response was:

"I just know, I'm like Santa Clause"

And that folks is logic you just can't argue with!