Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book#4: Spelling it Like it Is...A Must Read!!!

Book 4 of 2014 (I’m about to start book 6! ) is Spelling It Like It Is by Tori Spelling.

What a great book!


Most of you are probably thinking Tori Spelling? Really?



I think she is just so likable and girlfriend truly keeps it real.

From talking about how her family calls each other to look at their poop (don’t judge…if you have a man in your house, just try to deny he hasn’t called you to look at it! ) to her stint in the hospital with her fourth child, she does not disappoint on the realism of family life with kids.  I read this book approximately the time that her marriage was in the public eye recently.  It didn’t change my opinion on how good of a dad her husband appears to be or how he treated her during the events of the book.    
The book definitely kept me turning the page to see what antics her family is up to next.  I’ve read all her books and this was my favorite by far.    It’s an easy, light read.  Definitely vacation reading if one is in your near future and if not, it’s must read regardless.

Tell me, what have you read lately?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

American Woman? Wonder Woman? No, just Woman!

I am woman hear me roar.
Well hear me yell because no one in this male dominated household hears me.

The other day I hear "Woman!, Woman!"
Now it was just myself and the 7 year old at home.
So I poked my head into the living room and there he was, sitting playing Wii.
He looked at me & said "Woman! I would like a drink please."

I don't know if it was the shocking realization that he used the word "Woman" when referring to me or that he used please.
Well I do digress, he is very polite.

So I got the little tyrant a drink, didn't say anything because I was chuckling to myself & thought well it's just once.
A 7 year old never does anything just once, do they?

I figure he thinks I am Wonder Woman.

It's obvious why.  I'm built just like her.
I'm not?

Then why is this child calling me "Woman!"?

It hasn't stopped.
He's called me it since.
But I can't stop laughing.

It sounds hysterical.

I'm sure it won't be so funny when I get a call from the school saying he is calling his second grade teacher that, will it?

Do your children call you anything?
Remember it's a family blog,.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Book #3: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Psst: Before anything I want you to know I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because in the immortal words of Liam Neeson's character from taken: "If you plagiarize me I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you"  J/K.

Book #3 of the year: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Jennier Weiner’s writing. I’ve read most of her books and have enjoyed them all. This one included.

A story about two best friends, torn apart by a high school incident, but brought back together by an adult mystery.

Definitely a page turner, but not suspenseful as much as cute. You want to see what mess they get themselves into next and how they get out of the biggest mess of all.

Well written, funny, adorable in parts, definitely chick lit!

So if you are in the mood for some dorky girl bonding, a interested sheriff (not just in the case interested either) and a sweet tale of friendship, then this is the story for you.

Tell me what are you reading lately?