Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I think he was talking to my dad in this picture! I dunno.
I am letting his hair grow long, ala Kate Hudson's kid. I sort of like it. We will see what his dad thinks.
So last night was the annual parade in town. I entered Cheeks. He was not amused but held up. We walked about a mile then walked home. He went straight to bed. There was judging & such but we left. People go all out for this. I just threw some vines around his buggy & called it a day.
Imagine my surprise when tonight I got a call telling me he won a prize!!! Woohoo...I have to pick it up tomorrow.
So I have a little prize winner on my hands.
No trick or treating for my little man. I did take him to my mom's salon & then over to see my Godson, who was Elmo. Such a cutie he was.
My mom surprised him by dressing like Raggedy Anne & coming over. He wasn't too sure if it was her, even after she took off her wig. It was really funny & when I went to video it, my camera was dead. Son of a b*tch!
So Cheeks is sleeping.
Kitchen Nightmares is a rerun
I am hopped up on Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Off to scrap!
Woops out!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Blogger will not let me post photos.

Bobster returned to work this evening.
Whole fam is sad.
Cheeks & I dropped him off at his job to pick up the truck to drive back.
Cheeks just looked at him with watery eyes.
Poor kid.
Poor daddy. He spent a lot of bonding time with Cheeks this weekend, as well as the two older boys.
Well, no use in talking about it.
He will be home again late, late Friday.

Now I want to know your frugal tips for buying Xmas gifts.
Come on.
Gimme them!

Woops outs!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Glimpses of a Busy Weekend........

Last night, we decided to build a Haunted Gingerbread House.
All was going well....

Apparantly, I have to look into a lawsuit to Wilson for selling us blueprints that were not for a sturdy house. The mortar provided with the uneven walls are very dangerous for the inhabitants. Needless to say this is how the house ended up!

Friday night, Cheekers was walking & of course fell.
No biggie.
Shake it off.
Um, yea.
No shake.
Fell & split his lip open. Look closely, you can see it's a bit swollen.
Finally he left a hat on his head.
And those eyes, well this picture in NOT photoshopped!
Does he not have blue eyes or what????

Tonight was his big brother's, Tim (who r/q'd to go by Tim, no more Timmy b/c he is 14), birthday celebration (it's tomorrow). So Cheeks, hearing it was a PAR-TAH, decided to get out his best club gear & head on into the high chair for his festivities!!!
Guess you could tell what a daughter would have looked like if we had had one. LOL

Finally, Mr. Tim, Mr. 14, Mr. Birthday Boy.
Happy Birthday Tim(my)! Love you!!!!!!

And, Woops out~!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I GOTS ME A.....................


See Cheeks is celebrating that we aren't going to have to live a box! Woohoo!

The job is the one I interviewed at yesterday. It's a longer commute
it's $8K more a year than I asked for
benefits & 401K start the day I do.
They are overnighting the drug test & background check info to me. Then I guess when the test comes back good & so does the check, altho. my days of being a double agent will be exposed, DAMN!, I will start work.
I figure Nov 5th.

So thanx for all your thoughts & finger crossing that I get a job b/c I did.

So Bobster is on his way to pick up the boys which will be nice as they haven't been here in like 5 weeks. Cheeks is picking out his movie again, looks like Walking Tall with The Rock.
Good choice!

Woops out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

200th post & a funny

So, Cheeks what movie will it be? Elf? A Clint Eastwood Western? Wait! You want to do Yoga?
That is my son's favorite past time. Removing all of our dvd's from the basket that I keep them in under that there table. This keeps him busy for like 60 mins. And as a plus, I have discovered tons of dvd's I forgot we owned. BAAHAAAHAA.
So this, my loyal readers, is my 200th post!
Think I can get 200 comments???
Well I think that out of all my comments for this post I will send a RAK to that person!!
So come out of lurkdome & post.
Even if you are related me, read & don't comment, comment anyway & I will send you something fun! Or I will just drop Cheekers off for a short visit! See, that is a win/win situation.
Onto my funny.
Every morning & night I brush Cheeks teeth.
We sing a little song to the tune of Shake Your Booty...we sing Brush Your Teeth. Then I add "We've got to brush out teeth or they will smell like feet!" Oh yea, it's rap version. I hear Dr. Dre & Russell Simmons are battling it out to see who get's to sign me to their label. Of course, for those close to me, I will only sign if Jay-Z asks me.
What could my rap name be? Hmm.....
That's not the funny. Here is the funny.
After I am done brushing Cheeks teeth, he looks in the mirror,smiles & blows himself a kiss. With sound effects & all.
It's hysterical.
This has been going on for like a week.
I think his theme song will be "You're so vain!"
All that's missing is a wink & him saying "Goodnight Ladies & Gent's. I'm here all week. Try the veal!"
On that note, Days of Our Lives is on & since I can't find a job & someone is taking a nap I think I will indulge in the tragedy known as the Brady's v. Stefano DiMerra!
Woops out!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are you talkin to me?

Let me introduce Mr. Broadshoulders Crankypants.
Yes, yes, my little one is sick.
Just a cold but the cough sounds as if it is coming from his toes.
Poor kid.
He's upstairs, taking his 2nd napper of the day.
Running a fever, runny nose, hacky cough & just plain miserable.
Good times!
Good times!

Bobster is still away. In the past 10 weeks he was home for what I think amounts to a week. I'm not sure. It's taking it's tole on him. He wants a day off (can't blame him) & he want's to relax with his family (can't blame him again) & he really misses the boys. I think he is going to try to come home this weekend & hopefully we can get the boys.
Timmy will be 14 the end of the month! Holy Moly!
I want to do a cake for him & have the fam over.
We also have the Gingerbread Haunted House to make with the kids. Well, Cheeks will eat it, Tim will ignore it, Chris will decorate it, Bob will construct it & I will scrapbook it.
Perfect family gathering.

Still looking for a job.
There is nothing out there.
Let me rephrase that.
Nothing out there that will pay me what I am worth.
20 years experience and a BA doesn't warrant what they are offering
when my unemployment runs out & I still don't have anything, I will take that low paying job.
What really gets my goat is there is an ad for Stonhard.
They are paying up to $38K for the position I was let go from.
Um, hello? I wasn't making that & I know my friends weren't either.
O well.
That's the only thing I can say bad about the place.
That's a lie.
There's Heather.
Yes, no more fictitious names for the bitch.
It's Heather.
I hope she grows a fungus in a dark place!

On that note.......woops out!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nana...nuff said!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Nostaglia for ya & 7 Random Facts with a tag!

Ok, now I do not remember this version but maybe if you a bit older than me you do. This, to me, looks like it would be from the 50's. My mom & dad would, sadly, I was born in 70. Dear Lawd, that's a long time ago.

Anywho, enjoy a little early Christmas Spirit.

So Erika tagged me.
7 Random Facts I must post.
So read them, comment them & then check to see if your name is in the 7 I tag.
If it is, list 7 Random Facts about yourself & pass on the tag to 7 people.

Ok on with the show.

1. I have an anger issue. I admit it. I have good self control tho. b/c I get so angry that I see red & want to hit something. Do I? No! NO! NOOOO! That would be bad.

2. Total Ugly Betty random of a fact? Not too random if you read my blog regularly.

3. I met Regis Philbin. Jealous? Oh yes, oh yes you are!

4. I have a birthmark on my little pinky toe. Looks like I stepped in poo.

5. In highschool I wore blue eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, clear mascara, little blush & no lipstick. Hmm..I wonder why I didn't get a date for the prom.

6. My memory is for shit...but only since I got preggers & gave birth.

7. I was in a dance marathon in the 80's for the Special Olympics.

I tag:

Kathy C.

Woops out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am a stunner, no?
Do not answer that.
Just me, fooling around in the camera.
No make up.
Hair up & most likely in need of a shampoo.
I think this was at like 7:15 am.
Oh well.

So Master Cheekers has decided to not just do 3 steps at a time but today he walked from the couch to the table I have on the small wall.
He did this with his hands over his head.
Like a monkey.
It was like 20 steps!!!
Of course, I made a big deal over it.
We all do when he walks.
He must think we are crazy but hey, so be it.

Well didn't get the job.
Well I got it.
They couldn't pay me what I wanted. I even came down.
HR said it wouldn't be fair to pay me what I wanted when they have employees that are just now making that after being there 3 yrs.
Um, er, well
I have years of experience
a BA.
I am worth it.
So tomorrow onto another temp agency.
The one I'm with hasn't contacted me in weeks & when I emailed her she replied "am keeping you in mind, feel free to stop in whenever."
Um, yea.

I like being home but we are not sure I can be home full time for good.

So if you know of any place that is hiring & is weekdays then let me know!

Ok, Kitchen Nightmares & yummy Chef Ramsey is on.
Gots to go!
Woops out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Can't post pics.
Blogger having issues.
Aren't we all.

Had 2 job interviews today.
One was at a shoe designer. Oh yea baby.
Didn't work out.
The owner told me right off the bat that if I couldn't do the salary to let him know & he wouldn't continue with the interview.
I told him right away.
$5k less than what I was making.
That's less than what I was making when I left FMP to go back to school.

The 1st interview went really well.
I was there 2 hrs!
The HR girl told me everyone really liked me but they could only pay....
$5k less than what I was making.
So a little haggling & she asked me what I could work for.
I told her my bottom line.
Only $1k less than my last job
I need a job & $1k less won't make much difference.
So she has to talk to her bro (they run their dad's company) & I will call her tomorrow. She is going to try to get me what I want b/c they like me.
Yes, they really like me. I feel like I should be clutching an Oscar.

Onto other news.
Cheekers has a cold. Little fever.
The bugger will not let me take his temp.
I did the underarm thing...well you would have thought I asked him to donate a kidney.
So I ran to the store to get the strips you just stick to the forehead...they must not make them anymore cause I couldn't find them.
Ended up getting a thermometer that reads the temp when you hold it to the temple.
Well, for the Love of God, you would have thought I was trying to murder him.
I mean he was thrashing, crying, just when I put the ball on his temple.
What a mess.
I got a reading tho.
It's low, like 99 but he's not himself.
Poor kid.

He's walking!!!
Took his first couple steps the last weekend of the month.
He does better in the playpen walking, then out.
He only seems to do it when he feels like it. Crawling is faster for him & damn! he's quick.

Other news in my life......
Got nothing.
Lead a dull life.

Hopefully the whole family will be together either this coming weekend or the weekend before Halloween.

Tim's bday is the 29th. So I want to bake a cake & have the fam over for cake. I know what we are getting him I just have to find it as cheap as possible.

That's it.
Woops out!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Wish

Did this for the challenge @ Scrap the Music...see link over there ~~~~>
Anyway the lyrics are written around the edge of the blue paper. It doesn't show that much with the scan.
I am really happy with how this came out!
What I want to know is....what are you working on???

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I can't say this enough...MY KID IS FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!!!
*sadly, I could not afford to get enough pics to send out this time. Sorry all*

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scrapping Roll

Harvest Days...done for a sketch over at

Awesome Kid done for a challenge over @
Punkin Outfit..I think I just did this to do it. I can't remember. I have been doing so many challenges lately, they are all blending. LOL
The journaling is hidden under the main layout & can be pulled out by the ribbon. It just tells Cheekers that he got his first Halloween outfit from his Aunt Anne.
So what have you been working on????

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin Patch & other rambles

Shield your's not pretty but the kid is cute! LOL

Do not ask Cheeks to take his attention from playing with the hay!

Burying mommy & himself.

The pumpkin patch

Depsite the heat & some rude people, it was a really good time. When I say Cheeks loved the hay, that is an understatement. This kid was like me in a Coach store with an unlimited amount to spend. He loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, he didn't nap all day so he was a little, um, cranky towards the end of the day. That's ok. He's so friggin cute so all is ok :>)

Not much else going on. Still job hunting. Hopefully will hear from this one company this week. I am enjoying staying home but sadly Visa & PSEG do not understand that I like to stay home therefor I can't make the bills. You think they would be more sympathetic. O well.

Must run.
Need to food shop.
Old Mother Hubbard has more than I do.
Taking Cheekers with me.
Good times!
Good times!

Woops out!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Layouts, Layouts, Layouts, Get your Layouts Right Here!!

Got more scrapping done & more challenges. Woooooo!

This next layout is made in fun. Just putting it out there that the child had no alcohol content in his mouth, body or anything at all. I think we all have these types of photos & if you don't then I would hope you would realize I do have enough common sense not to let my son have least not until he's 3!! LOL

Anyway this is for the challenge at Had to use the word GONE. I just thought this would be a goofy layout to do & I was in the goofball mood.

Next up.
I did the challenge/contest for Mojor Survivor which was to use multiple pics (at least 2), some bling & write about didn't have to use the word, just write about it. The contest is being held at Go check out the rocks.

The layout also ties in with the challenge at It was to use the title Sweet Child of Mine. I did one for Tim, so of course, I had to do one for Christopher. Same journaling, just changed the name. One more to go for Cheekers.

In other news, we are going to the pumpkin patch with my sister, Aunt Kathy & cousin/my Godson, Aidan today. Taking a hayride, picking the pumpkin, all in the lovely 80 some odd degree weather & high humidity that we are experiencing this week. Where the frig is October??? It better get cooler or poor Cheeks will be sweating galore on Halloween. His costume is made for cooler temperatures.

Stay tuned...must post Christmas cards still!

Woops out~!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sweet Child of Mine

Did this layout last night.


It was actually for two different things but the one thing I screwed up & didn't use two photos. Sigh! I could kick myself.

Anyway the other was for the challenge @

Totally love that site. When I saw the title I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use. He's a good looking kid that Timothy. He's going to be 14 on the 29th. I met him when he was 11! Holy Cow. I was looking at pics the other day of him & you can see how much he has changed. Matured. So fast!

Not one of you told me how fast kids change!!! I am holding you all responsible for the faux pau!

I made some more Xmas cards out of scraps. Will post them later.

Moose & Zee are on. Must go!

Woops out!

Monday, October 01, 2007

May I Present The Boys

Honestly, are there any other children out there that are cuter?
Don't think so.
This is what I got Bobster for his birthday.
A nice portrait of his three boys.
Got the pics taken at Target.
This was the only decent one out of the bunch.
The photographer sucked. She was bad.
To say she sucked ass is being kind. She meant well but she just did not engage the kids.
O well.
I got this shot & that's what matters.
I have another interview tomorrow.
Haven't heard from the one from last week.
Guess it went to someone else.
Maybe this is a sign that I am to stay home!
Yea, right.
Wish me luck tomorrow.
Not much else going on.
Doing a little early Xmas shopping here & there, preparing for Disney in Feb., freecycled a sh*tload of stuff today.
Now to just get my cards to sell on Ebay & I will be Golden.
Woops out!