Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cheeks has arrived!

Yes, my little raspberry arrived in the world at 9:04am on 8/16. His weight....11lbs, 1 oz & he measured 22 3/4" long. He was remeasured at the ped yesterday & he is actually 21 3/4" long.

He is absolutely beautiful!!!!! He has light brown hair, perfect skin & his cheeks weigh at least 5 lbs each. We are working on getting him on a schedule but so far no such luck. Mommy is sleep deprived & cries a lot. A lot more than "Cheeks."

I am slowly recovering from the c-section. It was intimatidating at first & I cried in the OR b/c they wouldn't let Bobby in right away. Then when he came in, I cried & told everyone I was sorry. They all said I had nothing to be sorry for.

Anyway Ethan spent his first day in the NICU. He swallowed some of my amniotic fluid on his way out & had wet lung. So I didn't get to see him til 5:30 in the afternoon. I cried b/c he was hooked up to so many wires BUT he got better & the next day spent the day with Mommy &Daddy in Mommy's hospital room.

Must run. Time to wake "Cheeks" up!

Woops out! or should that be "MOMMY OUT!"

Sunday, August 13, 2006

European Time

Yes, yes, I am convinced my body is on European time. That would explain why I am up at 4am today or everyday for the past 2 weeks. Of course, it's 10am in France so my body must have jet lag from my trip to Paris in Jan 2005~!!!!!!!!!! Or it could be that that is when the Bobster likes to come to bed. Thus adding pressure & heat to the bed, which in turn keeps me awake. Not his fault really. Then my stomach gets the signal that I am awake & decided to growl as if I haven't put food in it since my trip to Paris! (Which by the way, doesn't have the greatest food but that's another topic!)

I am so friggin tired. I just looked at the bed with longing. Well first the clock, 6:31am, then the bed. Only to be disappointed b/c before I got in last night I had to remake it b/c someone, ahem not me, pulls the covers out & twists them all around. I need the covers tucked in & straight. Guess what? They are all twisted, the body pillow I have is now hot b/c someone is using it & my head pillow is wrapped in his arms, which is like trying to break open the safe that holds the Hope diamond. Not to mention the human chain saw is going at like he is destroying the Pine Barrons!

Is it so pathetic that I am looking forward to the hospital stay? Where at night I will be by myself, in a bed that reclines? With no fan on if I don't want it. Which is a moot point in my house! Too bad if I don't like the fan. Well someone has hair & little bits of hair tickle that person's face & nose all night unlike the follically challenged who sleeps in the same bed!

So, like I told the girls, there are only 3 more sleeps until the grand debut!!!! Can you believe it? I still have to wash the bassinet bumpers & sheets plus the 3-6 months onesies & mittens that I got him. Guess I should do that today or tomorrow since those will be the last days I have my own washer & dryer. That is the one thing I am going to miss most of all Toto! My washer & dryer. Now I have to schlep it to the laundry room or the laundromat. Guess it's a small price to pay for having a 3 bedroom townhouse compared to my one bedroom apartment.

Of course, we move day after tomorrow & I still have packing to do. It's pathetic really. Altho. maybe the packing will induce labor & he will come even that many more sleeps earlier. Hee hee.

Woops out!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

He likes it too much in there.

Yes, he's never making his debut. After some pain this morning & back pain & such, I called the ob/gyn & she sent me to the hospital to be monitored. Luckily the Bobster made it home in time to take me. He started Dunkin Donuts today!

Anywho, arrived at the hospital & they gave me a belly band, in Queen size. Bobby thought XL would be bigger. You can tell the man has never had to buy pantyhose. So I put that on plus my stunning hospital gown that wouldn't really tie. Hook me up to the monitors & proceed to watch me.

I was having what they call interference contractions. I barely felt them at this point. The baby was moving a lot when we first got there, then calmed down. The nurse asked me a bunch of medical questions, yadda yadda. Then she decides it's time to see if I am dialated. Ok, my dr & nurse practitioner are so gently. Not this bitch! I swear she stuck her entire arm up there & she was up there for like 10 minutes. Was she hoping to pull him out? Anywho, no dialation. So it looked like I was headed home. Of course I got all emotional & just wanted to stay. It was actually a very comfy bed, unlike here. I have no recliner so I try to lay somewhat reclined with pillows & such but no such luck. Not to mention my couch sucks! It's got a low back so I can't even get comfy on that. I know it's a good thing that the baby stays in for more time but the pressure between my legs is so bad, I can barely walk.

I think I have earned the nickname that my h.s. gym teacher gave me "Weeble Wobble". I waddle so bad that I get on my own nerves! So after some tears, my ob/gyn said for me to go home. So I stopped to see my girlfriend who had her baby yesterday. Such a sweetheart. Then the Bobster & I left & we went to Burger King. That didn't really cheer me up, so my sister & I went to BRUS this evening & I got Ethan his thermometer & the CUTEST EVER OUTFIT with matching socks. OMG! So cute! That cheered me a little but now it's time for bed, so the pelvic pain will be in full force.

Say a prayer, thought, whatever that Ethan will like to make his debut soon! Sure I'm not fully packed but I just don't care anymore!

Woops out!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Got baby?

Nope, not yet. I dropped off my 24 hr urine analysis & got blood taken today at the lab. Guess the results for that will come in tomorrow. Then it was off to the ob/gyn for my non stress test & BP check.

The NST went well. My little bugger didn't move all day. She straps on the sensors for the NST & he decided to do the copacabana. Movin all over. So when the tech came in she said the NST was good & by the looks of it, we would not be having Ethan tonight. Then she asked me to lay on my left side for the nurse to come in to take my BP. Well I couldn't do it. The pain in my groin is so intense that I couldn't even turn over. It didn't matter BP was normal. So no baby this evening.

I know it's a good thing. The longer he stays in the better but I am so uncomfortable, can't sleep & to be honest it feels as if my groin area was hit with 3 baseball bats. I just want a little relief but I know it's for the better.

So to console myself I treated myself to MickyD's for dinner. Had a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese. YUM! I am sure I will swell up more than I have been in months b/c of all the salt but you know what???!!!??? It was worth it!

My sister came over & helped me pack my scrapbooking supplies today. The Bobster cleaned the bathroom & did some kitchen stuff for me. Thank goodness b/c I think my bathroom was getting ready to lock us out b/c of all the dirt. Wasn't pretty people! Not pretty at all.

So here I sit. Large & in charge watching Hell's Kitchen. Man alive, I love that Chef Ramsey! So keep me in your thoughts & prayers that I am able to get some relief tonight to sleep.

Woops out!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Annoyed & Boobs

First: Everything is annoying me today. From the sound of the a/c unit going on & off to just sitting here. I am annoyed & irritable.

Second: Boobs. They are mine. BACK OFF! Enough said.

Any other updates from me?
Hmm...moving in 10 days & I really need to pack.
Dr's visit tomorrow.
I would love to scrap.
Tired of just resting.
Weekend tv sucks.
Can you imagine getting board of the internet?
Generally bitchy & irritable.

There ya have it. My update.

Woops out!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My digi works!!
My digi works!!

I have no idea what was wrong with it but I put in some Shop Rite batteries & works. Hallelujiah!!!!

So what were the first photos I took? Me, of course.

Briana has been asking for some of me at 9 months preggy so here they are. I was going to grace you all with a naked belly shot but decided to spare you. Trust me, I look like a road map with all the stretch marks going on. Guess they are the battlewounds of pregnancy.

I am pretty low & I think, looking very similar to Shamu or Orka, take you pick!

So there ya have it. Me at 37 weeks!

Woops out!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Preggy Update:

Had my weekly visit today.
Not dialated.
Protein in urine.
Higher blood pressure.
Gained 2lbs. Total 26.5 now.

Dr. had me leave another urine sample so she could send out to the lab to make sure I do not have an infection.
Took my blood pressure before I left, down a little, but she didn't like it.
Have to do a 24 hour urine sample where I pee in a jug from Sunday to Monday.
Drop that off on Monday & get blood work done.
Then go back to the ob/gyn for a non stress test & bp check.If she doesn't like the results, off for a c-section I go.
Told me to relax this weekend.
Um, yea!
My house needs to be packed.
I am going to stay in bed all weekend & try to bribe my sister to come pack for me.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's my friend, but also my enemy. I finally figured out it is the Zoloft that is messing with my sleep pattern. I forgot to take it night before last & I had a great nights sleep. Last night, I took it & was up every 2 hrs & finally woke up at 5:30 this morning for good. Sigh! It's helping me deal with the stress of my personal life so I love it but I am going to have to start taking it in the morning.

Other exciting news...hmm...sick today. To put it midly, I have to visit the bathroom quite often. I woke the Bobster up this morning & mentioned it to him & he said he had the same problem last night. We went to a local restaurant/bar for dinner & both had "Buffalo" things, he had a steak sandwich & I had wings. I had 5 wings but I guess it was enough to give me the ickies.

Got some packing done yesterday. So I am ahead, I suppose.
Today,not so much. It's 12 Noon & I am still in my pj's. No motiviation today, no motiviation at all.

Talked to the ob/gyn about moving my c-section up. It's a no go. Ethan needs to bake some more for his lungs to properly develop. He will be here soon. Like 15 days! OH MY GOSH! Are they really sending me home with a baby? Am I really going to be a mommy? Holy cow! Talk about overwhelming!

With that final thought, I will sign off.

Woops out!