Thursday, December 30, 2010

Revisting the Good Times

Some of my fav posts from 2010:

January: Ouch!

February: Climbing the Walls
March: Conversations w/ a 3 year old
April: Who Knew??? (no photo, sorry)

May: Here's your Real NJ Housewives
June: Please Floor Swallow Me
July: 40 Things
August: Totally MacGyvered It!
September: The Condition Known as Slobberitis

October: Stream of Conciousness
November: Just Throwin It Out There
December: Dear Anonymous (again no photo)

Whew! 12 months, gone just like that.
What did you do the last 12 months?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Snowy Day after Christmas

Christmas 2010 is over.
Winter storm 2010 is ready to blanket NJ.
I am not worried for the snow because I have Bumblebee to protect me from the winter weather.
And the preteen to complain about shoveling.

And muscles to do all the hard work!
My real question is when did my 17yo get those arms & the physique?

How can these children be growing up?
Yet their father & I remain young & vibrant?

Anywho, enough feeling sorry for myself that the kids are growing up.

Christmas was nice here.
Very simple and kept it small.
Seemed to be a Transformers/Aeropostle/Axe Christmas.

How about your humble abode?
How did the holiday treat you?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anonymous Responded

Here is what my anonymous commentor had to say:

I don't have a blog so I have no choice but to comment anonymously and it was 3am and your blog post just incensed me. I am just so disgusted at the results of the recent election. There are HUGE ISSUES at stake here, like the absurdity of continued tax cuts to MILLIONAIRES, and yet Obama's policy that angers you is one that's meant to help kids eat healthy in school. The anger and frustration should be directed at the Republicans who are pushing this through. It's fantastic that you encourage your kids to eat healthy, but most parents are kind of dumb, and let their kids eat crap. They also bake crap, and then feed it to other kids under the guise of selling it for fundraising. So I don't understand how the Obamas being concerned about the health of American kids (half of whom are obese) infuriates you, but you make no mention of the greedy millionaires and their recently elected pals in Congress. I'm just so sick of some of the INCREDIBLY ignorant women on *******. (Not all are; I've found a couple of thoughtful blogs.) To be fair, I only read back a few of your posts, and yeah, I was rude, but dammit if people don't piss me off right now for letting this country fall to sh*t. Rachel

First, I'd like to thank Rachel for responding to my post.

Second, I commend her on defending her views.

Third, I'd like to thank her for admitting to only reading a few posts.

If Rachel had gone through the bloggeroo she would have seen that I stay away from politics.
This particular bill must be signed by the President but it is his wife's platform.
She's a mommy, she's health concious.

This is what I am commenting on.
I do not go political on this blog because I don't follow politics for the most part.
As for what party I am affiliated with, I keep that to myself.

Here is what I have to say & it is not just directed at Rachel, if you do not like the content of someone's blog, then don't read it.

Easy as that.

There are plenty of blogs that I don't like, I don't agree with or I just think is plain dumb.
Hence I stay away from it.

Also, name calling in a comment?
Come on!
You went there?

So Rachel, thanks for commenting.
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
I understand about being pissed off & wanting to vent.
I work customer service, am the mom to 3 boys & one very large man child, so I have a lot to vent about.  LOL

Stick around, perhaps you'll find something you like.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

This is my son, Thanksgiving morning, licking the beater from the homemade whipped cream.
He's such a neat eater, isn't he?
I have no idea how he got it on his pants.
His mouth is no where near his thigh.
He keeps me on my toes this kid!

This getting dark at like 4:30 in the afternoon is really sucking.
I just feel like that's it, time to get in the pj's & go to bed.

Which brings me to my next topic....wearing pj's out.
You know, lounge pants.
I just want to say, while I can accept this from little kids or even a quick run into WaWa or DD for coffee, I really don't get why grown men & women do it when they run to Walmart, the mall or even the food store.
They are called lounge pants.
You know, to lounge.
At home.
With your slippers on.
Altho this apparently is the required footwear for those that wear lounge pants out.
Very fashionable.
I think I have seen a lot of this people in the mag, Glamour.
You know, in the back of the mag, with a black bar over their eyes & a big "Fashion Don't" as the title.

I am no fashion queen
When I am going public....I try to dress somewhat appropriately.
Like putting on a bra.
You do not want me to unless those bad boys.
This also means wearing jeans or something of the like.
Not lounge wear.
To me, totally not acceptable.

I don't know.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe it's how I was brought up.
You know, to look somewhat respectable when I leave the house.
Must be the new generation.

WoW! That made me sound old.
I am part of Gen X.
Where is my cane?
That's how I felt this morning, like I needed a can.
I let Cheeks sleep with me. 
He likes to sleep right up against you & leaves you about 6 inches of the Queen size bed.
Then if you snore, he wakes you up to tell you to stop.
Yep, he's a dream to have in your bed!
Plus he messes the sheets up.
I like em tight around my feet.
How do you like em?

It's a constant fight with me & Bobster.
I like them tucked.
He likes them untucked.
By the time we wake up, it looks like a wrestling match took place in bed.

So leave me a comment & let me know...are you a tucker or a non tucker?


Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Anonymous

I'd like to thank you for taking the time out to post a comment on my blog.

While you may not agree with my posts I at least didn't do it anonymously.
This is my blog.
Meghan's Mindless Mutterings.

I put my name out there.
Unlike yourself.
You leave snarky comments but not your name or a link to your blog.
Well done.
Very well done.

If you'd like, please leave your name & a way to get in touch with you.  I'd love to say hi.
Then again, you sort of remind me of the kids that do things behind others backs & never admit it.
That's it.

So next time you are visiting my "mommy" blog, b/c I am a mommy first but I also have opinions, leave your name.
I'd love to give a shout out to you on the blog!

Thanks for your input.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Psst, hey you! Yes, you...

Come check out the giveaway over at Meghan's Mindless Mutterings: Reviews & Giveaways.

You'll like it!

Monday, December 06, 2010

This is what you are focusing on???!!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. President (I will not disclose your last name but I will elude to the fact that you live in a large white house...just sayin)

It was brought to my attention today that you are mulling over signing a bill to limit the amount of bake sales that school can have.

I would like to say that I am so glad you are on top of things.

Glad to know that even though wars are still being fought, Bin Laden is running amuk & North & South Korea are threating to start a nuclear war, you clearly have your priorities in order.

What is more important that banning bake sales that help raise funds for our public schools? Of which the budgets are repeatedly cut each year.
Yep, good job!

I understand this is your wife's platform & you are playing the dutiful husband.  Let's pass a message onto the missus that I can monitor my child's diet just fine.  I do not need the government's involvement in what is fed to my child.  I would move to a country where I must stand in line to get bread if I wanted that....wait? Is that the direction you & the wife are hoping to take our country?  Won't my dad be thrilled with that one.

I do appreciate the efforts from you both to try to make our youth healthier.  If I could get my 4 yo to eat carrots I would be doing cartwheels.  Do you know that you can puree carrots & add them to brownie batter? O yes you can, just ask Jessica Seinfield.  What I like is that I have the choice to add them or not and that I can let my son buy a cookie at school to support the "Glee" club.  To be honest, I do not want this freedom of choice taken away.

As a parent I am capable of providing healthy options for my child(ren) to eat.  Really.  I'm good.

So please put this bill to the side and ignore.  Tell the wifey to chillax as my 17 yo says & let's concentrate on avoiding the nukes, finding good ole Bin Laden or hey, here's a novel idea, let's think about your promises that you have yet to make good one.  Again, I'm just sayin.

With that I close my open letter to you & the better half.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's the December 2010 PSA Folks!

The time has come.
The time to remind one and all of the simplicity of decorating with a theme.

Let me give you an example.
If one side of your yard looks like this:
 Then the other side of the yard should not look like this.
Sponge Bob, Sqiugsworth & the pineapple were NOT at the birth of Jesus Christ.
I wasn't there
No where in the story of the birth of Christ does it mention a dancing sponge who wears pants.
Sure, the one wiseman might have been broad shouldered, resembling a slight square in his stance, but I can assure you it was not SpongeBob.

So I say, my dear readers, go forth.
Deck the halls.
Just remember, stick to the theme.
It's just for the sake of those of us who must drive by & figure out why Jesus is lying there watching the floor show of the dancing sponge & jellyfish.
Just sayin.

And, as some added advice, if you prefer the blow up lawn ornaments, that's great.
Just remember if your lawn is the size of a smart car, you may just want to stick with one.
Again, just sayin.

That is all!

Friday, December 03, 2010

It's that time of year...

How is it possible that it's the Christmas season?
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were posting our resolutions for 2010?

Anywho with the onset of the season I want to know what is your fav all time Christmas special/movie?

I adore White Christmas.
Just look at the outfits for the finale
What I wouldn't give to have a dress like that.
So beautiful.
Of course, I'd prob look a bit odd walking through the Shop Rite in it but who cares, I know I'd be the envy of everyone! Tee hee.

I have other favs, like Elf & Year w/o a Santa Claus.
Really, who doesn't love Heat Miser.

White Christmas tho. holds the title as the best movie for me this time of year. Just envelopes the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of spirit, are you decorated yet?
Got the tree up?
Or are you still rocking the pumpkins & gourds?

LMK, I'm curious.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you the best, most fulfilling holiday?
Are you cooking?
Going to family? friends?
Going out to dinner?
Are you just doing turkey? Or do you add something to the meal, like ham or lasagna?

Tell me!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


after all summer & most of fall our fearless leader has returned.
Daddy is in the house.

The boys are thrilled.
The mommy is happy.

The daddy just saw this pic & demanded we take it off.
Spoil sport.
It stays.
Hee hee.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Days & nights are getting busier & busier with the holidays here.
So come check out my giveaway to make your cooking worries disappear.

Meghan's Mindless Mutterings: Reviews & Giveaways

Giveaway open til Monday night at 8pm est.
Monday the 22nd.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food for thought

By no means do I ever really talk about religion on my blog.
Seriously, I've mentioned that I am LDS.
And that of course, being so, I am close personal friends with Donny & Marie.
It's a prerequisite to be LDS.
Look it up on

Anyway lately I have been thinking is this the path that was chosen for me by Heavenly Father?
I firmly believe Heavenly Father will never give you more than you can handle so I know deep down I can handle stuff.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Everything is planned out for you.
That you know who you are going to be in your life before you come to Earth.
That you choose your parents.
That you know the path you will take.
Of course, once here, you don't remember knowing that.

I have to step back & think to myself...this is what Heavenly Father wants for me?
I agreed to this?  LOL

Some of the reason for my lack of posts is personal.
I have a  lot stress.  Not that no one else does.
I understand everyone has it.

It seems like today I was doing good but just a few hours ago I found something out that now I am more stressed than I have been in a long time.

Life lately appears to be 1 step forward, 3 steps back.

I know I am truly blessed to have Cheeks.  I waited such a long time for him, as many of you know.
I am blessed to have my family, my older boys and of course Bobster.  My friends as well.

So, why, do I feel like it's all about to go to pot?
Like I said, I will be able to handle it but I think it may take it's toll on me.

With that said I will leave off.
Don't wanna be preachy.
I try, really I do, to keep the blog upbeat.

Every now & then the personal stress invades the blog.

So take it for what's it worth.
Just a day in my life that I am choosing to share.
Stress, sadness, all of it.
It's ok to vent every so often, right?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Put a fork in me, I'm done!

That's how my life is going right now.
Just jumping from thing to thing.
I usually do not let my child jump of the furniture but I was testing the new camera I received.

I have had nothing but car trouble now for like 2 weeks, plus the Nana has been having the big "C" trouble as well.  Tonight was the cream in the Twinkie tho.
There I was.
Just filled up @ the gas station.
Went to turn my van on

Sooooo, I had to call my dad who rescued me & the Cheekers.
Now we get to see what is going on with the van this week.
Good times.
Good times.

Not much else to report.
Still living a hectic lifestyle.

Glad that bimbo Brandi got kicked of DWTS.
She was over-rated.
Let's have Kyle win!
Go Kyle.
Are you routing for anyone?
Lemme know!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank you

To none of you who should have informed me prior to watching Marley & Me about the ending.
I guess you see it coming
Come on!

Haven't had much to blog about as of late.
Dealing with some personal stuff.
The boys.
The Bobster.

Just seem to be doing the same thing.
Day in.
Day out.
Except for that pole dancing audition I had the other day.
At Cheeky Chubbers.
I'm a shoe in!

Just wanted to see if you are paying attention.

Has anyone started the shopping yet for the big day?
I have.
Got to love the internet!
Especially with a hyper 4 year old to tow around.

Tell me your Thanksgiving plans.
I am going to my moms.
My better half will not be here.
I'm disappointed
It tis what it tis.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Ah, life

He looks like he can't believe he made that pumpkin
He's constipated.
I can't decipher.

So Cheeks health insurance...what a nightmare.
They can never give me doctors that accept his insurance or have appointments.
Prior to today I was looking for a specialist & they gave 5 different dr's to contact.
All 5 do not take his insurance.
The last one, booked the appt, saw him & then at the end told me she didn't take the insurance & it would be $85 for the visit.
Well let me just squeeze that out of my tush for you.

Today they gave me 5 dr's.
Two are no longer in practice.
One is only affiliated with the practice as a courtesy & we are not patients.
The other I am waiting for a call back.
The last doesn't have an open appt's til after June 2011.

Yea, great insurance.

Not mention when I identified myself to the "boy" on the other end of the phone he said "Ok Meghan Muggles what can I do for you?"
Muggles? Like in Harry Potter.
I did laugh & told him I liked that better.
So please feel free to call me Mrs. Muggles.

Tell me has your name ever been mispronounced?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I do read just for pleasure.
Not just for book clubs.
This book was for pleasure.

Now listen to me carefully.....
RUN, RUN, RUN to get this book.
Be it by book, hook or crook...this is a must read.

This book is on a waiting list at my office.
I got moved to the top b/c I am a quick read.
When I say this book will pull at your heartstrings, get your heart racing & remind you of how it was in the 60's to be black and in the south I am not lying.

It centers around a woman, Miss Skeeter, who ends up writing a book from the point of view of the maids who work for the white families in town.
Reading this I was shocked to find out that people would make the blacks use separate bathrooms, keep their dishes in separate cabinets, beat them for whatever reason.
Don't get me wrong, I know this happened, it's just that being born in 1970 I never experienced seeing that sort of discrimination.

There were times when I was reading this book that my jaw dropped, that I was griping the book so tightly in fear for a character or imagining what it was like to live in a town like Jackson.

This is the author's first book & it's being made into a movie.
Coming out in Aug 2011.
I will be there.
Trust me!
This is a movie not to miss.
Most importantly it's a book not to not read.
So, go! Get! Read!

Tell me, what have you read lately?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Just throwin it out there

This is just a mish mosh post.
You've had them.
I've had them.

Saw yet another Christmas commercial today.
This isn't the first time I've seen it.
I actually saw it before Halloween.
Not to mention I got an email from the local mall.
Santa arrives this Friday.
November 5th.

Do you not think it's a bit early?
Don't get me wrong, I've started shopping but when you have 3 kids, numerous neices & nephews plus a few others, time is of the essence & so are the bargains.
But do I want to see commercials?
Do I want Santa to arrive before I've carved my turkey?
Not at all.
Kids can wait.
I remember watching Santa climb up the ladder in the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philly.  (It's not the Boscov's parade).
Anywho...that is when Santa arrived.
Not before.
Then his "helpers" worked at the mall so he could stay at the North Pole & supervise the elves with the toy making.
Is anyone else bothered by the early arrival of Santa or the commercials?
Is it just me?

Another thing is...please be prepared when you call a company.
Gather all information prior to dialing the number.
Just because it's an 800 number doesn't mean you can just dial willey nilly & the voice on the other end of the phone will know all.
If you have a customer number, get it & give it.
If the agent asks for your customer number, don't give the phone number.
If you are asked for your phone number, don't give your zip code.
Completely different.
Also, it hellps if you don't him, haw & question yourself as to what your first name is.
If you are non confident in this, then why are you calling?

Let's see...know why you are calling & what it is you are calling about.
Just don't tell the other person you need to do a return & then not have any info.
The crystal ball is in the shop & the turban is at the cleaners.
The voices on the other end of the phone are not mind readers.
Always catch more bees with honey than vinegar.
The nicer you are, the nicer & more perks you will get.
Just an FYI

Also, the recent elimination on Dancin With the Stars...really?
Rick & Cheryl?
How about Jennifer Grey.
I like her but lately the crying in rehearsals & the woe is me attitude is getting on my nerves.

Perhaps I have PMS.
No, no, just hot flashes.
Do mood swings come with menopause?
What do you mean you don't know?

On a lighter note, the other night Cheeks had a booboo on his elbow.
Gave him a bandaid.
Wrapped him in a towel & told him to go to his room to get in his pj's.
He told me he couldn't walk.
Why you ask?
He had a booboo on his elbow & he couldn't make it.
Drama King much?

So g'head...chime in on what is driving you crazy, your thoughts on DWTS or a funny thing that happened to you.
Let em rip!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 Has Come to an End

Halloween 2010 has come.
Has saw.
Has conquered.

I have one tired Mittens upstairs.

About 2pm we headed out.
Look at him.
Raring to go!

An hour later, Mittens asked if we could head home because he was done TOT & wanted to go home to have a treat.
So we headed home & check out the loot.
He chose the Nerds Rope, which he was eating a piece of when I took this pic.
A piece.
No way was I letting him eat the whole rope.
Oiy ve!

He is now sleeping off the fun of TOT, the lateness of a Halloween party last night & the crash of a sugar high.

How was your Halloween 2010?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing Mittens

Ever hear of the movie Bolt?
From Disney.
The main characters are the dog, Bolt, and the cat, Mittens.
Mittens is a bit of a smart aleck.
You can see the superior look on her face, can't you?
I'll give you 3 guesses who is obsessed with Mittens, first 2 guesses do not count.
Oh that's right.
So Cheeks has decided he wants to be Mittens for Halloween.
I jumped on that decision like white on rice!!! 
Give it to me, k? Next year he's probably going to want to be a bloody vampire or something.  I got to take what I can.

Well I got the outfit, tail, ears & nose.
My girlfriend at work put her mad sewing skills to work & created his costume for me.

Introducing Mittens!
Bad kitty!
Shake your tail feather!
I absolutely adore it!
He, of course, is smitten with the Mittens costume.
I really had to pry it off of him.
He even got down on all fours & meowed.
Do you think when he's 17 he's going to kill me for this post?
We shall see.

What is your little one going as this year?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just cause I'm nosey

I would love to know more about my readers.
My loyal blog followers & my lets visit every now & then readers & my OMG I just found this blog reader.

So I have created a little survey.

Simple really.

Please answer the following questions.
I will keep the answers confidential & to be honest I didn't ask for email or names so I will have no idea who you are anyway. Ha!

So please let me know about you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm hot!

I'm hot.
Like sweating hot.
Like this hot:
Did you think I meant another kind of hot?
I'm not that vain, Victoria's Secret is safe with me. I'll never get to tell it with my figure.

Sorry, off topic.
I mean I am hot.
All the time.
At work I break out in head sweats.
At home, if I sit still my feet will get so hot and so will my legs.
I have taken to sitting with the window open, right in front of it.

Lately, even with the cooler air settling in around South Jersey, I am still tempted to put my a/c on in the minivan. If I did, I'd probably have a Cheeksicle in the back sit. Poor kid, he hates it if it's under 70.

Even at night, I keep the ceiling fan in the bedroom on high, leave the sheets off & relish in the cool breeze. I was almost tempted to put the a/c on the other night but again, Cheeksicle kept me from doing it.

I'm only 40 & a young 40 at that. Could it be pre-menopause?
I say yes.
Think about it, I'm not using my womanly parts for anything right now.
Don't plan to in the future either.
There is no womb in the inn, kwim?

Has anyone started this young?
Any of you?
Please let me know.

Seriously, I'm ready to get rid of it.
Heavenly Father blessed me with at 13...that's long enough for me.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Like nails on a chalk board

Is cutting a bag for me.

Do you know what I mean?
I'm talking about when you get down to a little bit of food in the bag, instead of just sticking your hand in or pouring it into a bowl or on a napkin, you cut the bag & then supposedly have easier access to the stuff in the bag.

That drives me nuts.  I actually feel the little hairs on my neck stand up when I see that.

Why would you do that to that innocent bag?
I don't want to hear it's so your arm doesn't get crumbs etc on it.
Dump it out on a plate, napkin,, into a bowl.
Just what ever you do, for the love of God, do not cut the bag.
I'm begging you.

Tell me, what is your thing.
Please tell me you have something funky so I don't feel like the odd man out.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you Swagbucks?

Well, do you?
Swagbucks that is?

I do.

What is it?
It's a terrif search engine that awards you Swagbucks for random searches.
You can then turn your Swagbucks in for rewards.
I get Amazon g/c's for 450 Swagbucks.  Takes me about 2.5 weeks to earn that many.
Matter of fact today I just cashed out & got my little guy a Christmas gift from Amazon & it didn't cost me anything, thanks to Swagbucks

Whats even more exciting is that Swagbucks is introducing Swagbucks TV, the new home for rewarding video content on the web. Find fun, fresh, original video enterntainment 24hrs a daya, 7 days a week on topics from Health & Beauty to Technology, Sports, Nature & more!  In addition to all the great content, you'll be eligible to win SwagBucks periodically as you watch the vedeos, with multiple earning opps & values every single day!  And, for the first 2 weeks, they'll be extending the referral matching program to Swagbucks TV.  That means you'll earn matching Swag Bucks every time your refs earn on Swagbucks TV.  (Note: You will receive a bonus @ the end of the two week period chich contains the full total of all your matching TV bucks).  There'll even be a special Swag codes every day which reward people for asnwering trivia questionsabout the videos featured on the site.

And if you sign up thru my referral link:

You can use the following code to get 30 bonus Swagbucks!
Code: SBTVisOnTheAir

So what are you waiting for.
Sign up.
Reap the rewards!!!