Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You chose wisely judges

Not only is he the most adorable chef ever...He is also
Padma, chose wisely.

WTG Richard.

Did you fav win?

WW ~ Way to pay attention!

We're very proud.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hop on over here to see what I thought of that:
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Friday, March 25, 2011

I Don't Get It

His appeal.
I just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure he's a nice guy.
He's an ok actor.
I don't like his comedy routine.

First time I remember hearing about him was the year he hosted the MTV Movie Awards or Music Awards.
One of those MTV Award shows.
I watched.
Fascinated by his hair.
Disappointed in his jokes.

Did think he was funny in Despicable Me tho.
Do you know the character he voiced?
Oh I do!

Is there an actor/actress in Hollywood that you just don't get?

No trashing them as God forbid they have a google alert & read my blog.
I don't want to hurt their feelings.

I just don't get RB's appeal.
His wife...I get her appeal.
I like her alot.
Cute as a button.

They just remind me of an odd couple.
But you know....God bless them.

Tell me...who are not getting?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Do you have dreams?
Did you achieve your dreams?
Are you living your dream?

From when I was a little girl, back in the dark ages, I wanted to be a teacher.
I went to community college for a bit, then left to work full time.
I took a class here & there.
Finally to return, full time, to Rutgers University in 2003.

I graduated with a BA in English with an Elementary Ed. Cert for K-5.
Oh that's right.
This lovely state that I live in has given me a license to influence young minds.

Have no fear.
I don't.
Teach that is.
I influence my children everyday.

While teaching was a dream, a lot happened immediately after I graduated.
Some of you remember, some of you don't know at all.
If you are interested, ask me & I will tell.  Drop me a comment.

Perhaps my life is planned in other ways.
I am a mommy, which was always a dream & I achieved it one year & 2 months after I graduated college.  10 days shy of the year anniversary of when I met Bobster.

That's it, do the math.

I am living my dream...minus the maid & chauffer. 
I get to be a mom.

As for being a teacher.
I teach.
I teach my kids in my actions, words and ways I conduct myself.

Yes, dreams do come true just not always in the conventional way.

How about you?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WW ~ I will bend this lollipop with my mind!

The next Yuri Gellar.
Im so proud.


Come check out my Nutella par-tay.
Over here!

Click me! Click me!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Should I be concerned?

Presenting Cheeks fav song:

*Disclamer ~ He has never seen the video, only heard it in the car*

He is also a fan of "Whip My Hair Back & Forth" by Willow.
He has seen that video.

What songs are your little ones rockin out too?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How can this child holding the baby?
Be this boy, up there, at his junior prom.
Can't be right?
Tell me, it can't be.

When I met Bobster, he was 11 turning 12 shortly there after.
Now he is 17, going to the prom & a driving exam scheduled for next month.

How is that possible?
Where did the cute little boy go?

That's right, he grew into the charming, good looking 17 year old above.

I'll be honest.
I don't like it.
I prefer he stay little.

And his brothers.
They need to stay little as well.

I will have it no other way.
As mother I demand it.

Tell me, who else feels as if time goes super fast when children are involve?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Free Fallin

Let me introduce you to the Grandpop

Yes, everyone, I am the child of the Candy Man.
It's true.
My dad is Sammy Davis Jr.
You are saying it can't be...why because I am a 6ft tall white girl with red hair & green eyes?
Pa-shaw I say!

Seriously, my dad, the Grandpop is the Candy Man.
At least that's how he is known to my coworkers.

Why is he known for that you ask?
Well check him out:
Yep.  That's the Grandpop.
WE love him!

Do you know that once a week my dad has lunch with me & then on another day lunch with my sister?
Tis true.
He does.
He pays for lunch & lets me keep the change...always.

Then when we leave he hands me anywhere from one to two shopping bags that are stocked with bite size milky ways, mustkateers, snickers & twix, Hershey's minatures, bars of chocolate, bags of Swedish Fish & either a box of Milk Duds or Whoppers that he buys for my one co-worke because those are her favorite.

If we do not go to lunch, my dad will make a surprise trip to my job to drop off the candy.
Keep in mind I work about 30 minutes from home.  My dad lives 5 minutes from house.
Yet he gets in his Buick, treks up the highway & drops off the goods.

My coworkers know there is new candy on Wednesdays & if it isn't there, they will ask me if the Grandpop is "slacking in his candy duties".  They have even given me coupons to pass along to him to help him with the cost.

My dad also calls every night to check up on the days events and see how his grandson did for the day.
Not to mention all I have to do or my sister, is to pick out what we like on QVC, Amazon, Old Navy etc, email him the link & 9 times out of 10 he gets it for us.

He's a good daddy & an even better Grandpop! Cheeks loves him.

So next time you happen upon my dad, sing him the diddy "Candyman" & watch him smile.


Monday, March 14, 2011

It's back!

That's right everyone, Sister Wives premiered last night on TLC.

Can I say...Love this show! 

They really are one big happy family.

Again, I will give my disclaimer....I am LDS, no my family doesn't practice polygamy...we are Mainstream Mormons...Cody & the girls are Fundamentalist Mormon...although Janelle was raised Mainstream.

With that being said, I think this show shows the family & their dynamic in a positive way.  Really, there's not a lot of tension, the kids all seem well adjusted, as do the adults and they are supporting themselves without the help of the government.  Which is more than I can say for some non-polygamist.

Where am I going with all this, besides to hawk the show?
I'm trying to the show and that's it.
As for judging them for polygamy...let it go.
Are they harming anyone?
Are they dealing drugs? guns?
Are they out having murder & mayhem?
Well last night they did do a little ice blocking (which I totally want to try!)

Cody is legally married to one of the girls...Meri.
The other's he is married to thru the church.
Big deal.
Who cares?
Is it a life style for me?
Should the be left to their own devices and to go on living this way?
Why not?
No different than a wife & hubs who have an open marriage or do I dare say, swingers.

I just feel they are doing the show to get it out there that not all polygamists are no makeup, dress wearing, marry off the 13 year old girl to the 84 year old guy, cult like people.  The Browns seem to be raising their children in a loving home with spirituality and kindness and um, again, they are supporting their children without state/fed help.

Can I get an AMEN?

Well, let the flaming begin.
It's ok if you disagree with me on my view of polygamy but really you can't disagree that this show is killer and you should at least check it out.

LMK your thoughts!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mighty Mouse, I don't think so!

He's back.

I thought the mouse that we had last year had moved on.
Apparently, my pantry is the hot meeting spot.

Well I thought I'd out smart the little b*stard & I moved all my can goods into the pantry & all the bag & box stuff into the cabinets.

So what did he do?
He got on that scooter up there & scooted his tushie to the top of my refrigerator, on top of my microwave & into the basket where I keep the bread & bagels.

Oh yea, he had a little midnight buffet last night.  As if he was vacationing on Carnival.

This means war.

I will be setting a trap.

Please not inhumane remarks about the trap.
Honestly, I feel mice are disposable animals.
Do I want testing on them?
But when mice decide to move in, uninvited, well, GAME ON!

Tell me, have you ever had unwanted guests?
You know, like your in laws.  Just sayin.

How does your garden grow?

*Disclaimer: Ignore quality of photos, I am still learning my camera*

Any who after being home, all week, with a sick Cheekers, he was feeling randy so in order to call him down we made a garden.

A garden with coffee filter flowers.
Painted with water color paints.

All supplies from the dollar store.

Cheeks real love is tape.
O boy, break out the tape, keep him busy for hours.
Hanging up the stems.
Instant garden for a bit of spring in our dining room!

What do you do to keep the kiddo's busy in the rainy weather?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Get To Know Us

Let's play "Let's get to know us"

I'll go first.

This is me:
Hi all!

How to play.
I will answer the following questions.
Then you answer them either in the comments or on your blog.
If you answer on your blog leave me a linky dinky in the comments.

Game on!

{one} do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?
Yes. I feel like I am going to fall over if I don't.

{two} do you crack your knuckles?
Ew! NO!

{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum?
Bubble gum.

{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
My ring

{five} who is your best friend?
My mom & sister. Then the Kathy's & Megan.

{six} what is your favorite smell?
A new baby...babies smell soooooo good!

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat?
Chicken roll but I never eat it. I am not a sandwich kinda gal.

{eight} do you still have your tonsils?
Yes. Im missing my gallbladder & a few kidney stones tho.

{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
I only have ties on my sneaks & no, I don't.

{ten} what color is your car?
Light blue, just bought a new to us mini van. Go us!

Your turn!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Confession: I'm not a player

That's me up there.
Circa 1988.
Like the bow on the shoulder...very tres chic.
That's my friend Kathy.  She is the one who set me up with Bobster.  Love her! (Altho. after she see's this photo on my blog I don't know if she will be feelin the love back..ha)

Anyway, I have a confession to make.

I am not a player.
No, I don't mean a playa, like Tiger Woods.
I mean a player as in get on the floor & play.

Perhaps it's because I just do not relate to boy toys.
I call Cheeks action figures dolls and when I do Oooh! He get's offended.

Don't get me wrong, I play with him.
I do crafts with him.
Read to him.
You know all that good stuff
When it comes to pretending to blow things up or having the Hulk fight Abomination, my heart is just not in it.

I'd prefer a mild tea party, dress up or playing Barbi.
Funny thing is, he has no interest.

He'd rather shoot a Nerf gun & pretend his Iron Man.
Or tie me up, or wrestle.

Thank God for his father & brothers.
They will wrestle with him & torment him to no end.
Cheeks just goes back for more.

I'd rather bake a cake with the kid.
He likes to help in the kitchen....I call him my little Bobby Flay.

Are you not a player?
Come on, be honest.

Let me know that I am not alone!!!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Typhoon or Typhoid, The Movie

Ceiling fan on. Distributes lovely cool breeze.

Sheet covering body in bed.

Temperature of room: Balmy 101 degrees.

Sound: Waves crashing in the back.

Wake up.
This isn't some dream.

The room is hot b/c the body lying next to you has a fever.
The sounds aren't waves, that's the snoring & coughing coming from said body.

Who pretell is this host carrier:
Yea, yea, don't let the angelic smile fool ya.

Around these parts we like to call him Typhoid Cheeks.
He's spreading his love by sleeping in mommy's bed.

Good times.

I think prisoners are coughed on less than what I was last night.

Alas the little boy is sick.
Not sure with what.
When I contract it in a few days I'll let you know.

So what's going on in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Warm Day Hits

And my jumping bean goes to town!

Let me tell you this child has jumped since the womb.

Then when he would be in his exersaucer he would bounce so much that he moved the stationary exersaucer across the room.

Let hope with his height and his love for jumping, the NBA picks him up & he can keep me in the lifestyle I'd like to be accustomed to.

Whaddya say?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Let me ask you this...

Does your house look cleaner in the dim light or better yet, the dark?

When it's just the glow from the tv my house look immaculate.
Seriously, looks like I slaved for hours.

Then the morning light hits.
Like today.
I was home a bit later than usual, looked over at the cable box/dvd player & noticed it looked a little grey.
I can admit it.

The darn maid disappeared when I told her we couldn't afford to send her to the Caribbean this year.

I, of course, have been left with the cleaning.

I saw the dust  & Im gonna keep it real here.
Know what I did?
I got a paper towel & wiped it off.
Just to give that fresh "for show" look.

Is that terrible?
I have my reasons.

One: I live with boys.  Naturally sloppy.
Two: I haven't been feeling myself/well in a few weeks.
Three: I was leaving for an appt.
Four: I still didn't feel like doing the right way.

Did I just out myself as being an irresponsible duster?
I like things neat & orderly.
Let's be honest...the neater it looks, the cleaner it looks.

Where my girls at?
Whose with me?

Plus if I just keep the lights off & the shades drawn I live in a pristene home.

How 'bout you?