Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giant giraffe, you say?

Star Trek Log: 54637363262
Date: Last Day of April 2014 (eek!)
Subject: 100 Happy Days

So I let Cheeks play with my phone.
Who doesn't let the kids on the phone?

I was scrolling through the different photos I had on there and came across this:

I present to you "Le Giraffe"

Look at the expression on her face (it's a her...check out the eyelashes!)

Is it not priceless?

This, my friends, brought me mucho happiness today.

How about you?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Week of Happy

It's been almost a whole week with no happy updates.
How much do I suck?

Does anyone read my blog?
Besides my parents.
They sort of have to, they are my parents.

Anyway the week started with a very happy Easter dinner.
Yours truly cooked.  I rocked that ham!  Yea boy!

The happiness spread through out the week, along with some stress provided by the 15yo and the 7yo.  Surprisingly the 42yo behaved himself.
For the most part.

Take a look at the happy from Tuesday night:

Cheeks & I, along with my sister and one of her bff's, got invited to the premiere night of one of new local Chick-Fil-A's.
What a fun time!

We walked the red carpet, met the cow, & ate.
They kept bringing us samples.
More fries would have been nice though.
They even had giveaways.  We didn't win but who cares, it was free Chick Fil A!!!

Ended the week with not one, but two of these bad boys:

That is the famous McMillians Bakery creme donut.
It was coworkers birthday so we had these.
Then it was the Nana's birthday:

So we had them again.
If you can guess how old the Nana turned you get 10 points and my undying gratitude that you read my blog.

Tell me what made you happy all this week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27

I am over a quarter of the way through with the 100 Happy Days challenge.
So proud of myself.

Anywho, today's happy is brought to you by this:

This Bundt Cake pan has brought many goodies to my family.
Most notably, the Lemon Ricotta Cake we will be consuming for dessert tomorrow.

The best thing about this pan...I paid $2 for it at a garage sale.
Yep. $2.
Then as I turned to leave said garage sale, I slipped on their lawn & fell.  Slid about 3 feet...all without ever loosing my grip on Cheeks.  He wasn't even a year yet.
Baby hurt?
Mission accomplished.

Here's my question, have you ever bought something at a garage/yard sale that has given you joy over the years?
What was it?
Tell me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Struggling with 3 Days of Happy

For the last three days I have struggled, well not really struggled, but tried hard to find something that stood out for me that should be my "Happy" for the day.

Imagine my surprise when days 24, 25 & 26 took care of themselves.
My email actually gave me my happy for the these days.

It just came out of the blue and it's so needed.

I know I am the only one that got this email, so don't try saying you did too because, pashaw, I totally won like the person said.

So nanenanepoopoo (yes I did just resort to that)

Take a gander at my happy:

Dear Winner,

Your email has been picked as a winner in the ongoing MasterCard Inc. /Microsoft Int'l 2014 Annual Draw, you did not purchase any ticket to enter for this draw, as an internet user your email address was randomly selected and you are one of the Selected Winners among 10 winners worldwide. Amount won: 4.5 Million GBP. Please contact Mr. John Robertson Snr via email ( with the following information; 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Nationality: 4. Age: 5. Occupation: Nature of Work: 6. Phone: Fax: 7. State of Origin: Country: 8. Sex: 9. Alternative Email Address: for further proceedings. Thank you

Yours Truly,
Dr. Susan Smith.
Online Lottery Coordinator

That's right.

One up me now peeps!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

22, 23, When will the numbers end

The numbers will end on the 100th day of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.
How ya' like them apples??
Tee hee.

Yesterday was gorgeous in Jersey.  In the 70's.  Ab Fab Really! 
Remember that show?
It was a British Import.

This show was too hysterical.
Who watched it?

I took Cheeks to Stratosphere Trampoline Park yesterday.
He had a ball and I enjoyed watching him have a ball.
My 7yo has always loved jumping from way in the womb!  I thought for sure I was giving birth to a future NBA star with all that jumping.
Seriously thinking of having his b-day party there this year.

Today's happy was easy.
I won a giveaway for Dragons: Defenders of Berks Part 1 DVD from Sweep Tight.
My 42yo will flip.
Yes, you read it right...Bobster is a lover of the Dragons films & shows.
It's nice to know I have 4 boys, not just 3.

What was your happy today?
Better yet, what has been going on with you?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

21 Happy Days of the 100 Happy Day Challenge

Yesterday was so beautiful that I wasn't really around.
It was day 20.
We started the day off with a two hour karate class for Cheeks.  Beginners first followed by leadership.

My happy for today is the amount of pride I have in my 7yo.  He becomes such a different child when he is in that classroom.
He is focused, respectful, always volunteering and silent!  Love the silent part.
That happiness from yesterday, seeing him do his "moves", is carrying me through today.

That wasn't the only happiness yesterday.
Cheeks discovered that some flowers had bloomed across the street.  We just had to go see.
I picked one, told him they were called buttercups and taught him how to check to see if you like butter.  Surprisingly, we both like it.  I wonder if Paula Deen has ever done that test.

I broke the buttercup off & had Cheeks put it behind his ear.

I thought he would keep it there but as we were leaving the park, he ran back and put it with the other flowers.
When I asked why he told me he didn't want to take it from it's family.

How freakin sweet was that??!!!???

Again, happy.

Tell me, what has been your happy lately?

Friday, April 11, 2014

17,18,19 Hike

The past few nights (when I do my blogging) have just been busy, busy, busy.
Last night, the 15yo had an outdoor deck hockey game at 9pm.  By the time it was over & we were home it was 11pm.  That is past my bedtime y'all!

Anyway I'm going to work backwards on the 100 Happy Day challenge for the past 3 days.

Today's happy came from my mailbox!

My prize from my win at Sweeps4Bloggers.While I am not a jerky fan, Bobster & Chris are.
More power to them...Enjoy!

Yesterday's happy was my new 31 Bag.  There was a fund raiser at work & I love to support fund raisers.

Check it out:

Is that not the cutest?
For some reason they put my middle initial in the middle.  I always thought the last initial went there. Ah, who cares.
Isn't it the kickiest?  10 pts for those that can guess my middle members are barred from entering.

The day be yesterdays happy was this great looking sky:


Isn't it so pretty.  That was the sky about 5:30 on my home.  Fluffy clouds, blue sky for miles.
Made me happy.

What has been making you happy???

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cotton Trees (100 Happy Days)

I was stopped at a light on my way home from work tonight.  Very close to home.
I looked to my right & what did I see:

Like the smear on my windshield?
Nice huh?

I do not know what kind of tree this is but I love it. 
Cotton Tree is what I call it.
Clearly it isn't but I can never remember the name of it from one season to another.

So that's my happy.

What's yours?

Monday, April 07, 2014

Clap Your Hands if You Feel Like a Room without a Roof! Happy Day 14 & 15

I really got to get on the ball & do every day actually every day.
Know what I mean, Vern? (10 points if you know whose tag line that googling!)

Anywho, check out yesterday's happy!

This brought me such a smile.
I was perusing that most disgusting Goodwill in all of NJ when I came upon this little girl.
Raggedy Anne.
I was so into her as a kid.
The reason this made me happy was because when I looked underneath is said "Plack Shack 1975".
That was a local pottery place before paint your own pottery became popular.  You would actually buy it & take it home.
My dad was there, from what I can remember, a lot.
He did these mushroom paintings for my Grandmom...I think at first they were done in green then he redid them in orange.  Pretty sure. 

I just picked her up & it made me remember when I was a little girl.  Plus how can anyone not be happy when you see Raggedy Ann!  Big eyes, red hair.  Sort of reminds me of this Raggedy Ann:

Creepy isn't it?
This what having a grandson will do to you.  She got all dressed up to come over to see Cheeks when he was a wee little thing.
Ah, my mom...another crazy loon but we love her.

Today's happy was brought to you by this nut!

That's what happens when you don't pay attention to what he is doing with your phone!

This one actually came home, did his homework without a fuss, did his assigned reading...again without a fuss then ate all his dinner without complaining...I made fish sticks.
Yes, I am a gourmet.  Would you like my recipe? Shh...say nothing...Mrs. Paul's!

It just made me happy to a have a nice peaceful dinner without fuss & muss.

So what did it for you today?

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Book #6: The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I am actually on my 8th book of 2014 but am just slow at doing the reviews.
Well if you read my blog, you know I am just slow in posting...and slow in general.

Anyway book #6 is The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  You know her, of Twilight fame.  This book is very much a departure from the Twilight series.

A race of aliens inhabit Earth and use human bodies as their host.  Most times the humans disappear but this particular human will not allow the alien to take over.  She hangs out in the brain of the alien refusing to just go away.

This book has intrigue, action, drama and most of all a love story.  Which I am a sucker for a good love story.

While The Host is marketed as YA fiction, it most certainly will keep any adult interested and entertained.

What have you read lately?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Day 12 & 13 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

So I don't post every day.
At least I am still doing it, right?
That counts for something.
Yes? No?

Anywho yesterday's happy was my husband came home from being out of town.
I didn't let anyone know on the blog or Facebook because then no one could come & get me!

Today's happy is le wonderful.
I won not one, but two blog giveaways.

First I won from Sweeps4Bloggers the True Gentlemen Jerky giveaway.
I have won quite a few things from her blog.  It's the best giveaway blog out there, I feel.  Definitely check it out. 

Now the boys & Bobster will have some jerky.

Then I just got an email from Joy at Yesterfood, saying I won her Minute Rice giveaway.
Her blog is so great.  Love her recipes.

Look at what I won:

  • 1 box of the all new Multi-Grain Medley
  • 1 of each of the following: Minute Ready to Serve Whole Grain Brown Rice, Minute Ready to Serve Brown and Wild Rice, Minute Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice, Minute Ready to Serve Multi-Grain Medley, and the new Minute Ready to Serve Black Beans and Rice.
  • 1 free coupon for any Minute Rice product

  • Winning makes me happy.
    Who wouldn't be happy from winning.

    Tell me, have you won anything lately?

    Thursday, April 03, 2014

    Day 11 of 100 Happy Days

    Today was an easy happy.

    This kid did it for me today.

    When he gets in his karate class, he totally changes into a different kid.
    He pays attention.
    He works hard.
    He still shows off.
    He is quiet...for the most part.

    I really think they should have karate school, instead of regular public school.  I might get him there without a fight.  Ha!

    It makes me happy to see him enjoying himself and taking it seriously.

    What made you happy today?

    Wednesday, April 02, 2014

    Days 9 & 10 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

    Sorry for the no post yesterday.
    I was so tired and no oomph to write.

    Yesterday's happy was easy.
    The weather.
    Spring is here...finally! 

    NJ is finally experiencing temps that are not frigid.
    We may have rain but the temp is high enough we can open our windows & air out the house.
    Ah yea baby!

    My happy today, Wednesday April 2, is brought to you by Zulily.
    I adore this site and since I wear, ahem, plus size, I love them even more.
    They have a great selection of clothes for us in the double digits.
    And they are cheap!  Not to mention muy excelante customer service.  Top notch!

    Look what arrived today in the mail.

    Not the best of pics but after getting a free credit (for an issue I had...not only did they credit me, they refunded what I paid as well & let me keep the shirt!) & just paying for shipping, that cutesy top was only $6.

    Yes $6.

    I tried it on when it came & it fit.
    It's a bit low cute BUT I have always been a prude about showing cleavage.

    Anyway, if you haven't checked out Zulily...go, go, go! Right now.

    What made you happy today?