Monday, July 30, 2007


Hell's Kitchen

1st. He had his mum on.
Too cute!

2nd. Elimination.
He said "Rock, it's time you go".
So I was like "YES!"
he said "the the finals!"

3rd. Just Bonnie & Jen left.
He sent Jen home.

So my girl Bonnie is still in the running. I can't stand Rock. He is a good chef but he just has attitude.

Now here is what is perplexing me this evening.
Why is it?
At work, when I use the facilities, I am sitting there, do to do, & I look at the door in front of me to see a "Reminder" for us that use the bathroom to clean up after ourselves.

Now I ask you, who wouldn't? I work with adults. No little ones. I imagine they clean up after themselves at home, why not at work.

Then again, I have been privy to seeing first hand just how sloppy women can be in the workplace bathroom & may I say...WOMEN CAN BE SLOBS!

On another note, Extreme Makeover is coming to Camden, NJ to build a needy family a house. A dad & 8 kids I think live in a one bedroom apt in Camden.
For those that don't know....Camden is the poorest, most crime ridden city in NJ & I live 10 mins from it.
While I am happy for this family, there is already round the clock police presence there during construction. Can you imagine what this house will look like once the show is done & the cops leave?
The best thing would have been to move this family to a neighboring town but alas they will get a new home. Say a prayer it goes unharmed.

~Woops out!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rockin Girl

Look what I got!

Look what I got!!!

Jaydee over here... gave me this award.

I am not sure who to say in my thank you speech.

First I want to say thanks to Jaydee b/c she thought of me & my lil ole blogger-roo to give the award to! Thank you! Thank you! I blow kisses!!! I can't believe you chose me. It means a lot & gave me a boost to my day!

Second, I would like to thank Vin Diesel for co-starring with me in the Academy Award winning movie, "My undying love for Meghan" Vin, without you I don't think I would have done our love scene. Your abs! Your pecs! Your tushie! They all inspire me............................................................................................................................


Wrong speech.

Seriously, tho. Jaydee I can't believe you picked me & my blog.

Thank you so much!

Now it's my turn to award this banner to some bloggers.

Let's see, who shall I pick, who shall I pick...hmmm...

1. Beth at

Love her blog & I don't visit enough. She says what she thinks & if you like her for it, great, if you don't, great. That's why I like her b/c she doesn't seem to thrive on who she's trying to impress. YOU GO BETH!

2. Next up, Abby, @

Why? Because it's Abby...that's why. Read her blog. See her creations, her dedication, her family, her yummilicious husband!!!! LOL

3. Jacquie, you get the next award for being so rockin. Check out Jacquie's blog...terrific layouts & fun posts....

4. My birthday buddy, Torreh b/c of her humour~!

And finally #5:

Kelly b/c she is too funny & has one of the cutest babies ever! Check out her daughter's bikini shots. Too cute!

Now girlers, grab the banner & tag 5 other people!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello there Chubette

Pushin maximum density I am.
It's pathetic yet I still eat ice cream.
Tomorrow, back to WW.
I want to stick to it.
I want to lose weight.
I want to get rid of my pouch.
Ok, it's not really a pouch, more of a parachute but it must be gone.

Now, how can one minute I be in a good mood & the next I am rather depressed & sad.
Yesterday was the best.
I got to spend time with my Cheekers.
Watch him all day. Yes I was exhausted at the end of the day but he's mine, so it's all worth it.
(Mad props to Erin, who does this every M-F...she's the only 24 yr old I know who isn't an official parent that is too pooped to poop on a Friday sometimes! LOL).

I am just upset.
I'm not where I want to be.
Lot going on in my head.
If I let it out, you will all think I'm nuts.
If I keep it in, I will be nuts.
Let out ~ cry
Let in ~ cry
Maybe I'm just tired.
That's the ticket.
I'm tired.

Woops out~!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

See this man...yea, him down below................... I adore him.
Love his style.
Love his potty mouth (I am developing mine based on his! LOL)

Anyway, just now, he sent home my favorite contestant.
The Waffle House cook.
For a split second.
I was pissed!
Chef Ramsey did something he has never done before.
He told Julia he was sorry & that she had talent that he,
he personally,
was going to send her to culinary school & wanted her to comeback & compete.
That sealed the deal for me.
I adore him more now then before.
What a sexy mo~fo!!!!
He's married, 4yrs older than me & even has a daughter named...Megan!

So I have expressed my dying devotion to Chef Ramsey.
I think if I were to ever meet him, I would just babble.
I do that anyway.

Well, I am sad to say goodbye to Julia but that leaves just 3 competers.
Jen (I think?)

I am routing now for Bonnie.
She's got spunk!

Woops out~!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday Shout Out's & Layouts Galore

Ok see that chica up there.
That is my sister. Today she turns 24~~~~~!!!!!!!!
Go Erin!
Go Erin!
Go, Go, Erin!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
I would sing but she says I make her ears bleed. Hmm...I must be slightly off tune.
Erin is exactly 13 years & 6 days younger than me.
So for the keeping track, last Monday, I turned 37.
For the love of God! 37! Where is the social security application???

Ok enough.
Onto some layouts.
I just 2 for fun & 2 for a circle journal. I think you are all pretty smart to figure out what ones are what.
May I present my layouts for your enjoyment. LOL

My final thought for the day:

Why is it, when I show Cheeker's rubber band thighs, people coo & smile & say how cute but when I show my rubber band thighs people run in horror & their watches stop???



Saturday, July 14, 2007

My apologies & a video

First, I apparantly misnamed Sybill the other day.
In my exhausted stupor I referred to her as Sybill Alfred.
Um, I was corrected, that Hitler's first name was Adolph.
So, from here on out, she will be referred to as Sybill Adolph.
My humblest apologies & yes I did know his first name, like I said I was tired.

Here's a little diddy for ya.
Love this song!!!
Love it!
Love it!
Love it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scars & Sybill Alfred

Those are my piggies!
The photo is to prove that I got a pedicure finally. Yea, like 5 weeks ago. I need one again but this is what my toes look like. I love the Orange polish. Kicky!
Onto the scars.
Pretty much everyone knows the saga of the cyst on my face that needed to be lanced.
Good news: It will close & leave no scar per the plastic surgeon.
His name:
John Gatti.
He did tell me if I didn't like how I look he could:
rearrange my face
Have me placed in the witness protection program.
He also offered his grandchildren to give the boys "Gatti hair"
What a guy!
Anyway today.
At work.
I was cleaning out the btm drawer of my filing cabinet.
I left it open. Moved around it.
When I moved back, I didn't much clear it & I scrapped my shin.
Not just a teeny scrape but the whole shin.
It is cut clear across. Bloodied up right away & started to bruise.
Yes, very attractive.
So as soon as I get the face cleared, I have to mess up my right leg.
Dance career is over.
Now onto Sybil Alfred.
I know someone.
From here on out we shall refer to her as Sybill Alfred.
She has a split personality & the "evil" one is like Hitler.
Had to be said.
This person is making my life miserable. So much so that I am thinking of relocating...hmmm...John Gatti could come in handy.
Anyway, wish me luck dealing with her.
Will keep you posted.
Woops out.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

How we spent the weekend.

Friday night we picked up the boys, came home, started to change the Cheekers on the bed.
Turned my head to say something to Bobster.
Fell off the bed.
On his head.
Bobster grabbed him, put bags of carrots on him.
Cried for 10 mins.
He's ok.
Has a big ole greenish egg on his head.
Lovely shade really.
Seriously, he's fine! Trust me.

Saturday we took the kids & my sister down the shore.
Here's my sister & Christopher just as the roller coaster is released to start it's blood curdling ride. They are in the front seat.

Here they are at the end.
Chris said the coaster went so fast, he cheeks vibrated.
Not a flattering photo but it shows what one looks like after a ride on the coaster.

Today, the Cheekers went for a dip in pool for the 1st time.
Lathered him up with his sunscreen....#50...he's my child after all & could spontaneouly combust at a moments notice.
As you can see he had a good time!

He also decided to lean over the pool & partake in the vegetation that was growing, aka the grass & weeds. No photos of that b/c I was yelling "NO Ethan NO!"

And on the note....

Woops out~!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I've been tagged...not once but 3x's!

*The picture was taken in 1972 this month...sigh (that means I am going to be 37 but on a brighter note...only 15 more shopping days til my birthday, July 16th!...hee hee)

First I was tagged by Felicia then Laura & here ya go:

7 Facts About Me:

1. I have dark brown hair, I am not a natural redhead (I KNOW! SHOCKER!)

2. I meet my dad for lunch once a week.

3. I appeared on the premier episode of "Dance Party USA" or "Dancin USA", can't remember what it ended up being called.

4. I collect turkeys.

5. My food on my plate can not

6. I love Magic Shell.

7. My favorite number is 15

People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.