Thursday, September 28, 2006

First things first....

Dilemma of the day...was it a bad thing that the Bobster & I watched The Biggest Loser last night while I ate chocolate chip ice cream covered in magic shell & he had a beer....I mean, it was a Coors Light!?

The 1st two photos were taken Sunday. Christopher helped Daddy put together my glider. I told the Bobster it would take him 2 hrs. Um, yea, it took 30 mins. The sucker was almost all put together in the box. Now it is fully together & sitting in Cheeks bedroom where we rock as often as we can :>) but not too often as we don't want him to rely on rocking to put himself to sleep. Just ask anyone in my immediate family that had to rock Aunt Erin!

Speaking of which...isn't that a darling photo of Cheeks & his Aunt Erin!!!

Well Cheeks is screaming his head off....must want to go to sleep...can you say overtired!

Woops out!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 weeks....

ago today, Cheeks arrived! I can't believe it. He looks so tiny in this picture, well as tiny as an 11 pounder can be. He still looks tiny to me, altho when I hold him to feed him with nothing under my arm to support, he doesn't feel so tiny!

Yesterday was a day of firsts.
*~~First trip to the grocery store. Just Cheeks & me (and the entire population of senior citizens in the Cherry Hill area). Only took us 3 hrs~! Um, yea, next time either someone comes with us or someone needs to watch Cheekers. It's partially my fault b/c I knew he was going to want to eat. So there we sat, in the pharmacy, chugging down the formula. That took about 40 mins, then we had to keep stopping b/c he had gas & needed to burp or just wanted to be held. Then when I got to check out, he freaked out while I was unloaded the cart. I felt like a bad mommy. Thankfully the cashier asked if I needed help to the car with my cart. Why yes I do!!!!!! I usually bag & load up the cart (years of being a cashier) & I didn't yesterday since I had to hold Cheeks the entire time. Luckily, by the time I got to the van, he had fallen asleep & stayed asleep.
Whew! I got home & needed to rest :>)

*~~First laugh!
Instead of just smiling yesterday & sort of moving his body w/o sound, Cheeks actually laughed. I said something to him & he smiled, body shook & he made the laugh sound. Hee hee hee. Well something like that. I wrote it in his baby book!

*~~First follow something with is eyes!
While in the food store I was trying to entertain him so I broke out the very colorful buggy toy that clips on his car seat. His Aunt Darlene sent it to him. Well I decided to move it from one side to the other & he followed it with his eyes. YES! I did it a few times & he kept it up. My child is a genius!!!!!

Last night was better sleeping for him. About 12 to 5am. Not too shabby. I feel slightly refreshed. I hear him now, making sounds up there. Thank goodness for the monitor.

Which brings me to the subject of neighbors. They must have the same monitor b/c I can hear them through it, plain as day. It must be in their kids room b/c I don't hear them all day, only certain times. Nothing juicy either...usually just telling the son he can or can't have this or that. LOL

And finally I will end with this.....Howard K. Stern is the father of Anna Nicole's baby..........TOLD YA! Who didn't see that one coming!!???!!!! Hello, McFly??????????

Woops, out!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Look at those cheeks! Look at those chins! Notice the lack of neck? That is affectionately referred to as a know, when your chin & neck are just all's called a check! He has the cutest check around. That is his one month picture. So big!

On a bright note....last night I asked the Bobster to fix Cheeks bottle & feed him, told him put 1.5 tbs of cereal in it. Well unbknowst to me, Bobby filled it & put 2 tbs in it. So Cheeks sucked down the bottle then took an additional ounce. I put him in the pack n play about 10:30 & he slept til 5:00! Hello! 5:00!!!!! No waking in between!!!! He was out cold. Started to fuss about 4:30 or so but kept nodding off. So at 5, I got up & changed him & fed him & by 6am he was back to bed & so was I. I slept til 8 & Cheeks til about 9.

Now he has been pretty much sleeping all day. Which has me a bit worried b/c he is usually awake a lot more. I hope he feels ok. He is cool to the touch but when I change him next I am going to take his temp. Maybe he just needs sleep today. Maybe he's bored? I'm not sure. I am new at all this, so I constantly worry.

Enough about that b/c if I go on, I will bundle him up & take him to the dr. before I know it.

As for me, well I had to be lanced today. Let's just say that I had a "boil" in an area that "boils" shouldn't be. Man did that hurt! OUCH! My skin is still irritated but I feel tons better.

I cooked again tonight. Shakenbake Pork Chops...the Bobster loves the shakenbake. For some reason tho. it was crispy, then I cooked it an additional 7 mins b/c the chops were thick & the shakenbake came out mushy. Hmm....don't know why.

Well, must clean up! Gots to sneak some Keebler Double Stuffed Fudge cookies while I do.

Woops, out!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swing Low Lamby's, Swing Low!

I like the swing, I don't like the swing, I like the swing, I don't like the swing. If I could just make up my mind. Maybe these lamby's can help a baby out & tell me if I should like it. I like my outfit, so why not like the swing.

As you can see, Cheeks likes the swing on his terms. Not mine.

Normally this wouldn't be bad BUT I have discovered this week that when he is tired he wants Mommy to hold him to go to sleep. Hmm....I can do it but just between you & I, I was told to let him cry it out. I have done it twice now & it breaks my heart. He was fed, clean, dry & not not feeling ok, so I knew it was just that he was pissed. I can tell that cry immediately. He usually uses the pissed cry when he is hungry & I haven't gotten his bottle in his mouth fast enough. You would think I was torturing the poor babe.

I am also having issues with letting Cheeks be on his own when he is awake. I want to interact with him, so he learns & knows he's loved. Altho. I am finding that sometimes that get's him overstimulated so I have stepped back & let him stare at the wall. I do put him under his gym or in the swing or prop Elmo up next to him to look at but the wall, well it is just so damn interesting that he can't tear his eyes away. Of course earlier, the box that holds my glider is sitting on the floor & Cheeks was staring at it like it was a Picasso, so go figure!

Only 3 weeks to go before I have to return to work. If anyone knows a way I can make my income staying home....let me know! And get health insurance at the same time. I am so going to have a hard time going back to work.

On a brighter note, I have cooked 3 times this week. Last night, Bruschetta Chicken...not too shabby...topping could have been crustier. Tonight I threw in some drumsticks with red potato wedges, drizzled Italian dressing & Romano cheese on top, baked at 400 for one hour & if I say so myself....VERY TASTY!!!!

On that note....

Woops out!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Can he BE anymore cuter? I don't think so! Man is that baby adorable. This was a quick, impromptu photo shoot in his new corduroy, hunting hat that Mommy bought him over the weekend. The hat is affectionately referred to as an "Eraserhead" hat in our household. I think Cheeks likes it! Mommy definitely thinks it "makes the baby!"

He had his one month check up yesterday. My little raspberry is up to 13lbs, 4 ounces & according to his pediatrician "Perfect." She told me he was beautiful & then gave him kisses. That's what I like to beautiful my boy is. Yes, yes, I am partial but come on, look close, the kid is gorgeous!

He has fallen into somewhat of a routine the pass 2 nights. He eats about 8, falls asleep about 10 & sleeps til 2. Now last night I wanted to give him a bottle at 11 with cereal in it. Um, yea, not so much. He was asleep & Hiroshima could happen next to his head & the babe is not waking up! Seriously, if he is in a deep sleep, he is out! Gone! Buh Bye & Hello Dreamland. That's good sometimes, but othertimes, whew, it's just impossible to wake him. Trust me, everyone has tried!!!!

Bobster is out of town. My house, altho. still chaotic, is somewhat orderly & clean. Yes, I love the Bobster but his a SLOB! With a capital S-L-O-B! So as of now, there aren't any dirty socks lying on the floor or shorts thrown in the corner or dishes lying around, sans my cereal bowl that I just used to my left but um, hello, I will take it to the kitchen!

On other notes, I am itching to scrap but just can't find the time. My stuff is packed away in the boys closet, upstairs. I have no idea when I will get to scrap again.

Cheeks is 5 weeks old today. I can not believe it!!!!!!!! He still loves to curl up in the fetal position on my chest. Love that! Of course, he also likes to bob his head from my left shoulder, to my chin, then hurl himself into my arms on the right so he is cradled. Good thing I catch him everytime. Hee hee.

Well better go get the bahbots made before he wakes! He's taking his "My belly is so full after breakfast" nap.

Woops out!

Monday, September 18, 2006

One Month Old!

Cheeks was officially one month old this past Saturday! I can't believe it. He has changed so much in just the 4 weeks he has been here (5 weeks day after tomorrow.)

I got his proofs back from his first official photography shoot. My child is absolutely gorgeous in them! I say, he's ready for print work, then commercials, then tv, before you know it...MOVIES! Yes, I am bias. I think he is the bestest looking babe ever. I tell him everyday, each time I feed him. I tell him he a handsome devil, a pretty boy & that all the other babies talk about how gorgeous he is & that yes, he is indeed King of the Babies. :>) Hope he doesn't grow up to have an ego.

Started him on cereal today. DO NOT tell the pediatrician. Big no no. They wanted to wait til he was 6 mos old. Um, hello! He was 11lbs at birth. So upon questioning other mommy's, I found that only one followed dr's orders & waited til the right time to give her child cereal. Everyone else started cereal when they thought it was the right time. So he got a tablespoon of rice cereal (YUM!) in his 6 oz of formula today. Held him off for about 6 hrs. Of course, I was out & about with him & once he hits the car & stroller, Cheeks is down for the count. Hmm...guess I will have to take him for a walk at 3am. Just look for the crazy woman with the stroller in the middle of the night...that will be moi.

I am enjoying being home way to much! I so do not want to go back to work. Sadly it's a necessary evil. On a bright note, my little sister quit her job & is going to watch Cheeks for us. We are paying her & this way I know in my heart he is getting the best care & won't be ignored.

Well, he's up. Time to read him some stories!

Woops out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How many nuts are in there?

Just some photos of my little Cheeks. See why I call him Cheeks?
The lower photo is of Ethan meeting his Great Grandpop for the first time. I really like the fingers touching each other. My sister got a close up of just the fingers that I will most likely get framed. Of course, my son's straight as an arrow leg is in the photo....anyone know how to photoshop that out? Any help would be appreciated it.

The babe is up to 6oz at feedings...he's getting so big. He's getting fussy now, just heard him, so must run!

Woops out!

Friday, September 08, 2006


No, not the club on "Charmed", P3 stands for Puke, Poop & Pee. Yes all 3 have been done on me in a matter of hours by my little Cheeks.

It first started when I fed him. I was lifting him up to put on my shoulder when all of a sudden he decided to spew! And spew he did...all over the Mommy. It went in my hair, my face, my mouth, my shirt. YUCK! So I cleaned him, cleaned me & went on with my day.

Hours later I went to change him. Had a poopie diaper. So as I am changing him, I wipe his tushie, he farts & the poop starts coming again & again & again! So much that it got on my fingers. DOUBLE YUCK! So he finishes, I clean up & on with the day we go.

Now I have to change him again. So I am wiping him down, it was just a peepee diaper when all of a sudden he decides there is a fire to put out & starts to pee everywhere. Primarily on the Mommy. I got him quickly covered with a wipe but not before he left his significant mark on me! Sort of like a dog marking his terriority.

It's all worth it tho.

Now what I find amusing today is that so many people have an opinion on my son's name. I have been asked to change it, asked if I got him boxing lessons to fend off the kids when he goes to school & even if I want him to grow up to be in show business. I guess when you have a child it gives others the right to give you their opinion on the chosen name. Now I could understand if I had given him a symbol as a name or named him Valley of the Dolls or Audio Science but Ethan, come on....COOL NAME!!!!!

O well. My little "Cheeks" is getting so big!!!!! He makes so many funny noises when he is awake & sleeping. He likes to grunt but I feel sad when in his sleep he will make the booboo lip & wimper. I want to help him but can't figure out why he does it. It only lasts 5 seconds but it's enough to break the Mommy's heart.

I am getting his newborn pics done on Monday. Can't wait!!!!! I want to get the one done of him, naked, with a blue bow tied on him. We shall see!

He went in his swing for the first time yesterday. I think he enjoyed it. He fell asleep with a frown...which made him look even more like his Great Grandpop Woeppel. He gets to meet him tomorrow!! Ethan is going to have a couple fun, filled days ahead of him in the next week or so.

The house is slowly coming along. Not fast enough for me & not how I like but cest la vie.

I think that is it for now. Exhaustion is my new best friend, so my brain isn't functioning at top performance.

Woops out!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

3 weeks

I can not believe that tomorrow my little "Cheeks" will be 3 weeks old. Holy Moley! He is just so freakin adorable I can't stand it!!!!! He makes me laugh all the time & the expressions he makes cracks everyone up. He really only fusses when he is really hungry or has a poopie diaper. If he is wet, he just hangs out. Doesn't seem to bother him. He's a bit gassy but I don't know if that's from the iron in his formula or the fact that he is a Buchman. I have never seen a family of men with more gas problems in my life! Ethan's smell bad as well. Like his father's. :>)

He goes back to the dr. on Sept 19th. I am anxious to see what he weighs. Not anxious for the 19th. That just means we are closer to me returning to work. I seriously don't think I can leave "Cheeks." I am still searching for other daycare options. I have a girl, who is on my way to work, but I want to see if I can find someone else or maybe a facility. It is going to kill me to have leave him. I get upset just thinking about it. I can imagine my 1st day back to work. I will be a nervous wreck all day just waiting to see my Ethan!

Ok, enough about that depressing topic. I had my follow up appt. today at the ob/gyn. Everything looks good. I have to go back in a week b/c my incision is a tad red but they gave me antibiotic to help it heal, otherwise she said it looks great. On an even better note, I lost 44lbs. Which means I am thinner by 14lbs than I was when I 1st went in Jan for my 1st pregnancy appt. Yay me! I should have more babies!!!!

Sleep deprevation has hit. Not Ethan or the Bobster but moi! Ethan likes to eat hourly some nights, just taking a bit here & there & then other nights he eats normally every 3 hrs., which works out to about an hour & a half of sleep for the mommy by the time he eats & gets put in his crib. It's all worth it tho!!!! I can't get enough of Ethan. I love holding him. Especially when he curls up on my chest & then he will sigh as if he is so content with the world. Man! The babe is just too cute!!!!!!! I need to see about getting his newborn photos taken. Hopefully not too expensive but the lady I want to do them does fabu work so I am sure it will not be "Wally World" cheap.

The house is coming along. Not fast enough for me but I have to learn to deal with it. The Bobster, he could live in a mud hut & it wouldn't bother him. Gotta love him for that, or is it gotta have him tarred & feathered for that? Hee hee.

I have more pics of "Cheeks." As soon as I find the photo card scanner I will post a few on here. I got some gratitious nudey shots. How can one resist a tushie shot of a 2 week old!

Gots to go!
Woops out!