Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obsessed Much

Hold onto your hat, Dorothy, you're going for a ride.

This post really isn't about the Wizard of Oz
About my 6yo's obsession with the Weather Channel.

He will watch this channel morning, noon and night.

Today, as a matter of fact, he went into my room to watch "Up" on family.  When I walked by my room I asked what he was watching.

His reply "Hurricane Hunters"

He always talks weather and is obsessed with tornados.  Friday when I picked him up from camp I told him the Delaware Valley was under a tornado watch.  He kept looking in the sky going "It's going to start any minute.  I can see it.  Look mom, the tornado is coming"

I'm glad his interest is in weather vs. power rangers but does anyone else have a kid who is obsessed with the weather like mine.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whole Lot of Pomp & Circumstance


I'm not sure how we got to 8th grade graduation.

When I met Bobster,  the 14yo was only in first grade.  The same grade Cheeks is just finishing.

I can't stand it.

He will be a freshman next year.
A freshman.

Am I allowed to cry?

He graduated from Rohrer Middle School which is the "new" middle school attached to my old high school. 

I am pretty proud of him.
He is growing into a nice young man...who does well with the ladies.  Tee hee.

Congratulations Christopher!!!!

We love you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That's My Kid!

I got a note from the teacher yesterday.
The first grade teacher.
Apparently Cheeks likes to be the kid to take charge of the events of the day.
I assume they were getting ready to go out to play.
So my little cherubic angel proudly shouted to the class:
"If you have balls you can play, if you don't have balls you can't play"
I think the teacher recovered in the nurses office.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Circus Freak

I had root canal done.
It was like my 7th or maybe 8th. 
I've lost count.

I've only had 10 more teeth than you are supposed to.
I had 8 pulled, not including the wisdom teeth.
Oh, I had those at a time.
Good times right there.

Did I mention braces?
Had them.
Not once.
Not twice.
Three times.
Three times a charm is what they say.

I'd believe it had my teeth not slightly shifted and are a bit crooked.
Gives me character.

So imagine my surprise when the dentist says to me today...(while my rubber dental dam is in my mouth rendering it almost impossible to speak or swallow)

"That tooth there normally has three canals in it, occasionally four.  You, my young lady, are one of the lucky ones.  You have four canals"

Oh, yea me!

I'm thinking of joining Denny's Demented Dental Dames Circus.

Whaddya think?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OOH! Lookie What I Got

Look at all that sunblock.

Just what this pasty Irish girl & her pasty Irish family need.

Thanks to Coppertone I am all set.

They know I tend to spontaneously combust when I spend long hours in the sun but with their sunblock, I am good to go.

Seriously though, I am Coppertone Water Mom.

It totally rocks.

If you have any questions let me know!  I'll see what I can answer for you.

Are you an ambassador for anything?
Leave me a comment.

'Cause I'm nosey like that.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wann Know What I Did Saturday Night?

I got wild.
I got crazy.

I got rid of the mom jeans

That's right.
I broke out the capris & went out.

Wait!  That's not the best news...I was sans kids and husband.

I know, you are thinking "Say it isn't so Meghan?"
It is.

I went out.
It was glorious.

Wondering how I partied?  I know you are so I won't keep you in suspense.

See, after spending the entire day by myself...I know, now you know why NJ is getting slammed with storms this week, my sister asked me to go to dinner and a movie.

Where I didn't order for anyone but me.
Where I didn't have to refer between kids or listen to my husband ref.
Where I almost ordered alcohol...almost...I didn't.

Then we hit up the movies.


Very, very funny!
Then again I love me some Vince Vaughn.

Know what else?
I didn't have leave the theater once to take someone to pee.

Honestly I didn't know myself.
It was fantabulous.

Most of all, while I appreciated the time to myself, I realized that I miss my family when they aren't around.

There wasn't any chaos, no one asking me as soon as I sit to get them a drink, tie a shoe, look at this.  No one randomly giving me hugs and kisses.

I almost didn't know what to do with myself.


Sunday, June 02, 2013

It Hurts

I'm Meghan.
I take prescriptions.
One for the tummy.
One for the mental health...Celexa if you will.

I am not ashamed to take the latter.
I need a little mood boost.

Last Tuesday I called my dr's office to get a refill on both meds.
Without going into a long drawn out post, it only took them until Friday to call it in.
I was out of both Tuesday morning.

It's Sunday.
I only have my tummy med.
My dr's office never called the Celexa in.

I am not happy.
Either is my family.

I woke up this morning.
Came downstairs and my stomach immediately was in knots.
I am having a hard time dealing with the mess...which I did manage to clean but it's a wreck again.

Bobster is putting up with me BUT I get extremely sensitive and it causes me to get nasty.
I can be a b*tch.
Tis true.

I am trying not to take it out on the kids.  I am succeeding so far.
Bobster, not so much.
I snapped at him...a few times.

I feel like my stomach has a knot big enough in it to pull the remains of the Titanic up from the bellows of the deep.
I want to cry if you look at me wrong or say something I deem the wrong thing.

I'm smart enough to know it's the lack of medicine BUT I can't help it.

First thing in the am, I will call my doctor's office & after my appointment at the end of the month, I will look for a new doctor.  This isn't the first time something a long these lines have happened.
It is the first time I've been without my meds for an extended period of time.

Tell me, do you take anything?
Just to help.