Sunday, December 30, 2012

#1 Post of 2012 is:

I feel so honored.

So liked.

Almost as if I won an Academy Award.

It's so humbling to see that all you all like this post the most: My Take: Pinterest Crockpot Italian Chicken .

Tell me, did you make this?
Did you like it?

Do you make stuff off your Pinterest food boards?

LMK & leave me a link & I will check it out!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Little LDS Jewish Boy

Cheeks has been learning all about Hannukah in school.
I think it's great.

He can even pronounce the names on the Dreidel and knows how to play it.

He's a little sketchy on why Hannukah is celebrated.
He knows it's for 8 days and that a gift or gifts are given.

So as we were driving in the car we were discussing different things relating to Christmas and Hannukah.

He proceeded to tell me that he was Jewish.
I explained to him that no, he isn't.  He is Christian and we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The discussion got a little heated on Cheeks side when all of a sudden he screams:

"I'm Jewish!"

I couldn't argue.  I was spent.

I thought he would figure it out when he didn't get anything for Hannukah or that we do not attend services at a Temple or Synagog but nope, he's steadfast on his Jewish faith.

So I guess I'll be planning a Bar Mitzvah!

Mazel Tov!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Some of you, who have been with me since the start of this little bloggeroo or from a ways back know that Bobster & I have had our handsfull with our little Angel, Cheeks.

He was finally diagnosed with ADHD/ADD last winter.

It was a blessing to finally have someone diagnose him with the issue we knew he had all along.

When Cheeks takes his meds...he's pretty good.
Relatively calm til it starts to where off around dinner time.

Over the past weekend he was without it.
Don't ask why.

Let me tell you...what a different child.
He was constant motion and at one point he stood outside the bathroom door and waited for me.
When I opened the door, 20 minutes later, he was jumping up & he had been for 20 minutes.

He just couldn't sit still.
His focus was horrendous.
I felt so bad for the kid and he was passing out immediately upon his head hitting his pillow (which is always a good thing, either way)

I want to Testify that I have tried everything under the sun before Bobster & I agreed to put him on medication.
The medication he is on makes such a world of difference for my little guy.
His personality hasn't changed at all..he's still a sweetie.
He is just calmer & more focused.

So, if you are debating the issue about to try the medicine or not, give it a go, it can't hurt.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pencil Sharpeners & Fingers Don't Mix

I'm not quite sure what Cheeks was thinking.
I'm not quite sure Cheeks was thinking.

Apparently, the other day he thought it would be a good idea to stick his left index finger (his dominant hand) into the pencil sharpener at school & turn the handle.


He showed it to me.
It was scabbing over.

Today I got a call from Nurse Owen.
Cheeks was complaining of a hurting finger.

It seems it puffed up & got all pussie.
Not to mention a small red line was slowly going up his finger to his hand.
Ah, even better.

I called his dad.
He picked him up & off we went to the doctor.

This is what the patient's finger looked like when I saw him:

We were called back & this is where everything went down hill.

As soon as Cheeks realized the Dr. was going to use a needle to break it open, he started screaming "ow! ow!"
Um, she hadn't even gotten near him.

It was a 1 second procedure.
She nicked the blister on accident & it opened.
She squeezed.


Although he is now scarred traumatically...or so he says.

He is sporting a few bandaids & is on antiobiotics twice a day til they are done.

Will he stick his finger in another pencil sharpener?
Probably not but I am sure my future will include him sticking other parts of himself in other openings.

Wait,that sounded really bad.

Well you know what I meant!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Everybody loves a parade...

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, the festivities have kicked off.

The next town over from us had their official Christmas Parade today.
So we got on our winter coats, stopped at Mickey D's for some breakfast & off we went.

We parked in the speedline's parking lot (Speedline = elevated train that runs from NJ into Philly for commuters & shoppers) & walked about two blocks up.  We then hit the avenue & walked about three blocks down.

We had about 5 mins to spare.
Which was great because it was COLD!
Like 27 degrees with 90 mph winds...ok, fine, maybe not 90 mph but it felt like it.

Cheeks was ready for the parade but not the cold.

As every parade starts, here is the obligatory Veterans opening the parade.

Of course, there was many a marching band from all over the South Jersey area.

The motorcycle patrol always shows up & does a little routine.

No parade is complete with a few Mummers in the parade (if you do not know what a Mummer is, please leave me a comment & I shall explain)

I had more photos but sadly I am not too bright when it comes to my new smartphone & I deleted them before the email to my account went through so they never transferred.

Believe you me, there were floats & holiday characters.

Unfortunately, Cheeks hands were frozen & the wind was whipping so hard he asked to leave.

We did not get to see the finale, the big bang, the man in the red suit, Santa.

That's ok because he got to come home & play Wii.  Mom of the year, I am.

Tell me what kicks off the festivities in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tony Award Winning War Horse is Here!

Academy of Music

Tuesday, November 20 - Sunday, December 2
A remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. England, 1914. As World War One begins, Joey, young Albert's beloved horse, is sold to the cavalry and shipped from England to France. He's soon caught up in enemy fire, and fate takes him on an extraordinary journey, serving on both sides before finding himself alone in no man's land. But Albert cannot forget Joey and, still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home. This powerfully moving and imaginative drama, filled with stirring music and songs, is a show of phenomenal inventiveness. At its heart are astonishing life-sized puppets created by South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company, who bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to life on the stage.
I can't wait to see about you all?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winners Run in the Family

Take a gander at this:

That's my 14yo on the right end & my 16 yo nephew next too him in the black shirt.

They won the latest tournament the PJBT sponsered.
They played doubles & won!
The whole thing!

Trophies & scholarships for all.

You can read all about it here: My kids win!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Business Makes BIG Donation to Hurricane Sandy Children

I am from Jersey.
South Jersey to be specific.
I live approximately 15 minutes from downtown Philadelphia & 60 minutes from Atlantic City.

The destructin of Hurricane Sandy hit extremely close to home for me.
While I was blessed to have just my lights flicker, those an hour away from me, suffered tremendously. 

Growing up in Jersey, "going down the shore", no matter which one it was, was a right of passage.

Thankfully out pouring of generousity has been happening.

I want to share this one woman's way of helping the victims of Sandy.

Judith Raye Paintings, LLC ( is partnering with Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S.)( to donate $600 worth of new toddler tee-shirts from their Inspired by Caden collection to children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The shipment is currently in transit to the east coast and will be distributed by K.I.D.S. to children in New Jersey in the coming days. Specifically, the shipment is headed to Newark Now (, an organization that provides Newark residents with skills, tools, and support to transform their neighborhood. It should arrive by Monday.

“I am so thankful that I am in a position to help these children who are suffering and who have lost everything,” said Judith Raye Smith, owner and co-creator of the small business.

“It is so exciting to be able to get the community and interested citizens involved as well,” she added. The public can assist in this effort by purchasing a tee shirt or onesie. For every shirt or onesie purchased from Judith Raye Paintings a similar item will be donated to K.I.D.S. “We plan to keep this in place at least through the end of December, or as long as the items are needed,” she said.

According to Smith, she is honored to be working with a charity that already does so much for needy children. K.I.D.S. helps children that are victims in a variety of situations. In the days following Hurricane Sandy, they mobilized their resources and immediately established a Hurricane Relief Fund to respond to the need for new products for children and families affected by the super storm.

According to the K.I.D.S. VP, Christ Blake, the agencies in the affected communities are in dire need of new apparel, blankets, shoes, toys, baby products and books. K.I.D.S. has set up major distribution sites in Queens, New Jersey and other locations. For more information about K.I.D.S. and how you can help, visit their website at

Judith Raye Smith is a grandmother who started painting to decorate her granddaughter’s walls. Her adventure has turned into much more and her one-of-a-kind artwork is now sold on clothing, note cards and other products. You can learn more about her products, and more specifically her efforts to help in the Hurricane Sandy relief, at her website!/~/category/id=4015029&offset=0&sort=normal.

Smith is the owner and co-creator, with her husband Rawlen, of Judith Raye Paintings, LLC. She can be reached for comment at or by phone at 503.784.9638.

Judith Raye Paintings, LLC online:

Judith Raye on Twitter:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

You're How Old??

I am not sure when but this kid:

Decided to turn 14 today.


How did that happen?

He came into my life at 6...the same age as his little brother.

I don't get it.
Surely, he won't get any older...right?

Happy Birthday Christopher...we love you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It all Depends

(Disclaimer: so not me!)

While that is not how I am is how I feel.

Since I turned 40, it's been downhill.

My most recent ailment...if I sneeze, laugh or cough..I pee a little.

Tis true.

I don't get it.

Sure I had an 11 pound baby but that was 6 years ago.  Would the bladder just now feel the effects?

It's a little annoying.
No's a lot annoying.

Why is it that you only hear about women experiencing this little inconvenience?
So not fair!
Of course, I don't have to get a prostrate exam so I guess it's even, right?

Tell me, are you experiencing things you didn't experience when you were younger.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hey you...The Heart of Christmas is this way

Want the Heart of Christmas?
I thought so.

For a chance to win a free dvd of this great movie check out my review blog:

Meghan's Mindless Mutterings: Reviews & Giveaways

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Competitive? Meh

Are you competitive?

Not so much.

I think it drives my family of men cray cray (impressed with my street lingo? I know, I know!)

I don't ever remember a time in my life when I would get the rush of trying to win.
Yes, that's a rush.

But if I don't win, then I just shrugg my shoulders & call it a day.

Even betting.
I like to bet.

Gamblers anonymous here I come.

Not money bets as much as chore bets between me & Bobster.
If I lose, I pay up.
If Bobster loses...well he bet me a foot rub a few years back.  I think Cheeks was 3.  Cheeks is 6 now & I am waiting for my tootsies to be pampered.

Will I play a game to win & gloat?
Not really.

I just am happy to play.

How about you?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Heed My Warning: Have a Spare

I have done some really "bright" things in my day.
I won't go into detail but just know that I was a strawberry blonde as a child.

So this morning, I caught a ride with a coworker. 
We have one mini van so Bobster & I must share.
Yea, good times.

Today was his day.

He was going in later than me so I kissed him goodbye & off I went.

About 10:30 my phone at work rang.
Oh!'s my honey.

Well he really wasn't that sweet.

The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Hi Lovedoodle, the light of my life, the cream in my twinkie, my dream man

Bobster:  Where are the car keys?

Me:  I don't know you had them last.  Remember you drove home while Cheeks & I walked home from Trick or Treating yesterday (we are in NJ so Trick or Treating was rescheduled due to Sandy)

Bobster : No, Meg, remember you took them when you went to the van to get your purse.

Me:  Wait. A. Minute!

I spun my chair around, grabbed my purse & lo & behold...our car keys were in there.
Our only set of car keys.

We do not have spare set.

So I immediately started to apologize.
I was hung up on.
The nerve.

Seems someone had to call out of work because he had no way of getting there & no one could run him 30 mins up to my job to get the keys.

Folks, heed my warning...always have a spare or two.
I will...after this weekend when I get a spare made.


Monday, October 29, 2012


Today is the eldest's birthday.

How did it happen that he is 19 today?

A fine day, too, for a birthday.
We are in the midst of Hurricane Sandy here in Jersey.

Poor kid had to go to work to batten down the hatches.

Now he's home.

Off to bake my now 19 year old son his birthday cake!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Look Into My Crystal Ball....

Do you see it?
Do you see your life?

I never put much stock in fortune tellers, card readers, palm readers, gypsies.

Many moons ago, once summer, my friend & I went on a card reading jaunt.
We hit up all the card readers in the area.

At first I wouldn't do it.
Not that I didn't want to but not only was I skeptical but my religion taught, no, no.

I am not an overly religious person BUT I do have a strong fear of God in my fear.  I know, I know contradiction of terms but it is what it is.

Anyway I must have had 6 readings done within a few months of each other...(yes I caved & got them done, why else would I be posting this...tee hee).

Each card reader, each one, all said the same thing.  Now the one reader had read me before at her home & was reading me at a bachlorette & remembered me. 


Each one said the same thing.

I would meet someone with the initial B & have a substantial relationship with that person.

I would have two pregnancies and three children.

These always stuck out at me.  I don't know why.
I have had my Patriachol blessing so I know what is what.

Here's the thing:

My ex-husband...first initial "B"
This hubs...first & last initial "B"

I have had two was a miscarriage.
I have three children.

So take it for what you will...lucky guess? Perhaps.  Able to see the future by reading some cards? Maybe.


What do you think?
Have you ever gone to a fortune teller?
Do tell!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank God Fall has Arrived!

I never thought fall was coming.

It is my fav season.
The cooler air.
The fun colors.
Halloween & Thanksgiving.
The anticipation of the Christmas around the corner.

Fun, fun season.

Of course, the 6yo is loving fall as well.
He is enjoying the Halloween time.
Although he tells me my decor isn't scary enough and everyone is going to make fun of me.
He loves scary stuff.
Not me.
Give me cute & frolicking any day.

So to appease him when at Aldi's last week I told him he could Brain cakes.
Would have thought I told him he could meet the Hulk.

Cheeks told me was going to help me.
He did.
He poured in the water & stirred.

When it came to decorating...I was on my own.

I don't think I did a bad job though.
Scary enough for you?
I thought so.
He thought they were the best!
Let's just say they were ok in taste...I've had better but it was a mix.
Now he wants Bobster to carve his very small pumpkin into a Zombie.
Good luck with that Bobster!
Tell me, how are you celebrating the season with your little ones?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sigh, It's That Time of Year Again

The time of year when the outside holiday decor begins.

What brings me to this blog post is an October Public Service Announcement really.

I just have to say....PICK A THEME PEOPLE! Pick a theme.

A blow up Freddy Krueger would not appreciate some frolicking ghosts dancing around a mum plant.

Nor would the Grim Reaper like to see a blowup of 3 smiling pumpkins or some wooden candy corn lining the driveway or walk way.

Really, you either go cute or scarey.
Not both.
They don't go together.

That concludes your PSA for October 2012.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Joys of Discovery....

See these three smiling faces:

I love them.
I do.
Recently, I love them even more because I have discovered the joys of child labor.

They ALL live here now.
The middle one officially moved in the second week of September.

My diabolical plan was hatched about 2 days later.

I figured out...children need chores.
Solid chores.

So, the oldest one takes out the garbage and recycling, pretty much every day since my kitchen is the size of a thimble.

The middle one does the dishes.

The youngest one helps sets/clears the table.

These are chores that are non negotiable.

I have discovered that I feel less stressed knowing someone is going to the dishes after I cook.  I don't even put a time limit on when they have to be done long as it is by the time I wake up the next morning.  It's working well.

The garbage, eh, it's going ok.  Tim works a ton of hours so sometimes we have the trickle down effect & the middle & youngest must do it.

Don't get me wrong.
I still take it out sometimes & I usually do the pots/pans for the middle one.
We don't have a dishwasher, so it's wash & dry for us.

I've been enjoying nightly battles of Scrabble with Bobster on my Nook & having this one "nightly" chore to not do has actually decreased my stress level.  Ya!

Tell me, what chores do your kids do?  How do you get them to do them?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Connect the Dots

Do you have "freckles" on your body?

I do!

*Disclaimer: Totally not my arm*

I am in now way covered with them but I have plenty.

Sometimes I think to myself "Self, I wonder what I would look like if I connected the dots, if I were to map out my freckles, beauty marks, moles...whatever you like to call them"

I wonder what my grid would look like.

Would it resemble a map of the world? A Bottacelli painting? (wait, that's just my figure!)

Tell me, do you have random thoughts like me...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crockpot Pumpkin Bread Experiment

Fall is just about here.
Days away really.
It's my fav, fav, fav season!

Along with my fav season, it is time to bake.
While the weather has been quite autumnal lately, the one day I really wanted to bake was about 90 with 90% humidty...gotta love Jersey!

So I thought, hmm, I've had this recipe for awhile I should give it a go.

Break out the crockpot's time for Crockpot Pumpkin Bread. (click for recipe).

Let's begin:

Gather thy ingredients:
Mix ingredients together.
Refer to recipe because it's wet ingredients, dry ingredients, then combine....yada yada yada.

 Pour into greased loaf pan & place in crockpot with approx 1/2 of water around loaf pan.

 After 3 hours you get pumpkin bread:

My verdict:

Not bad but honestly, I'd rather just make it in the oven.  Less mess & less time.
This recipe was very good for a hot day because the crockpot doesn't heat my kitchen up at all.

Bobster liked it.
PopPop Bob liked it too.  Even the Nana.

Would I make it again?
Yes, but in the over.

It was very, very moist.

So, tell me, what is your go to crockpot recipe?
I love my crockpot & am always looking for new things to cook in it!

Leave me your recipe & I just might feature it!!  Total creds to you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This, That & a Dash of Musings

I've been gone.
Did you notice?

It wasn't an intentional break.
It just happened.

Haven't had anything to say.

Not much has been going on.

Well stuff being going on but nothing I will say on my blog as it's pretty personal and I try to keep the blog upbeat.

Cheeks started first grade.

Christafus started 8th grade and has moved in with us permanently.  It's now me against all these boy hormones 24/7.
Send a girl!!!

This is Cheeks on his first day of first grade.

The camera fogged up & this is what happened.

My ride pulled up right then & there so I have to do a "do-over" when I remember.
Failure as a mother I am.

Keep your fingers crossed, for those of you remember, Kindergarten wasn't really Cheeks year.
This year maybe different.
He seems to be doing well & his teacher said his behavior is nothing she can't handle.

Bobster & I think it's a combination of being a year older, having gone through some sessions with a behaviorialist, his medicine and a new teacher.

What ever it is, we are liking it!!!

So tell me, what have you been up????

Friday, September 07, 2012

Late Summer Reading

I wasn't planning on reading this book.
No intentions.
Thought the movie looked dumb.

Then my boss bought the book.
She liked it, told me to read it.
So I did.

What book you ask?

I usually go for more chic lit, light hearted, whimsical books.
I read for fun...not knowledge...don't judge.

I started it Tuesday of this week.
I finished it yesterday, at 4:30.

I must say...really, really, really good.

While you may start the book thinking far-fetched by the middle you are thinking to yourself, this could be believable.

It's not really gory.  It's just enough to make you go "ew" but nothing to make you go "Get out of the way I have to throw up"

The author knows how to draw you in, he fluctuates between his "version" and "actual" Abraham Lincoln diary entries.  There are even a few photos thrown in here & there for good measure.

So my recommendation is "Read it!"

Tell me, what books have you read lately?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You know you're old when...

This is Tim & his girlfriend, Gabby:

Gabby was over one night.
Bobster & I were watching a movie with this man in it:

Gabby says "I know that voice, why do I know that voice?"

So both of us reply that he is this guy:

She replies "No that's not it"

We just looked at here & replied "No, no, he's really Darth Vadar."

She asked us to give her a minute so she could place him.

We did.

All of a sudden Goldie Locks responds with:

"Oh no, he's....:

And that folks is when Bobster & I finally started making arrangements for the home.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Enchilada Experiement

So I have high blood pressure.
Tis true.
I'm also over weight.
Shocking but again...true.

I must change my diet and exercise.
I'm working on the changing of the diet first.

I sub to Taste of Home Healthy Cooking.

I found a redone recipe for Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.

Figured, why not!

Super easy recipe:

4 cups cooked chicken, diced (I used less & I baked the chicken last night & diced it)
1 Tbsp. chili powder
1 Tsp. garlic salt
1 Tsp. ground cumin
12 flour tortillas (I used whole wheat...good choice!)

2 Tbsp. all purpose flour
1.5 cups reduced sodium chicken broth
1.3 cups reduced fat sour cream
2 cups shredded Mexican or Monterey Jack cheese (I used Mexican)
Chopped tomatoes are optional.
I opted for mild green chilis to put on top instead...Bobster...not a fan of the tomato (I do not know how I love that man because tomato is a hard limit (Total Fifty Shades reference).

1.  In bowl combine the chicken, chili powder, garlic salt & cumin.  Place 1/3 cup chicken mixture down the center of the tortilla (I eyeballed it).  Roll up & place seam side down in baking dish...make sure to cooking spray your dish.

2.  In a saucepan, whisk flour & broth until smooth.  Bring to a boil; cook & stir for 2 mins.  Reduce heat, stir in sour cream & cheese until melted.  Pour sauce over enchiladas, add more cheese.  It says to sprinkle the cheese but really...come on!

3.  Bake, uncovered, 20 mins at 350 degrees or until bubbly.  Top w/ tomatoes or chilis.

It will look like this when done:

The verdict from the fam:

Not bad! If you make again, we will eat it.

Verdict from me:   Not bad.  I'd make it again.  The sauce was great!!!!

So, tell me, what new food have you made recently?
Was it a hit?